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The State Records

Published Under The Supervision of the trustees of the public libraries, by order of the general Assembly.

Collected and Edited By Walter Clark

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

Vol. XXII.

Miscellaneous Records


Page 169

May the 30, 1778, North Carolina, Granville County, Oxford District, the following person took Oath of Allegiance,
Edward (his X mark) Knowlan Canady (his X mark) Young
Henry Tudor Ronels (his X mark) Britisell
Solomon Walker William (his X mark) Jinnings
John (his X mark) Moon Wm. Cawthorn
Jonathan White Abra. Cook
Wm. H. Searcy James Semple
Giles Hudspeth John (his X mark) Upchurch
Joseph More George Bras

Page 170

Zachariah Hampton Edw. Moore
Rich'd Harris, Jr. Robert Boyd
John Pullman Edward (his X mark) Bass
Richard Brinkley Lem. Goodwin
William Upchurch Elisha Lensey
John Hudgepeth Charles Spoe
Henry R. Harding Rueben Talley
Henry (his X mark) Smith Thomas Howell
Robert (his X mark) Hudleston Stephen Jett
Thomas Hicks Benjamin Hester
Richard Searcy John Searcy, Ju'r.
Joseph (his X Mark) Reen Thomas Crews
Richard (his x mark) Deen John (his X mark) Boyd
Robert (his X mark) Deen William Lassiter
George Hunt Tonalham Parker
James (his X mark) Hunt Archibald Mitchell
Samuel Hunt Tesey (his X mark) Bass
Sherwood (his X mark) White Lewis Anderson
Jordon (his X mark) Gillom Nathan (his X mark) Bass
Robert Hicks Hardy (his X mark) Bass
John Whicker Drury (his X mark) Tabort
James (his X mark) Crews Benjamin (his X mark) Bass
Gideon (his X mark) Crews Ligey (his X mark) Bass
Robert Hester Benjamin (his X mark) Bass
Nicholas Talley John Jones
David Bullock Peyton Wood
Robt. Reid Francis Hester
Ambrose Barker John Miner
Jeremiah (his X mark) Frazer James ( His x mark) Johnson
Leonard Linsey & John Gest hath failed to take the Oath of Allegiance.

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