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William Tailor Billy Henry
Contributed by Lorrie Patterson
May 2002
Descendants of William Tailor Billy Henry

Generation No. 1

1. William Tailor Billy1 Henry was born Abt. 1759 in Scotland. He married
Jenett Wiley. She was born in Long Island N.Y.

Children of William Henry and Jenett Wiley are:
+ 2 i. Cornelius Neil2 Henry, born 1770.
3 ii. John Henry. He married Flora Henry.
4 iii. Andrew Henry. He married ? Wheeler.
5 iv. Robert Henry. He married Annie Brown.
6 v. William Henry.
7 vi. Alexander Henry.
8 vii. Jennie Henry. She married William Long Billy Henry.
9 viii. Mary Henry.

Generation No. 2

2. Cornelius Neil2 Henry (William Tailor Billy1) was born 1770. He
married Charity Register 1811, daughter of Josiah Register and Abigail
Costin. She was born 31 March 1791, and died 1879.

Children of Cornelius Henry and Charity Register are:
10 i. Abigail3 Henry. She married FNU Burbanks.
11 ii. Elizabeth Ann Henry. She married Hanson M. Colvin.
12 iii. Josiah Henry.
13 iv. Margaret Henry. She married Charles Turrlington.
14 v. Neal Henry.
+ 15 vi. William Raphael Henry, born 31 March 1813; died 31 May 1890.
16 vii. John Campbell Henry, born 09 August 1820; died 31 March 1903
in Wilmington N.C. He married Mary Charolette Wooten 04 August 1846.
+ 17 viii. Robert Augustine Henry, born 1828; died 1901.

Generation No. 3

15. William Raphael3 Henry (Cornelius Neil2, William Tailor Billy1)
was born 31 March 1813, and died 31 May 1890. He met Jane Jenkins 1840.
She was born 29 January 1821, and died 06 June 1900.

Children of William Henry and Jane Jenkins are:
+ 18 i. Martha4 Henry, born 25 April 1842; died 27 December 1920.
+ 19 ii. Amelia Jane Henry, born Abt. 1845.
+ 20 iii. Anna E. Henry, born Abt. 1848; died in Wilmington NC.

17. Robert Augustine3 Henry (Cornelius Neil2, William Tailor
Billy1)1,2 was born 1828 3, and died 1901 3. He married (1) Ann Jane Bland 20 November 1866. He married (2) Sarah Jane Manning4,
daughter of Louis Manning and Lockey Jones. She was born 1856 5.

Notes for Robert Augustine Henry:
Civil War Record Tombstone Co E. 18th NC Infantry CSA

Notes for Sarah Jane Manning:
Baptized at St Thomas Church Wilmington NC 12-3-1880 states she was 24
years old.

Child of Robert Henry and Ann Bland is:
21 i. James Neal4 Henry6, born 08 May 1869.

Generation No. 4

18. Martha4 Henry (William Raphael3, Cornelius Neil2, William Tailor
Billy1) was born 25 April 1842, and died 27 December 1920. She married
James Reilly, Maj 26 September 1878 in St Thomas Catholic Church,
Wilmington N.C.7. He was born 24 April 1822 in Ballydonaugh, Ireland, and died 05
November 1894.

Notes for Martha Henry:
Martha was James Owen Reilly's second wife. Dar membership application
dated 10 2 1935

Notes for James Reilly, Maj:
Came to the United States in 1840.
Entered U. S. Army and became an artillery expert.
Served with General Scott in Mexico in 1847, also was in the Indian
Territory in the 1850's At the outbreak of the Civil War he was stationed at Ft. Johnson
(Smithville) He resigned and accepted a commission in the North Carolina troops.
Source: Major James Reilly and The Fort Fisher Sword by Lawrence Lee

Children of Martha Henry and James Reilly are:
22 i. Martha Moore5 Reilly, born Abt. 1880 in Wilmington New Hanover
Co N.C.; died 12 October 1943 in Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C. She
married Bartley Felt Applewhite 16 November 1904; born 23 December
1879; died 15 October 1948 in Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C.
23 ii. Janie Reilly. She married Enoch L. Lee.
24 iii. John William Reilly, born 27 April 1851 in Fort Moultrie S.C.;
died 03 May 1904 in Wilmington N.C. He married Catherine Scott.

