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Index to Research Files of William Odell Spain
[Private collection held by Janet Orndorff]

Odell Spain, October 2009 - “That’s what it’s all about.  If my work can help somebody else, why that’s great.”

    William Odell Spain was born October 7, 1931, in Hobucken located on Goose Creek Island in Pamlico County, North Carolina.  He is the son of Charles and Annie Emory Spain.  He is a lifelong fisherman, a renowned musician, active in the church and community, and a born storyteller.
    Cap’n Dell, as his friends call him, is also a keeper of the past.  From an early age he enjoyed sitting among the “old folks” listening to them tell their stories.  Later he would visit the older folks, learning about their families and about a way of life that has since vanished.  Odell stated,
“I just feel there is a great need to preserve our rich heritage here on Goose Creek Island and to give our future generations a look back into the past.”
In addition to listening to the stories, he also went in search of the places where these unrecorded, historical events took place, along with visiting old home sites and cemeteries in and around Goose Creek Island.  In some areas, he had to chop a path through the brush and vines to find the site.
Using his unique storytelling gift, Odell has captured and preserved this oral history along with his research findings in the form of stories.  These stories are true accounts about people, places and events he was told about as a child and as an adult concerning things that happened before he was born.   It is the retelling of these stories handed down from one generation to another that brings the past to life.
Many of his stories about the people, places and events were published weekly in The Pamlico News, Bayboro, NC, from 1994 to 2000.  Some of the Editor’s notes from The Pamlico News about Odell are as follows:

    “William Odell Spain will do whatever it takes to help uncover bits and pieces of the past in his on-going effort to save the rich oral history of the Goose Creek Island area.   He continues his search for many of these long lost accounts, interviewing area folks in order to put these happenings in story form.”
“For all who are avid readers of Odell’s stories, you know they are like “looking glasses” into our past, allowing us to take a look back through the decades and capture the lifestyles and unusual occurrences that are not written in history books . . . only kept alive through verbal accounts.”

    In 2002 Odell compiled his stories into a book entitled, “Cap’n Dell’s Stories” with a dedication – “To the people of Goose Creek Island and our way of life”.
An excerpt from an essay by David Cecelski,  printed in The News & Observer, Listening to History, September 13, 1998, entitled “Odell Spain:  My way of life”:

“A former oysterman, Spain is the last male descendant of the Spain family that has lived on Goose Creek Island for two centuries.   A renowned musician and storyteller, Spain has somehow kept a warm sweetness about him despite the anguish he feels over the loss of his sons and the disappearance of the community he knew as a youth.

    In addition to writing stories, Odell compiled and printed, “The Spains of Eastern North Carolina & Associated Families Pitt, Hyde, Beaufort, Pamlico Counties”.  He writes as an endnote in his book:

    “I have enjoyed getting all of this family histories together, it has been rewarding to me, to meet all the people involved in this report.
Almost all of it has come from my personal knowledge of these families and other individual families whom I visited with and set in their homes and just talked about histories who was willing to share it, in order to get it compiled into one book to be added to and preserved for future generations.
    Family histories are to be shared with everyone.  I hope you do, in doing so I ask you to give me an honorable mention about putting this together when you do.
    I think we have a good and honorable history and I’m very proud to say that I am part of it.  Odell Spain”

This rich heritage has been preserved for future generations in a unique way thanks to Odell’s passion and perseverance to preserve the rich oral history on Goose Creek Island.


 1) Jesse & Laura E. (Spain) Daniels Bible
 2) Josiah & Mary Lupton Family Births [the page appears to have come from a Bible]
Daniel A. Spain Bible (2 pgs)


 1) Census Records of Goose Creek Island 1790-1930 -by Odell Spain.  It was called Pamplico Township in early census records of Beaufort County. 140 Pages with maps of the Island in the back. $16.00 plus shipping.  Currently out-of print but look-ups may be requested from Janet Orndorff or the author.
 2) Last Will and Testament of 71 Completed Wills from Early 1700 to 1980 -by Odell Spain. 85 pages of good reading on how the ole folks wanted their worldly possessions divided up. Most does not show the names of the wife, but the animal's name were shown.  $16.00 plus shipping.  Currently out-of-print
but look-ups may be requested from Janet Orndorff or the author.
 3) The Spains of Eastern North Carolina & Associated Families -by Odell Spain.  268 pages, starting in 1753 in Surry County Virginia, on to Pitt County N.C. and migrating over the area. $40.00 plus shipping.  See The Spains of Eastern North Carolina at Family Tree Maker Online.
 4) Cap'n Dells Stories -by Odell Spain.  His View of Life along the Outer Banks, Way Back When!  $19.95 plus shipping.
5) Goose Creek Island List of Taxables 1841-1873, Pamlico Co., NC; compiled by Wm. Odell Spain, Hobucken, NC; 44 pgs, single-sided. 

