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Vance County Births Prior to 1920

A Surnames

Note:  We have only started transcribing the Vance Co. Birth Index and only have the surnames for A - G online.  More will be added regularly so do check back.  These are not complete.  They are transcribed from the indices only.  Many instances fail to show if the child was either male or female or whether they were born dead or alive. These are not included in this index. 

Surname Given Name Birth Date Father Mother
Abbott Kenneth Thomas 13 Aug 1885 James Abbott Louanna Edwards
Abbott Sallie G 26 Mar 1903 Omiggie R Abbott Elizabeth Pendergrass
Abbott Florence Susan 26 Mar 1905 Omiggie R Abbott Elizabeth Pendergrass
Abbott Elmus Walter 5 Jun 1907 Billy L Abbott Annie Tharrington
Abbott Catherine 15 Mar 1908 Erastus Abbott Dora Clark
Abbott Clarence Stephen 24 Mar 1908 Cecil E Abbott Huldie Sarah Boyd
Abbott Clara Jane 25 Feb 1909 Omega R Abbott Elizabeth Pendergrass
Abbott Betty Rena 15 Apr 1911 Omiggie R Abbott Elizabeth Pendergrass
Abbott Dora Virginia 6 May 1911 Erastus Abbott Virginia Clark
Abbott Mary Lou 8 Feb 1913 Billie Lou Abbott Priscilla A Tharrington
Abbott Cappie Leonia 10 Jun 1914 Fill G Abbott Sallie B Fleming
Abbott Hamilton Elmor 25 Nov 1914 William E Abbott Clara I Faulkner
Abbott Lilly Harris 14 Feb 1914 C E Abbott Hulda Sarah Boyd
Abbott Minnie Clifton 5 Jan 1914 Omega Abbott Elizabeth Pendergrass
Abbott Clara Rena 18 Aug 1915 Cecil A Abbott Helia Boyd
Abbott Eunice Stanford 17 Jul 1915 James H Abbott Ida Jane Kearney
Abbott Fletcher Philip 12 Sep 1916 Phil G Abbott Sallie B Fleming
Abbott Lolden Geraldine 14 May 1916 Erastus R Abbott Lucy West
Abbott William Clifton 17 Dec 1916 Claude R Abbott Lessie Womack
Abbott Allene 26 Aug 1918 Latt Abbott Mattie Hook
Abbott Paul Jones 18 Dec 1918 James H Abbott Ida J Kearney
Abbott Clyde Roger 25 Oct 1919 Claude Abbott Lessie Womack
Abbott James William 2 May 1919 John W Abbott Annie B Stainback
Abbott Morris Fenner 10 Dec 1919 Ernest Abbott Clara I Faulkner
Abbott Bob 8 Feb 1920 Erastus R Abbott Lucy West
Abbott George Kearney 1 Dec 1920 James H Abbott Ida Kearney
Abbott Robert 8 Feb 1920 Erastus R Abbott Lucy West
Abbott Jr. Clarence Ed 16 Nov 1919 Jesse C Abbott Mary Frances Daniel
Abott Larence 16 Jul 1914 Lat Abott Mattie Hart
Absher Julia McNeill 11 Sep 1915 Darius C Absher Bethania Ashby
Adams Annie Young 11 Nov 1905 George Wesley Adams Lillie Conway Bryan
Adams Raynah H 25 Sep 1906 Raynah Adams Viola Beason
Adams Raymond Alexander 15 Feb 1907 Esker R Adams Carrie Williams
Adams Harold Ciccero 27 Nov 1910 R H Adams Viola Beason
Adams Arthur 29 Jun 1911 I M Adams Maggie Ormsby