19. Amelia Jane4 Henry (William Raphael3, Cornelius Neil2, William
Tailor Billy1) was born Abt. 18458. She married William Albert Alderman 17
August 1871 in St Thomas Catholic Church, Wilmington N.C.9, son of Isaac
Alderman and Susan Highsmith. He was born 04 May 1845.

Notes for William Albert Alderman:
Civil War Record on tombstone Co. A 41st N. C. State Troops No Dates

Children of Amelia Henry and William Alderman are:
25 i. Pauline5 Alderman, born 10 October 1872 in Maco Nc; died 18
April 1967 in Wilmington Nc.
26 ii. Maria Estella Alderman, died 12 November 195410.
27 iii. Valerna Jane Alderman11, born 21 December 1878.
28 iv. Allie Alderman.

20. Anna E.4 Henry (William Raphael3, Cornelius Neil2, William Tailor
Billy1) was born Abt. 184812, and died in Wilmington NC. She married
Benjamin Franklin Jones 23 April 1875 in St Thomas Catholic Church,
Wilmington N.C.13, son of Benjamin Jones and Sarah Herndon. He was
born February 185814, and died 10 August 1892 in Hood Creek Trestle.

Notes for Benjamin Franklin Jones:
Was killed by a train at Hood Creek Tressle
According to family members, he was tired so he sat down on the tracks
and fell asleep.

Children of Anna Henry and Benjamin Jones are:
29 i. William Francis5 Jones, born 17 February 1877 in Farmer's
Turnout, Maco N.C.; died 10 August 1968 in Whiteville N. C. He married Dorothy
Atlanta West 02 February 1899 in Wilmington N.C.15; born 10 October
1876 in Magnolia N.C. Duplin Co.; died 30 August 1969 in Md.

Notes for William Francis Jones:
5/9/42 Whiteville Columbus County NC
Buried Columbus Memorial Park, Whiteville Section1 Grave 4 Lot 201
SSN 240 64 1355 Was the first public defender for the eastern US

Notes for Dorothy Atlanta West:
2/24/1920 Address Odd Fellows Bldg Wilmington NC ie Letter of
Introduction 4/20/44 1506 Meridian District Washington D.C.
7/25/1951 4251 6th Street S.E. Washington D.C.

Notes by Dorothy Jones
Arthur graduated June 1949
Went to Atlantic City Aug 1949
Marian,Arthur and I spent Sun. July 16 1950 at Gladys and Lydas
Arthur flies to San Antonio Texas July 19 1950
Marian and I went to Wilmington 8-4-51 came home 8-18-51
Lois bought car 9-1951
Snow that jammed traffic Dec 14, 1951 & Dec 18, 1951
Mammie Norris Visited me 5-4-52
Ben Jones died 8-8-52
Moved from Livingston 5-25-53 to 1701 19th St S.E.
Caryne recd habit 9-22-1953
May Alderman died Nov 12 1954
Moved to Maryland March 28 1956
Moved to 6109 Eastern Ave Tacoma Park Md April 18 1957
Lillie Jarman Died 11-10-1957
Moved to 3000 Conn. Ave 8-22-1960
Left St Ann's 8-15-1961
Caryne recd habit 4-21-45 1st time
Mary died May 6th 1945
Mrs. Callahan died 12-16-1945
Mrs. Shanahan died Oct 1945
Taught school before she married.
Attended University of North Carolina for teaching certificate
Sold educational books after her children were grown
Sold SOS Pads door to door.
Marian said in one of her tapes that her mother was afraid of the dark.

30 ii. Benjamin Michael Jones, born Abt. 1878; died 09 May 1947 in
Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C.16. He married Frances Dixson17.
31 iii. Lillian Elizabeth Jones18, born Abt. 188019; died 10 November
1957 in Gastonia, N. C. Buried Oakdale Cemetery20. She married Robert H
Jarman 28 December 1904 in St Thomas Catholic Church, Wilmington N.C.21.

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