Books available from William Odell Spain; Phone: 252-745-3650; Address: 93 Robin Rd., Grantsboro, NC 28529

David Cecelski Articles

 1) An essay entitled, “Odell Spain: My way of Life”, printed in The News & Observer, Listening to History section, September 13, 1998, pg. 7D


 1) Hobucken Cemeteries

 2) Maribel Area Cemeteries

Church Records  1)  Notes from Goose Creek Island Primitive Baptist Church Records
2) History of the Hobucken United Methodist Church, 12 pages.
Court Records  1) 1894/5 Guardian papers for S.D. Emory, minor
Application for Guardianship of Margaret A. Ireland Stallings by her husband Joseph Stallings, dtd Apr 22, 1875, Craven Co., NC
Deeds  1) Mar. 3, 1738 - Deed of gift from William Carruthers to Rocksolanah Martin (Wm's sister), North side of Lower Broad Creek, 200 acres, part of patent dated June 20, 1738 containing 400 acres granted to Wm Curruthers; Deed Book 2 (or 12), pg. 298, Beaufort Co., NC
 2) Oct 1748 - Samuel & Elizabeth Selby of Hyde Co to Robert Hodges of Virginia Co of Norfolk, 41 pounds, 200 acres southside of Wissockin Creek, Records A, pgs. 349-350, Hyde Co., NC
 3) Sept. 4, 1759 - William Webster of Hyde Co to John Jordan, 4 pounds, 1/2 acre, west side of Machapongo River, Woodstock town Lot No. 6, Records A, pgs. 686-687, Hyde Co., NC
 4) Apr. 5, 1782, John Poole of County Tyrrell, to Parker Lacey of Hyde Co., 300 pounds, 340 acres, new Currituck lying within bounds of two patents obtained by Willeby Richards, Record of Deeds B, pg. 876, Hyde Co., NC
 5) Mar. 20, 1785 - Parker Lacy of Hyde Co. to William Richard Jasper, 25 pounds, 25 acres, Record of Deeds D & E, pg. 295, Hyde Co., NC
 6) Aug. 11, 1786 - Augustin Spain Land Grant for 500 acres, Hyde Co., NC
 7) Aug. 11, 1786 - Augustin Spain Land Grant for 250 acres, Hyde Co., NC
 8) May 16, 1787 - R. Caswell to Parker Lacy, 20 pounds/100 acres, fifty acres, in new Currituck, beg. NE corner of patent granted to Willoughby Richards 29 Sep 1769, Record of Deeds D & E, pg. 489, Hyde Co., NC.
 9) July 4, 1788 - State of NC to Parker Lacy, No. 233 at 10 pounds/100 acres; 11 acres, new Currituck, east side of Jasper's Creek, Record of Deeds I, pg. 454, Hyde Co., NC
10) Feb Term 1790 - Hyde Co, NC, to prove deed of Agustin Spain to ____ Normand, dated Mar. 4, 1789 for 24 shillings, 250 acres laying on Juniper’s Bay on head of Northwest Creek.
11) May 1791 - Isaac Lacy to Solomon Tully, Jr., 10 pounds, 10 acres, new Currituck, from Isaac Lacy's patent, beg. Christopher Mason's line, Record of Deeds I, pg., Hyde Co., NC
12) Nov. 24, 1792 - Austin (Augustin) Spain Land Grant #777 for 428 acres, Sumner Co., TN; Land Grant Bk. 81, pg. 176 (5 pgs)
Sept. 9, 1794 - Isaac Lacy to Malicha Mason, 18 pounds, 12 acres, new Currituck, beg. SW corner of patent granted to Willoughby Richards, Record of Deeds L, pg. 150, Hyde Co., NC
14) Mar. 9, 1804 - Fredrick Mason to Adam Lacey, $300, new Currituck, Willoughby Richards property, beg. Head of Jaspers Creek, east side of main ditch, Record of Deeds M, pgs. 392-393, Hyde Co., NC.
15) Feb. 11, 1806 - Adam Lacy to James Richards, $45, 9 acres, new Currituck, part of lands inherited from father, west side Main ditch bounding Solomon Rews line, Record of Deeds N, pg. 26, Hyde Co., NC
16) Apr. 27, 1818 - Adam Lacy to Lovey Foreman, $207.50, 41 1/2 acres, new Currituck, beg. NE corner patent granted to Willoughby Richards, Record of Deeds R, pg. 342, Hyde Co., NC
17) Aug. 8, 1818 - Frederick Spain to Jonathan Swindall, $110, 50 acres
18) Dec. 4, 1821 - William B.J. & Reny Fortesque to George W. Sawyer, $60, 50 acres, head of Prescoll's Bay, Southside of Middle Bay, Beaufort Co., NC