Adams Robert Van 18 Jun 1911 Samule R Adams Lillie Bradshaw
Adams Winston Morris 19 Oct 1912 Lytle C Adams Etta Morris
Adams Gertrude Weele 5 May 1913 Vincent R Adams Gertrude H Welle
Adams John Chaplin 30 Apr 1913 Samuel R Adams Elizabeth Bradshaw
Adams Virginia Audrey 27 Jun 1914 Vincent R Adams Gertrude Wells
Adams Mildred Bradshaw 20 Jun 1916 S R Adams Lillian Bradshaw
Adams Robert Goodwin 18 Dec 1916 Esker Adams Carrie Williams
Adams Charity Edna 5 Dec 1917 Eugene Adams Charity Nash
Adams Charity Edna 5 Dec 1917 Eugene A Adams Charity A Nash
Adams Mary Helen 15 Jan 1919 Eska R Adams Carrie Williams
Adams William Harold 12 Jan 1919 Samuel R Adams Lillian Bradshaw
Adams Hilda 6 Sep 1920 Eschar R Adams Carrie Williams
Adams Jr. Esker R 25 Apr 1905 Esker R Adams Carrie G Williams
Adams Jr. Samuel Richard 7 Aug 1909 Samuel R Adams Lillie E Bradshaw
Adcock Brocius Daniel 29 Sep 1882 Joseph B Adcock Mary W Hicks
Adcock Lula Harris 19 Nov 1891 John W Adcock Mollie C Duke
Adcock John William 31 Jan 1896 John W Adcock Mollie C Duke
Adcock Mollie Bell 17 Feb 1901 John W Adcock Mollie C Duke
Adcock Hamilton Beacom 23 Sep 1903 John W Adcock Mollie C Duke
Adcock Alfred Dotson 7 Aug 1905 George W Adcock Katie May Hoyle
Adcock Lonie May 25 Aug 1908 George W Adcock Katie M Hoyle
Adcock Wilton Lee 17 Oct 1910 Julius T Adcock Rosa Owen
Adcock Addie Odesta 22 Jan 1911 Lucious G Adcock Lucy M Wadford
Adcock Henry Bryan 11 Oct 1911 Eugene W Adcock Lucy W Bryan
Adcock George Henry 1 Apr 1913 George W Adcock Katie May Hoyle
Adcock Fred Thomas 26 Aug 1914 Julius T Adcock Rosa Lee Owen
Adcock Horace Edgar 8 Dec 1916 George W Adcock Kate May Hoyle
Adcock William Lyon 27 Aug 1916 E W Adcock Lucy W Bryan
Adcock Jr. Eugene Wesley 1 May 1908 Eugene W Adcock Lucy W Bryan
Adcocks Asa Nelson 8 Nov 1916 Julian T Adcocks Rosa Lee Owen
Adcocks Eula May 24 Mar 1919 Julius Adcocks Rosa Owen
Adcox Garland Allen 31 Oct 1915 Harry Adcox Lula Harton
Adcox John 13 Aug 1918 Harry H Adcox Effie L Horton
Alderman Jr. John Thomas 23 Jun 1901 John T Alderman Lillian F Watson
Alexander Mary Elizabeth 6 May 1906 Dock P Alexander Frances Jones
Alexander Ervin Samuel 14 Dec 1915 Henry Alexander Mary Davis
Alexander Jr. Plummer 9 Jan 1915 Plummer Alexander Frances Alexander
Alexandria Weston 14 Apr 1920 Mike Alexandria Lizzie Yancey
Allen Genevieve 14 Oct 1887 George W Allen Leonor X Browne
Allen Essie Delaine 31 Aug 1889 Willie Allen Bettie Hughes
Allen Lillie Bettie 4 Oct 1896 William R Allen Bettie Smithwick
Allen Nettie Virginia 14 Jan 1897 Samuel Allen Eva R Mahone
Allen Richard 18 Dec 1897 Oliver Allen Annie B Harris
