John Rutland Swain
Contributed by Joseph & Yvonne Williams

October 2004

JOHN RUTLAND SWAIN born 11 Jul 1839 Town Creek, Brunswick Co. NC died 2 May 1883, buried in Dutchman Creek Cemetery, Southport

M/Amelia F. Godwin 19 Sep 1860 Southport born 4 Dec 1840 Town Creek, Brunswick Co. NC died 3 Jan 1910 in Southport

Issue: (all born in Southport)
John Clarence Swain born 30 Jul 1864; died ?
George Frederick Swain "Fred" born 7 Aug 1866; died 3 Jun 1947
David Lee "DL" and "Dave" Swain born 6 Oct 1868; died 12 Sep 1919; m/Lillie Price
William Herbert Swain born 25 Feb 1870; died 5 Oct 1934
Emma Gertrude Swain born 28 Aug 1861; died 3 Oct 1869
Charlie E. Swain born 28 Aug 1861 (twin); died 3 Oct 1869
Alexander Godwin Swain "Alex" or "Buddy" born 17 Jan 1874; died 29 Dec 1939 (never married)
Lettie Augusta Swain born 4 Apr 1875; died 10 Sep 1905
Robert Leon Swain born 19 Sep 1878; died 28 Jun 1926
Amelia Swain born 9 Jun 1878; died 3 (Jan or Mar) 1943
Clyde Gore Swain born 9 Sep 1891; died 14 Jan 1966
Mary Amelia Swain (our line) born 18 Apr 1871; died 12 Mar 1951 FL; M/Frank Swain Williams, moved to Jacksonville, FL 1917
Charlie E. Swain (there were two) born 11 Jul 1880; died 2 Feb 1881

Several members of this family are buried in the Old Swain Cemetery in Southport. Rest of the sources were from death certificates, obits, family Bible, Mormon FHC, Books and other.

John R. Swain was in Moores Roster of N.C. Troops, Confederate States Army, 2nd Lt commissioned 23 Sep 1862 Brunswick Co. company C , 30th Reg NC Inf. Enlisted 18 Jul 1862 Brunswick Co. In the Battle of Camp Wilderness in VA, ( Ulysis Grant and Robert E. Lee) John R. Swain was captured May 10, 1864 and sent to Fort Deleware Prison May 17,1864. When the war ended, he swore fealty to the Union and was set free June 16, 1865

When John R. Swain joined the Army, one of the family Slaves named George was sent with him. I have an original letter written by George in lovely handwritting George reported back to "Master", J.R. Swain's Father, that his son was fine. I also have several tax rec'ts, and obits. George Frederick Swain died when he crawled under his truck during a rain storm and his son, unknowingly, drove over him. Alex G. Swain was killed by a tree falling on him on his property. The same property that the Swain (Dutchman's Creek) Cemetery is on. Have a couple of old, old letters and Land Sales Rec'ts.

I have long lists of Swain families from Brunswick Co. They are a very confusing family, naming their children the same, and men marrying same name wives. There were so many John Swains and Amelia's that I had a hard time sorting them out.