19) May 22, 1826 - Adam Lacy to Sandford R. Richards, $2, 1 1/2 acres, new Currituck, beg. Solomon Rews patent, Record of Deeds V, pg. 453, Hyde Co., NC
20) Feb. 20, 1829 - William Lacey to Richard M. G. Moore, $75, 108 acres, Settlement of Currituck joining lands of Benjamin Foreman, Elisha Tooley & others, Record of Deeds W, pg. 99, Hyde Co., NC.
21) Sept. 29, 1831 - John Lacey to Richard M. G. Moore, $15, 108 acres, Settlement of Currituck, adjoining lands of Elisha Tooley, James Richards & others, being land & plantation of Adam Lacey, Record of Deeds W, pg. 212, Hyde Co., NC
22) Mar. 5, 1832 - Inslow Lacy, et al, to Richard M. G. Moore, $37, 108 acres, Settlement of Currituck adjoining lands Elisha Tooley, James Richards & others, being land & plantation of Adam Lacy, late of Hyde Co., Record of Deeds 7, pgs. 79-80, Hyde Co., NC
23) Thomas Emory & descendants deeds for 1857, 1861, 1902
December 8, 1858 - Amos Ireland to Thomas E. Ireland, $100, 35 acres lying on northside of Jones Bay and southside of Pamlico River, Deed Bk 3, pg 366-367, Beaufort Co., NC.
25) Nov 21, 1865 - Earls T. Ireland, Noa[h] W. Ireland, Joseph W. Ireland, H. A. Ireland, R. L. Ireland to George A. Sawyer, $300, 50 ac, lying south side of Pamlico River, northside of Jones Bay in a patent granted to Isaac Buck, Apr 4, 1744, Deed Bk 34, pg 457-458, Pamlico Co., NC.
26) Dec. 7, 1869 - Samuel G. Swindell to Thomas R. Lupton, $75, 25 acres, beg main rd at Thomas R. Lupton's leading ditch to James Baines line, south to Samuel Henry's ditch to main rd, Book No. 36, pgs. 326-327, Beaufort Co., NC
27) Sept. 6, 1870 - G.B. Spain, Constable in Pamplico Twp., Beaufort Co, NC turned in resignation
28) Dec. 15, 1874 - John Spain, Rebecca Spain, William & Elizabeth Spain, Thomas P. & Elizabeth Spain (inherited from Joshua Spain Sr.) to Reuben Hawks, $336 dollars and 37 ½ cents, 117 acres, Nottoway Co., VA (Rootsweb search)
29) Nov. 29, 1875 - Adam Lacy to Henry & John Tooley, infant sons of Athen Tooley, 24 acres, beg. Malicha Mason, running S to main road & east with Adam Lacy line, Record of Deeds U, pgs. 44-45, Hyde Co., NC
30) Sep 8, 1876 - Margaret Ireland, Joseph & Sarah J. Ireland, Archibald T. and Holland J. Ireland, Robinson L. & Margaret Ireland to Albin Williamson, $100, 50 acres lying on southside of Pamlico River & northside of Jones, Deed Bk 3, pgs 369-370, Pamlico Co., NC.
31) Aug. 13, 1877 - Augustin Spain Patent - Hyde Co., NC, Record of Deeds 14, pg. 273; Heirs: (Robinson Lupton, Laura Lupton, Thos A. Lupton, John W. Lupton, Julia A. Lupton, Mary H. Green, Susan J. Lupton, James K. Lupton, D. J. Daniels, Abner Green, Britty E. Daniels) sold to John Berry land known as the Augustin Spain patent, lying near waters of Juniper Bay and North West Creek, Hyde Co., NC
32) Aug. 13, 1877 - Augustin Spain Patent - Hyde Co., NC, Record of Deeds 14, pg. 274; Heirs: (Britty C. Cahoon, Geo B. Spain, Equilla J. Spain, Joshua Spain, Nancy V. Spain, F. A. Spain Sr., Mary A. E. Spain, N. W. Ireland, Sr., Annie G. Ireland, Holland J. Ireland, John Daniels, Elizabeth Daniels, S. G. Swindell, Susan A. Swindell, Daniel Spain, Rhesa G. Spain) sold to John Berry. land known as the Austen Spain Patent, lying near waters of Juniper Bay and North West Creek, Hyde Co., NC
33) Mar. 13, 1886 - Benjamon & Josephen Potter sold to John P. Spain, $50, 5 acres, from James Creek Road west to Christania Norris land, south to Sasapas Bridge, east with Benjamin Potters fence to the James Creek Road., Record of Deeds 15, pgs. 112-113, Pamlico Co., NC