Allen Katherine D 23 Feb 1901 Marcus H Allen Sallie Grogan
Allen Mary Ella 7 Aug 1901 William R Allen Betty Smithwick
Allen James 18 Feb 1903 Junius Allen Mamie Henderson
Allen James Henry 3 Jul 1904 William H Allen Lucy Jones
Allen Ethel Mae 31 Oct 1905 Cornelius Allen Nancy Parrish
Allen Mildred 16 May 1905 Henry Allen Ora Yan Cey
Allen John William 24 Jul 1905 Joseph T Allen Dora Bell Jones
Allen John William 23 Jul 1906 John Thomas Allen Dora Bell Jones
Allen Genevieve 21 Sep 1907 William R Allen Betty Smithwock
Allen James 2 Jun 1907 Henry Allen Judie Burwell
Allen Kate 1 Jan 1907   Maria Allen
Allen Harlem Jenkins 17 Feb 1908 Barnette W Allen Eula D Jenkins
Allen Helen Elizabeth 27 Oct 1909 Mann Allen Elizabeth R Allen
Allen Lillie Mae 10 Mar 1910 Junius Allen Mamie Henderson
Allen James Issac 23 Jan 1911 Palmer Allen Anna Reed
Allen Virginia Gill 25 Sep 1912 Benjamin G Allen Neita Watson
Allen Ernest Lee 4 Jul 1912 Eugene Allen Pinkie Ann Hawkins
Allen Edith 9 Apr 1913 John T Allen Florence Thorne
Allen Frank Anderson 2 Nov 1913 Palmer Allen Anna Read
 Allen   31 Jan 1914   Mamie Allen
Allen Ellen 1 Mar 1914 Nat Allen Dora Gregory
Allen Florence 4 Jul 1914 Thomas Allen Iphilia Hunter
Allen Jackson 23 Jun 1914 Stokes Allen Louisa Kearney
Allen Lillian 9 Dec 1914 John T Allen Florence Thorne
Allen Mary Jane 31 Jul 1914 Benjamin G Allen Neita Watson
Allen Walter 31 Jan 1914 Walter Allen Minnie Allen
Allen Harry N 4 Nov 1914 Jesse Clark Lillie Allen
Allen Howard 2 Mar 1915 Palmer J Allen Anna Reed
Allen Martha 16 Feb 1915 Walter Allen Sallie B Hicks
Allen Virginia Pearl 7 Nov 1915 William Lee Allen Susie P Edwards
Allen Alice Neal 12 Feb 1916 Walter Allen Mary L Coleman
Allen Alma Juanita 2 Dec 1916 Robert Allen Serena Lewis
Allen John L Thomas 28 Feb 1916 Robert T Allen Annie B Young
Allen John Norman 17 Jun 1916 Ferrell Allen Henrietta Howard
Allen Lewis Brady 27 Dec 1916 Lewis Allen Carrow Brady
Allen India Ellen 11 Dec 1917 Walter Allen Lena Coleman
Allen Modena 23 Nov 1917 Juniour Allen Mamie Henderson
Allen Virginia 19 Sep 1917 Robert T Allen Annie B Young
Allen George Robert Lee 12 Sep 1918 Robert Lee Allen Esther McCall
Allen Ruth Ellenora 29 Jul 1918 Walter Allen Sallie Hicks
Allen William Herbert 4 Sep 1918 Nathaniel Allen Dora Gregory
Allen Walter 19 Feb 1918 Ruffin Allen Susie Allen
Allen Charlie Amos Samuel 10 Sep 1919 John W Allen Sallie B Hicks
Allen Joseph Thomas 7 Mar 1919 Jennie Allen Frankie Hawkins
Allen Luther Earel 29 May 1919 Robert Lee Allen Geneva L Lewis
Allen Mary Lena 28 Jul 1919 Walker Allen Lena Coleman
Allen Ada 3 Feb 1919 Nathaniel Allen Dora Gregory
Allen  Pauline 21 Nov 1919 Palmer Alston Anna Reed
