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Memuncan Hunt


American Memory Collection


Memucan Hunt, [half-length portrait, three-quarters to the right].

CREATED/PUBLISHED [between 1844 and 1856]
Envoy, Minister Plenipotentiary, from Republic of Texas.

Identification from engraving in DeBow's Southern and Western Review, October, 1852, frontispiece.

Scratched on face of plate: 207; Hunt, Texas. Scratched on back of plate: 27.

Corners trimmed.

Hallmark: Rinhart 9.

Original served by appointment only.

Transfer; U.S. War College; 1920; (DLC/PP-1920:46153).

Forms part of: Daguerreotype Collection (Library of Congress).

Produced by Mathew Brady's studio.

See also Biography of Memucan Hunt from the State Treasurer's Office


Memucan Hunt's Will

Granville County NC


Unpublished Transcripts of Zae H. Gwynn

These transcripts can be found in the Richard Thorton Library, Oxford, N.C., 

                                                               and at the N.C., Archives, Raleigh, NC.




Volume 21

Page 165-171-June 14, 1856-proved Galveston County, Texas November 1859


Memuncan Hunt--of Galveston, Texas--wills to wife her share in my property real and personal, acquired since marriage to her; To my brother Thomas  Taylor Hunt of Tipton county, Tennessee, 1/2 of all my estate and the other half shared equally by Memucan Hunt Nelson, son of my nephew Hugh Nelson, Memucan Hunt son of my niece Elizabeth Green of Kentucky, Armstead Burwell, son of my niece Lucy Penn Burwell of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, to niece Frances Anderson Towns, daughter of my sister Elizabeth T. Towns of Granville Co., NC., on condition that  if the parents or guardian of these four persons except Memucan Hunt Nelson, shall fail to advance their share of the cost of settlement of my estate and should any fail to pay that share of the cost, then the portion of estate left that one forfeited and given my brother Thomas Taylor Hunt. the silver service, carriage and horses belong to my wife and are not apart of my estate; My marble bust of Power, I give to my brother Thomas Taylor Hunt; The community property belonging to me and my wife consisting of 35,000 acres of land in Miller and Fishers Colony, out of which there are outstanding obligations to convey to c. G. Burkley, three tracts of 640 acres each and Mary P. Lipscomb for 640 acres and I hereby direct my execrs. to make division as soon as Richard Russell's part id taken out--One half of the fees to Dunlap and myself for services in preparing claims to land on the Rio Grande and presenting them to land Commissioners which is now approved by Legislature for 800 or 900 acres located by Cordova near Red River with script obtained of Judge Taylor of Millegens, Mississippi. A claim on Judge Ferguson of Limestone Co. for 640 acres taken off his tract on Region tract on Nova Scotia. The 1/2 of head right certificate of said Joseph Ferguson after raised location from the Region Grant, I am entited after located and cost paid by my excrs.; Dr. Graves of Wheelock can furnish the evidence. The I/1 ? of the Texas and Central Railroad charter, stock and hands of Robert J. Walker, esq. trustee of the United States Bank and Pennsylvania Bank other persons are indebted to me and the vouchers are among my papers for the services I have rendered them. My separate and personal property is as follows" two leagues of land being division of 1/2 of four leagues of land near Brazos river, originally granted to Monshokka containing  about 1920 acres of land on SW corner of the Monshokka grant on which Isaac Wright and others reside; I 1/2 leagues of land from lower half of the Acosta grant adjoining the Monshocca grant, the three last tracts I have sold to Lewis E. Simmons of New Orleans, La. and will revert to me if purchase money isn't paid after title established by judicial decision as will appear in records of Falls county; 4000 acres of land of the Monshocca grant at mouth of the Twokkany creek, title in hands of John C. Nelson but he make title to such person as my excr. directs for 3000 acres of this, reserving 1000 acres for himself; Franks, and others are on this land and suit must be brought to against them to prevent them running Statue of Limitations barring right of action; the balance not recollected of the Region claim not sold by me; five tracts of 320 acres each located for me by E. E. Lobt of Smith Co., issued to me in part payment of a debt due me from Republic of Texas, long before I married my wife and can not be considered community property; one and 1/3rd share of land known as Powhatan Claim at mouth of  Dickersons Bayou, 1/3rd of a town site at Spanish Bluffs on Red River conveyed to me by General ? formerly of the place, a lot in town or nearSabine Pass given me by proprietor of the town, a claim against the State Of Texas for $26,000.00 which I wish my exrs. to prosecute with zeal for I know it is just and equitable. My excrs. are to convey Richard Russell of Mecklenburg co., Va. 1/4th of the 1000 acres in Miller and Fishers Colony as soon as he pays 3 bonds for me of $3000.oo each or before if they think proper to do so for I wish to afford him ever facility in securing title to land and discharge contract between us; Land divided into 4 equal parts by Sleicher, the surveyor for the Bexar or San Antonia land district and Russell to draw a lot of the 4--My brother Thomas T. Hunt to take charge of the youth James r. Cooke until he is 21 years old, his father Colonel Cooke, was a particular friend of mine and at his death left his son to my care and guardianship and I wish my brother Thomas T. to do as best can and keep him under his care and from his relatives. I would have given to my brother William Hunt and to my sister Frances Anderson Hunt but they are rich and need nothing I could do for them and I would have given to some of my sisters Nelson children not named in this will, but for having given some of them so large portion of my estate and my relations are not to interfere with my brother Thomas Taylor Hunt as executor--There are 8500 acres in the Region grant that Benjamin S. Ricks of Madison Co., Miss. will make title to anyone my excrs direct, this being my own separate property. 


Excrs: General Thomas Green, John A. Green, Robert Green of Austin, Texas and my brother Thomas Taylor Hunt of Tipton county, Tennessee 

without bond--March 19, 1856.


Witnesses: Abner Lipscomb, Mary P. Lipscomb, Elizabeth T. Howard, E. G. Howard


June 24, 1856--Memucan Hunt formerly of Galveston, Texas, now residing in Haywood Co., Tennessee, transfers the interest in estate which was bequeathed to Memucan Hunt green, son of my niece Elizabeth Green, of Ky. to Archibald D. Hunt of Tipton Co., Tennessee, being 1/4th of a half of my estate; to wife my claim of $26,000 against State of Texas excepting $5000.00 which I give to Elizabeth and Lucy Lipscomb daughters of Abner S. Lipscomb, and also to James Cooke the youth whom I have reared, 1000 acres of land; to my relation John Hunt son of James H. Hunt of Tipton Co., 

Tenn. 1000 acres of land allotted from lands of Millers and Fishers Colony; to my wife all furniture, provisions, housekeeping articles I have with me, my marble bust which was given brother Thomas T. Hunt, and now give under condition she never re-marry and if does then to my brother Thomas T. Hunt; My obligation to my relations to furnish funds for settlement of this estate is now removed--


Excrs: Y. Ganes Lipscomb, John A. Green of Austin, Texas, my brother Thomas Taylor Hunt with Gen. Thomas Green and Robert Green 


Wittinesses: P. C. Nelson, Jas. H. Hunt



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