34) Feb. 27, 1890 - Equilla Ireland (widow of George B. Spain) to Fred A. Spain Jr & Mary, John E. & Margaret Alcock, Wm & Mary Holland Alcock and R.J. & Rebeckah A. Robinson (heirs of George B. Spain), $200, 4 lots, Record of Deeds 17, pgs 484-486, Pamlico Co., NC
35) Nov. 2, 1895 - Charles P. Freman to Daniel Spain, $30, 30 acres, Record of Deeds 23, pgs 21-22, Hyde Co., NC
36) Jan 9, 1899 - D. W. Ireland & wife to James Bateman Sr, $210, 8 acres in No 4 Twp Pamlico Co adjoining lands of Samuel Swindell, Dec'd & being western half of Daniel Hopkins tract fully described in Daniel Hopkins Will, Deed Bk 28, pgs 400-401, Pamlico Co., NC.
37) Oct. 20, 1900 - James Potter S. & wife to John P. Spain, $50, 25 acres, Record of Deeds 41, pg. 155, Pamlico Co., NC
38) Nov. 4, 1901 - Lewis T. William to William A. Carawan, $100, 160 acres, Jones Island, Record of Deeds 30, pg. 182, Pamlico Co., NC
39) July 12, 1902 - John H. & Emma Clark sold to Andre Spain, $100, 35 acres, adjoining lands of Wm Fortiscue, Record of Deeds 30, pg. 226, Pamlico Co., NC.
40) Oct. 11, 1902 - Carolina Jones to John P. Spain, $15, 4 acres, Record of Deeds 41, pg. 151, Pamlico Co., NC.
41) Nov. 5, 1902 - H.A. & H.M. Spain, D. H. & C. A. Henry & M. R. & M___ Henry to E. G. Clark, $200, 60 acres, Record of Deeds 41, pgs 499, Pamlico Co., NC
42) Dec. 5, 1902 - B. F. & Mary Mercer to H. A. Spain, $100, 3 acres, Record of Deeds 37, pg. 328, Pamlico Co., NC
43) Mar. 30, 1903 - J. W. & Jane Daniels to H. A. Spain, $18, 3 acres, Record of Deeds 37, pg 312, Pamlico Co., NC
44) Feb. 9, 1905 - H. A. Spain & wife to John P. Spain, $250, 15 acres, beg. Southside Peytons Creek at Benj. Potters west line, south to Tar gut then west to Goose Creek, Record of Deeds 40, pg. 94, Pamlico Co., NC
45) Feb. 13, 1905 - B.F. & M. E. Mercer & J.P. & Nancy Spain to John Mercer, $275, 25 acres, Record of Deeds 63, pg. 141, Pamlico Co., NC
46) Dec. 4, 1905 - John P. & Nancy Spain to G. & Carrah L. Clark, $300, 5 acres, Record of Deeds 40, pg. 165, Pamlico Co., NC
47) July 31, 1906 - B. F. Mercer & wife and John Mercer & wife and J. P. Spain & wife to General Public for Graveyard, $10, 2/3 acre, adjoining lands of Bernards Chapel Church. (Wardens Grove Church), Record of Deeds 92, pg. 125, Pamlico Co., NC
48) Nov. 2, 1907 - G. M. Spain & Kiturah Spain to R. L.Leary Sr & Salthsal Leary, $150, 50 acres, Record of Deeds 52, pg. 233, Pamlico Co., NC
49) 17 Dec 1908, Natt Potter, C. A. & Deella [sic] A. Flowers, A. B. & E. V. Campen, Maury & Dolly Mary Ward to Albin Daniels, $15,000, 2690 acres in No 3 Twp including Jones' Island & Tillman's Island fr head of Beef Creek to Francis Jones patent line to head of Lambert's Creek to Jones Bay to Pamlico Sound to Bay River to Gales Creek to Beef Creek.
50) 1978 - Survey for 8.5 acres to David A. Lane
51) no date - George A. & Martha Selby, N.B. & Florence Selby of Hyde Co; Lucy Jarvis & Richard A. Gibbs of Beaufort Co; Shanklins of Donegal, Ireland, (James, John, Andrew, William, Samuel, James Jr., Samuel Jr. all their wives & Annie Shanklin); Holmes (Samuel, John, & their wives) & Robert & wife Shanklin of Logan Co., IL; William & wife Holmes of __, State of ____; Fannie & John Emory, Annie Holmes of IL; John S. & wife Perry, Bertha D. Perry, Robert & wife Perry, James & wife Perry, Equily O. Perry, Annie & Richard Splein, Margaret & William Knowles & Mary J. Perry all of Garfield Co., OK,   appoint N. B. Selby as their atty. to sell land in NC and AL.  One tract being in Lake Landing Twp. known as Dr. Andrew Shanklin's (only first page of document and has no date) (Note-Andrew Shanklin, b. 1792 Ireland, d. Feb 14, 1847), Record of Deeds 33, pg. 239, Hyde Co., NC.