Allen Johnie Morris 24 May 1919 Garfoeld Allen Olivia Link
Allen Early 30 Jan 1920 Jasper W Allen Lonie Hayes
Allen Katheline Louis 28 Jun 1920 Willie Lee Allen Susie Edwards
Allen Lorensa 27 Jun 1920 Thomas Allen Thelia Hunter
Allen Robert Nathaniel 17 Apr 1920 Robert T Allen Annie B Young
Allen William Henry 20 Mar 1920 Martha Allen Mary Allen
Allen Willie 27 Sep 1920 Ernest Allen Elmira Evans
Allen Willie 21 Nov 1920 Robert Lee Allen Esther Allen
Alston Allen 7 May 1917 Hugh Alston Nannie Allen
Allen Jr. Eugene 28 Dec 1916 Eugene Allen Pink Hawkins
Allen Jr. Palmer 2 Jan 1917 Palmer Allen Anna Reed
Allen Jr. Ervin W 6 Nov 1920 Ervin W Allen Catherine L Smith
Allen Jr. John Thomas 13 Feb 1920 Thomas R Allen Maggie P Bobbitt
Allgood Charlie Thomas 18 Sep 1915 John Allgood Jelly Currin
Allgood Clara 7 Sep 1917 John William Allgood Lillie P Currin
Allgood Clarence William 7 Sep 1917 John W Allgood Lillie Pearl Currin
Allred Edna Bayley 11 Sep 1903 James C Allred Alyse Edna Ellis
Alston  Margie Anna 21 Dec 1888 Peter Allen Mary Yancey
Alston Emma Jones 3 Dec 1889 Bennett P Dr. Alston Caroline M Williams
Alston Charles Lee 23 Dec 1891 Charles Alston Phylis Lewis
Alston Effie 17 Dec 1892 Willis Alston Julia Hawkins
Alston Carrie 25 Mar 1893   Winnie Alston
Alston Willie 22 Mar 1894 June Alston Nannie Peace
Alston Lucille 15 Jul 1896 Charles Alston Winnie Royster
Alston Early Joseph 12 Sep 1896 Laz Alston Belle Johnson
Alston Henrietta Goode 7 Apr 1898 June E Alston Henrietta Goode
Alston Margaret Perkins 20 Feb 1900 Bennett P Alston Carolina M Williams
Alston Susie 11 Sep 1900 Alfred Alston Millie Davis
Alston Nellie 19 May 1905 John Alston Louella Alston
Alston John Henry 9 Sep 1906 John Alston Ruth Hopkins
Alston June Gideon 15 Mar 1906 June E Alston Lucy Bullock
Alston Ben 10 Oct 1907 Willis Alston Narcissus Gill
Alston Emma Jane 23 Sep 1908 Junius S Alston Emily Ann Marshall
Alston Della Virginia 13 Jul 1909 John Alston Louella Alston
Alston Solon 25 Nov 1910 John Alston Louella Alston
Alston Richard Alexander 23 Jan 1913 Jerry Alston Mabel Scott
Alston Perlie Essie 16 Jun 1914 Icy Alston Susie B Davis
Alston Queen Esther 12 Aug 1914 June Alston Emily Marshel
Alston Fannie 17 Mar 1914 Jefferson Alston Lou Marrow
Alston Charlie 5 Aug 1915 Tommie Alston Pearl Floyd
Alston Cora 6 Sep 1915   Marget Alston
Alston Danphy 11 Feb 1915 Jerry Alston Mable Alston
Alston Martha 25 Nov 1915 Alvin Alston Melie Venable
Alston Morton Randolph 7 Jan 1915 Parry Alston Esther Thorpe
Alston Margarette 18 Feb 1916 Jefferson Alston Lou Marrow
Alston Rosa Bell Geneva 10 Mar 1916 Icy Alston Susie Alston
Alston Valie 13 Jan 1916 Jesse Alston Mable Scott
