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Henry Applewhaite IV 1695-1738
Contributed by Lorrie Patterson

Christopher Columbus Bland
Contributed by Bill Bland

Isaac Champion circa 1780-1840
Contributed by Natasha Miles
Records from the Bible of Eliza Gold Frink, Brunswick County NC
Contributed by Bill Bland
Gause's Tomb, John Julius Gause
Contributed by Dena Marshall
William Taylor Billy Henry 1759
Contributed by Lorrie Patterson
Zachariah and William Curtis Jacobs
Contributed by Cecil F Jacobs
Benjamin A Jones
Contributed by Lorrie Patterson
Joseph Pyram King Sr 1800-1860
Contributed by Dee King
Kirby Family of Brunswick County
Contributed by Brian Q Kirby
John Lennon 1743
Contributed by D J Peterson
Descendants of Gabriel Long 1802
Contributed by Jarvis Long
Selina A Owens Obituary: 1909 - 2008
Contributed by John B King
Robert Potter 1708-1757
Contributed by Dee King
Robbins Family in North Carolina & England
Contributed by Sharon Bronner
Hugh Smith 1810-1868
Contributed by Natasha Miles
John Rutland Swain 1839-1883
Contributed by Joseph & Yvonne Williams
Gibson Williams, Civil War Service Record 1837
Contributed by Kitty B Hoffman

Descendants of Henry H. Williams Sr. 1810
Contributed by Kitty B Hoffman

Nathan Williams 1855
Contributed by Kitty B Hoffman
Thomas Mason Williams 1829-1912
Contributed by Joseph & Yvonne Williams

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Blanton, Benton, Lee, Ward and Canady Families
Contributed by Danny Lee Blanton

Hewlett Genealogy
Also includes surnames: Coker, Frazee, Hales, Marshall, Moore, Paschall, Pike, Rooks, Stout, Williams
Contributed by Kristie Hewlett

The Young Pages: Ancestry of Southeastern North Carolina
Contributed by Derrick Keith