There are numerous deeds regarding Spain & Emery land divisions in Hyde, Beaufort and Pamlico counties.

Family Histories, Group Sheets, etc.  1) Adele Irene Leonard Alcox and children
 2) Descendants of John Davis Aldridge, Sr. & 2 wives
Descendants of Wiliam & Mahala Allcock, born Tyrrell Co., NC
 4) Thomas Baum Family of Hyde Co., NC (2 pgs)
 5) Descendants report of James Blount (22 pgs)
 6) Descendants report of Peter Valentine Braun (158 pgs)
 7) Descendants report of Asa & Winny Carawan (43 pgs)
Carawan Family Reunion, Sept 4, 1994 (11 pgs)
 9) Descendants report of Benjamin Christopher "Kit" Caraway (29 pgs)
10) Lemuel Allen Edwards & Nancy Ann (Leary) Edwards Family
"The Emery Family" Section II of “Willis Edward Beachem, Jr. & Nellie Lee Terry Heritage Book” by Willis Edward Beachem, Jr., pub & c. 1986 by Eugene C., Johnie W. & Willis E. Beachem, Jr., Hampton Roads, VA; Section II only, 72 pgs.
Correspondence about  Zachariah Emery & Sarah David Goodwin
13) Children of Charlie E. & Melinda Bateman Emory (4 pgs)
14) Gaskill Family
          a. Noah Gaskill Family Group Sheet
          b. Joseph W. Gaskill & Mary Ann Ives Family Group Sheet
c. William Gaskill
“Some Goodwin-Daniels Connections” by Jack Spencer Goodwin, Sea Level, NC (20 pgs)
16) Lewis Goodwin & Julia F. (Spain) Goodwin Family
          a. Pelege & Flora (Sawyer) Goodwin
          b. Theodore & Lorena (Carawan) Goodwin