Alston Josephine 11 May 1917 Thomas Alston Pearl Floyd
Alston Lillie 16 Mar 1917 Jerry Alston Mable Scott
Alston Mary Jane 6 Jun 1917 William Alston Pearl Scott
Alston Sallie 1 Apr 1917 Robert Alston Dorae Bennett
Alston Willie 28 May 1917 Oliver Alston Millie Venable
Alston Cloddine 30 Jun 1918 Pleas Alston Martha Tatum
Alston Edward Lewis 16 Mar 1918 Jeff Alston Lula Marrow
Alston Med 3 Jul 1918 Soldon Alston Lillie Y Doclock
Alston William Henry 29 Oct 1918 William Alston Pearl Scott
Alston   9 Jun 1919 Thomas Alston Pearl Floyd
Alston Luther 27 Jul 1919 James Alston Rinder Hayes
Alston Mary Jane 30 Jun 1919 William Apreen  
Alston Sutter 26 Jul 1919 James Alston Rinder Hayes
Alston Annie Lee 11 Oct 1920 Otis Alston Roxanna Hayes
Alston James Edward 21 Mar 1920 William Alston Pearl Scott
Alston Jeff 6 Dec 1920   Martha Alston
Alston Maggie Juaneto 18 Apr 1920 Parry Alston Irene E Thorpe
Alston Martha Lee 18 Dec 1920 James Alston Reddie Hayes
Alston Rosie 20 Mar 1920 Porter Alston Florence Henderson
Alston Wilkes Walter J 4 Mar 1920   Viola Alston
Alston William Edward 29 Aug 1920 Thomas Alston Pearl Loyd
Alston Zelphia 11 Jul 1920 Plummer Alston Mamie Massenburg
Alston Jr. Porter 30 Jul 1918 Porter Alston Florence Henderson
Amie Perlie Ann 18 Feb 1919 Archie Amie Estella Hight
Amos Annie Ethel 7 Jun 1892 James Amos Mary J Beacom
Amos Samuel 9 Apr 1920 Archie J Amos Stella Hight
Andrew Adam 14 Apr 1918 George Andrew Bella Bullock
Andrews John Shermon 24 Feb 1890 John R Andrews Emma Brown
Andrews Rosalie Martha 15 Oct 1910 Robert Macon Andrews Olive Pearl Harris
Andrews Martha 29 Nov 1915 George Andrews Della Andrews
Andrews Junious 7 Dec 1919 George Andrews Bella Andrews
Andrews Edward 25 Oct 1920 George Andrews Bell Bullock
Andrews Jr. Francis Edwin 2 May 1920 Francis E Andrews Bessie Trotter
Armistead Warren 6 Sep 1916   Frankie Armistead
Armisteas John Christmas 26 Dec 1918   Olivia Armisteas
Armster Elekalzander 9 Sep 1917   Olive Armster
Aronson Arthur Aaron 14 Dec 1895 Bernard S Aronson Rebecca Barnett
Arrington William Armstead 7 Jan 1914 Eli S Arrington Lottie B Roberson
Arrington Rosalee 10 Apr 1916 James E Arrington Biryd Walston
Arrington Eunice Mildred 21 Sep 1918 James Eunice Arrington Beryl Watson
Arrington John Thurston 30 Mar 1920 P C Arrington Kate Capps
Arrington Raymond Thaddeus 21 May 1920 James E Arrington Berry Walston
Arrington Jr. Patrick Coleman 24 Jun 1913 Patrick C Arrington Ida Lee Caudle
Arrington Jr. E S 7 Jun 1916 Eli Samuel Arrington Lottie Robertson
Arsbon Harris Rowland 27 Feb 1920 R C Arsbon Lila Watkins
Ashley Frank Thomas 18 Jul 1916 M S Ashley Eunice Clayton
