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A Boat Excursion to Hog Island
[From the Private Collection of William Odell Spain held by Jan Orndorff]

This article, written by William Odell Spain, appeared in The Pamlico News on Wednesday, August 19, 1998 along with the photographs.  The news article was too large to scan in its entirety so it had to be scanned in two pieces.  Read the top image first and then the second image.  Hog Island once had people living on it but, according to Ellen Cloud, noted researcher of Carteret County, the North or west island and the south or east island used to be one long island.  The small strip of land connecting the two was washed away during the 1944 hurricane, making 2 islands.  Shortly after this occurred, people living on the north or west island moved to the south or east island because that was where the store, school, post office and fish houses were.   When the school closed and mail boats no longer stopped there, the people moved to the mainland, most went to Cedar Island.

Group photo of persons visiting Hog Island on Memorial Day 1998

Hog Island from the water                                                                        Benny Styron and his boat

             Odell pointing to cemetery                                 Benny Styron among the tombstones                                            Dipping vat

2010 Kay Midgett Sheppard