17) Thomas Goodwin & Descendants Family Group Sheets compiled by Frances Robinson, Hobucken, NC (5 pgs)
18) Obituary for Thomas Goodwin - Zion’s Landmarks, Vol. VI, No. 2, pg. 16; Dec 15, 1872
19) Daniel Hopkins & Descendants Family Group Sheets compiled by Frances Robinson, Hobucken, NC (4 pgs)
a. John Riley & Amanda B. (Carawan) Hopkins Family
                    1. Elsie Hopkins
                    2. James Deral Hopkins
          b. Joseph S. & Mary Ellen (Spain) Hopkins
          c. Robert A. Hopkins

20) Ireland Family ---
a.  Amos A. Ireland descendants report, 4 pgs with endnotes & Amos A. Ireland & Margaret Delilah Gaskill FGS; by Robert E. Kaiser dtd Dec 8, 1999
          b.  Guy Festus Ireland & Juanita Wilkinson Family Tree
c.  Ireland Family History, Ltr to Gladys Mae Ireland, [d/o Earls T. Ireland & Julie Watson Carawan]  from Bob [Robert E. Kaiser, High Point, NC] dtd December 8, 1999 regarding Earles Thomas Ireland (1834-1870); 3 pgs typed.
          d.  Earls T. Ireland & Julia W. Family; 7 pgs handwritten entitled "Take Care of This Book" listing marriages, births, deaths, grandparents (similar to what you would find in a family bible).

e.  John Emory Ireland & Lucinda Banks Family Tree
1. Photo of Lucinda (Banks) Ireland
Noah William Ireland, Sr. & Annis Green Spain Ireland Family
1.  Thomas Goodwin Ireland & Nancy (Potter) Ireland

          g.  Robinson Lupton Ireland & Margaret Ann Gaskill Family Group Sheet
          h.  Royal L. Ireland, Asst Lighthouse Keeper; Letter from Cdr G. Caffen [sic] Office of the Light-House Board to Secretary of Treasury for transfer of Royal L. Ireland, Asst. Keeper, from Branch Point Light Station to Acting Keeper of Pamplico Point Light Station, NC, (new station) dtd Jan 22, 1891; Letter from Capt Thomas Perry, Office of the Light-House Board to Secretary of the Treasury dtd Sept 14, 1900, reporting death of Royal L. Ireland on Sept 3, 1900.

21) James Edward Ketter & Goldie Dean Spain Family Group Sheet

22) Descendants of William Henry Leary
23) Josiah & Mary Lupton Family birthdates, handwritten, maybe copied from family bible. [see Josiah Lupton family births under "Bibles"]
24) Wm Howard Lupton Jr. & Laura Jane Alcox Ancestral lineage, 5 pg, handwritten letter with names William Springle from Ireland & his wife Maria; Walter Christopher Lupton & Ruth Carawan; Joseph Alcox & Maria Springle; William Howard Lupton & Eleanor Jonson [sic].
25) 17th Annual Lupton Reunion handout (10 pgs)
26) Descendants of Thomas Mason
27) Richard Thomas Parson & Annie (Ireland) Parson Family [see another photo of Richard here]
          a. William Murphy Parson Family
                    1. Rufus & Lillian (Parson) Mason
                              a. Fred Howard Mason
          b. Estelle (Parson) Sadler Hokum
          c. Martha Jane (Parson) Sadler