Askew India Pearle 27 Jan 1918 George Askew Minnie Pleasants
Atwater Annie Margrett 15 Jun 1919 Ernest Atwater Annie Plummer
Atwater Thinniel 15 1920 Ernest Atwater Annie Plummer
Atwood Annie Gray 25 Aug 1892 Robert T Atwood Elizabeth C Johnson
Atwood Clarence Edgar 3 Sep 1897 Robert T Atwood Elizabeth C Johnson
Audris Fred 21 Aug 1916   Seirl Andres
Aulbert Pearl Maxine 11 Jan 1920 William R Aulbert Jane Wilson
Aurby Robert Lee 16 May 1916 Samuel N Aurby Dora Holmes
Ausbon Rowland Carroll 4 Mar 1917 Rowland C Ausbon Delia H Watkins
Ausbon Harris Rowland 27 Feb 1920 R C Ausbon Lila Watkins
Ausborn Nathan Bennett 4 Feb 1912 Rowland C Ausborn Lila Watkins
Ausborn James Wilton 21 Jul 1914 Roland C Ausborn Lila A Watkins
Ausley Frank Thomas 31 Jan 1916 Edgar Ausley Valley Lewis
Austin Richard Plummer 30 Apr 1915 James L Austin Addie Malone
Aycock Lena Harriet 15 Oct 1894 Dolphin E Aycock Mary E Crockett
Aycock George Robert 13 Jan 1907 George A Aycock Anna L Wright
Aycock William Wallace 10 Sep 1909 George A Aycock Annie L Wright
Aycock Lillian Ruth 30 Dec 1915 Wayne Aycock Mary B Oneil
Ayscue Annie Bell 10 Jun 1900 William R Ayscue Pattie F Vaughan
Ayscue Laura Bell 13 Aug 1904 James O Ayscue Magnolia Huff
Ayscue Lucy Gill 19 Jun 1905 Joel Solomon Ayscue Rosa Della Stokes
Ayscue Bennie 15 Nov 1906 James Ollie Ayscue Maggie Huff
Ayscue David Thomas 2 Feb 1906 William R Ayscue Pattie Vaughan
Ayscue Hill Fenner 14 Mar 1909 Hugh Johnson Ayscue Mary E Lloyd
Ayscue Shirley Elizabeth 10 Jul 1910 Joel Solomon Ayscue Rosa Della Stokes
Ayscue Edward Allen 8 Sep 1912 Johnie Lee Ayscue Lula Bell Dent
Ayscue Laura Mae 22 Apr 1913 Hugh Ayscue Lou Anna Woodlief
Ayscue Birtie Furman 23 May 1914 B L Ayscue Ada Morris
Ayscue Clarence Franklin 29 Sep 1915 Will R Ayscue Pattie Vaughan
Ayscue Ethel Shirley 8 May 1915 William R Ayscue Mary E Hughes
Ayscue Grace Alaine 9 May 1915 Roy H Ayscue Ella May Lassiter
Ayscue Lella Louise 26 Jun 1915 William H Ayscue Della I Grissom
Ayscue Marynatia Williams 8 Feb 1915 Sam Ayscue Mary Williams
Ayscue Thomas 4 Dec 1915 Hugh Ayscue Louanna Clopton
Ayscue Willie Jasper 24 Mar 1916 Owen Ayscue Bessie Matthews
Ayscue Benjamin Wesley 23 Apr 1917 S J Ayscue Mary Hughes
Ayscue Linwood Allen 21 Feb 1917 Jordan F Ayscue Mary S Abbott
Ayscue Mary Elizabeth 10 Aug 1918 Earlie H Ayscue Alice Ayscue
Ayscue Mary Frances 22 Jun 1918 Owen Ayscue Bessie Lee Matthews
Ayscue Perry Lee 20 Nov 1918 William H Ayscue Lela I Grissom
Ayscue Bessie Lee 18 Oct 1919 James A Ayscue Bessie Wrenn
Ayscue Zola May 4 Feb 1919 Henry Ayscue Kate L Parrish
Ayscue Myrtle 13 Feb 1920 Richard Ayscue Pattie L Tucker

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