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The State Records

Published Under The Supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the general Assembly.

Collected and Edited By Walter Clark

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

Vol. XXII.

Miscellaneous Records


Transcribed by Tina Tarlton Smith

Page 168 

An Account Of Persons Who Took The State Oath 1778

I will bear faithfull and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and will truly endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the independent Government thereof against George the third, King of Great Britain and his successors, and the attempts of any other Person, Prince, power, state or  Potentate, who by secret arts, treasons, Conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same and will in every respect conduct myself as a peaceful orderly subject and that I will disclose and make known to the governor, some member of the Council of State, some Justices of the Superior Courts or of the Peace, all treasons, Conspiracies and attempts committed or intended against the State shall come to my knowledge. And that all persons being quakers, Moravians, Menomists & dunkards & under the circumstances above mentioned in Law, shall make the following  affirmation or depart the State.
I, A. B., do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will bear true Fidelity to the independence State of North Carolina and to the Powers & authorities which are or may be established for the good governments thereof and I do renounce any Fidelity to the present King of Great Britain, his Heirs and successors, and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some member of the Council of State, Judge of the superior Court or  Justice of the peace, all Treasons, Conspiracies or attempts Committed or intended against the same which shall come to my knowledge. 
Following took above oath, or affirmed, 22 May, 1778. 
John Adcock Michael Shearman
William Strus Charles Mitchell
William Langston James Mitchell
William Palmer Ephraim Washington
Samuel Pittman Ambour Harrison Duncan
James Meadows Jacob Schlotterer
John Shearman Michael Brinkley
John Wood Thos. Oakley
John Meadows William Oakley
William Knight Hezekiah Hobgood
Page 169
Phillip Lewis Laban Oakley
Peter Brinkly John Russell
Richard Wood Thomas Philpot
John Taylor John Badgett
Grooves Howard Roger Badgett
Nahum Sanders John Boyd
John Sherman William Fowler
Richard Wood James Daniel
Jacob Schlotterer, Sen. John Calley
John Oakley Bennett Williams
William Washington Absalom Davis
Benj. Goodman John Cragg
William Goodman David Webb
Richard Harris Edward Adcock
William Suit John King
Zachariah Vaughan James Brinkley
Thomas Ring Howel Wise
John Cunningham William Philpot
Henry Rose Robert Adcock
James Rimmer Isiah Phipps
Richard Fowler Israel Eastwood
Joseph Hart.  
State Oath and test for Tar River district taken by James Lanston, Esqr. 
James Milner and William Taping Neglected to take the State oath. 


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