28) Riggs Family correspondence with Generational chart
29) Family Group Sheets for John William Sadler & descendants
30) Descendants of Henry Slade & Mary Worley
31) Email from members of Spain Family Group Discussion sharing Spain Family History. [Too numerous to list, look-ups may be requested from Janet Orndorff.
32) Aaron Spain (b.1837) of Booneville, MS, s/o James Spain of NC & Lydia Gambrill of TN, married Margaret Rone of Bedford Co., TN; Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi. Vol. 2, Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891, pgs. 802-804.
33) Alexander Spain m. 1st "Molly" Mary W. Johnson; 2nd Vianna C. Rone Green; 3rd Martha A. Prichard Family Group Sheets, Lawrence Co., TN; Prentiss Co., MS
34) Amelia Spain m. 1st Richard Robertson; 2nd Solomon Terrell Family Group Sheets, Wake Co., NC
35) Caroline M. E. Spain & Daniel A. Stewart Family Group Sheet, Lawrence Co., TN
36) Daniel Spain & Descendants Family Group Sheets, compiled by Frances Robinson, Hobucken, NC (9 pgs)
a. Daniel Richard Spain & Elenor Sawyer Family - Marriage Record for their son Dallas Richard Spain
          b. Daniel Richard Spain & Marion Dewey Suis Family - Marriage Record for Daniel R. Spain & Marion D. Suis
37) David Spain & Abbigal Roberts Family Group Sheet, left Amelia Co., VA c1772 to Wake Co, NC
38) Drewry Spain Descendants Report dated Mar 2, 2006 (14 pgs)
39) Drury Spain History from Gerry Hill, email dated Dec. 13, 2005 (6 pgs)
40) Francis Spain & Elinor Truly Family Group Sheet, Amelia Co., VA
41) Frederick Spain & Mary Roberts Family Group Sheets, Amelia Co., VA
42) Fredrick Agustus Spain (1833-1895) & 1st wife, Mary Elizabeth Barnett Family
          a. Edgar Wallace Spain
                    1. Frederick Augustus Spain (1899-1930) [see another photo with his mother]
      Fredrick Agustus Spain (1833-1895) & 2nd wife, Sarah Hopkins Family
                    1. Margaret Spain
                    2. Charlie Roberson Spain
                    3. Frederick Augustus Spain

43) Genealogy of Henry David & Annie Spain, handwritten by Dorcas Spain, great-granddaughter (4 pgs)
George Spain & Kitty Carawan Family
a. George's tombstone - Kitty's tombstone
b. Children's Marriage Records - Parley G. Spain; Georgia M. Spain
          c. Hattie Elizabeth Spain
45) George Bently Spain & Equelie Jane Lupton Family [see her tombstone in the Barnett Cemetery]
a. Frederick Augustus Spain
                    1. Lienster Duffy Spain
          b. Mary A. Holland Spain
) James Potter Spain & Polly (Linton) Spain
a. Daisy Caroline Spain
James Spain (b.1805) & Lydia Gambrill Family Group Sheet, Wake Co., NC, Bedford Co., TN, Prentiss Co., MS
48) John Spain & Hannah Proctor Family Group Sheet, Wake Co., NC
49) John Henry Washington Spain m. 1st Charity (?) Johnson; 2nd Martha Roena Armstrong; 3rd Mary E. Plaxico Family Group Sheets, Wake Co., NC; Lawrence Co., TN; Prentiss Co., MS
50) Joshua Lacy Spain, Jr. Family
a. John Spain & Nancy Mercer Spain
1. Rosa Edna Spain
2. John Talmadge Spain
b. Henry Andrew Spain & Harriet Miranda Henries Family [see
marriage record for Henry Andrew Spain]
1. Esther & Nancy Spain
                    2. Andie, Esther & Miranda Henries Spain
                    3. Mary (Spain) Inscoe

51) Luther Lupton Spain Family Group Sheet filled in by Gladys Ives Sadler Holton from “The Children of Thomas Alligood” by Bardon F. Alligood, c1980
52) Thomas & Martha Spain Family Group Sheets, Amelia Co., VA
53) Descendants Report for Thomas Spain, (s/o John, gr son of Thomas Spain - born abt 1700, Prince George Co., VA, died Jan 30, 1760, Amelia Co., VA,  married Martha Haskins; 21 pgs with endnotes; author unknown.
54) Zachariah Taylor Spencer & Cordelia Ann Rollinson Family
          a. Lodene Spencer

55) Samuel Green Swindell & Susan Elizabeth "Sukey" Mason Family [see Brickyard Cemetery for their tombstones]
a. Andrew Jackson Swindell and wife, Julia Marie (Sawyer) Swindell
                    1. Samuel Lafayette Swindell
          b. Susan Elenor Swindell
Unser Family Ancestral Charts
57) Wiley Wilson Warren & Martha Virginia Spain Family Group Sheets filled out by Virginia S. Warren, Nov. 18, 1997
58) Descendants Report for John Edward Woolard (1867-1935); author & date unknown; 5 pgs.
59) Wilbur Gray Woolard & Cottie Mae Spain Family Group Sheets filled out by Lillian Woolard Sawyer, Dec. 1997
Maps  1) Map of 1700s Land Grants of Lynch Beach & Vandemere area prepared by Harriette Riggs
Military  1) Bernard Carawan Civil War Discharge Certificate
James Bateman, Civil War Record, Muster Rolls, Co. D, 3 NC Art'y, (40 State Troops) Confederate, Oct 20, 1861 - Feb 24, 1864; 7 pgs.
 3) William Thomas Emory, Civil War Pension Record, Invalid Cert No. 683369, enrolled Nov 18, 1863 in Co. C, 2 Regt NC Inf; Served with Co. B, 1st NC Vol. Inf. & Co. A, 2 NC Inf; discharged June 27, 1865; ranks of Pvt & Corpl; 8 pgs. [see 1880 Census]
 4) Revolutionary War Payroll of Capt. Augustin Spain’s Company of 2nd NC Regiment of Militia
 5) Thomas Spain, Revolutionary War Pension Claim No. 6358 dtd March 1819 (son of Drury Spain & Mildred Oliver, born July 12, 1760 Surry Co., VA, died Jan 23, 1840, Pitt Co., NC) Enlisted 10 Feb 1777 for 3 years in 8th NC Regiment Continental Line serving as a musician (drummer) under Col. James Armstrong; then in 2nd Regiment under Col. John Patten; taken prisoner in Charleston, SC, 12 May 1780, discharged while prisoner of war; was in the Battles of Brandywine & Germantown; 26 pgs on 11x17 paper.
 6) Revolutionary War Pension Claim W 6148 for William Spain, dated Nov 2, 1818.  Also Widow's Application dated July 16, 1850. He enlisted Feb 10, 1777, age 13, in Pitt Co., NC, for his father, served as musician in Captains May's and Tartanson's Companies; Capt. James Armstrong's NC Regiment.  Taken prisoner May 12, 1780, held in Charleston for 5 months then placed on a British ship and held for five months.  Released in Nova Scotia. (44 pgs) (Note: William Spain, s/o Drury & Mildred Spain)  (Handwritten note on cover page - "Jeffrey, This was sent from Larry M. Brizendine, 1518 E. 28th Terrace, Lawrence, KS  66066-5126.  I still don't know how you may be related to him.  Ann"

 1) "Charitable Brotherhood Lodges" presented by Alvia Hearren, NC College, dtd Feb 19, 1988; 4 pgs; sent to Wm. O. Spain Feb 24, 2003.
2) Chronological history beginning in 1584, second trip down Pamlico Sound by Capt. Ralph Lane & Sir Richard Greenville to present day Hobucken; early 1900's, railroads and commercial fishing; 3 pgs.
3) Notes on the Journal of the Lighthouse Station at Pamlico Point Shoals, NC at mouth of Pamlico River extracted by Robert Kaiser, 8 Aug 1999, 2 pgs.

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Patricia I. Webster Fenner G. Whitfield Brenda Whitford Cora H. Wiggins Walton O. Williams Lily Williamson Sallie H. Willis Melvin E. Yeates
Photographs  Too numerous to list - please see the Index to Photos
Wills/Estates/Inventories  1) Aug. 1, 1737 - John Martin Will; Bath Co, Beaufort Prct., NC, Will Book 5, pg. 335, Craven Co., NC
 2) 1832 - Waterman Emery Inventory & Estate
 3) July 28, 1847 - Johnathan Swindle (Swindell) will
 4) Sept. 27, 1865 - Jerome B. Spain will; Beaufort Co. (now Pamlico Co), NC
 5) Aug. 3, 1869 - Megatlin Swindell will & probate
6) Nov. 22, 1870 - Thomas Goodwin will; probate Nov. 25, 1872, Beaufort Co., (now Pamlico Co.) NC, pgs. 106-108
 7) June 1, 1885 - Judia Ireland will & probate
 8) Mar. 18, 1908 - Lewis Goodwin will & probate
Dec. 8, 1908 - W.S. Pate Estate Settlement, Minnie L. Pate, widow of dec'd.; 1 pg
10) Aug. 12, 1963 - Howard E. Spain will; Atlantic, Carteret Co., NC (handwritten) (2 pgs); Letters- Testamentary issued to executrix for Howard E. Spain, dated Jan. 17, 1968, Carteret Co., NC
) Goose Creek Island Wills

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