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Contributed and Transcribed by Harold Lloyd


Will Of Edmond Emery-1825

Transcribed by Harold A. Lloyd

The following original will is in the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, N.C.

I Edmond Emery being in a low state of helth but in a sound and disposing mind do make this my last will and testiment---

Item 1st  my will and desire is that my loving wife Elibeth Emery have all of my lands and property whatsoever after all just debts are paid during  her natural life.  after her death that the said lands and property to be equally divided between Pheabe Murphie and Malinda Arnol--also one hundred Acres of land unto John Emery whereon he now live---

Item 2nd I appoint my wife Elizabeth Emery and my friend Saml Gooch my Executors to this my last will and testiment in witness whereof I have set my hand seal this 5th day of April in the year of our Lord A D Eighteen hundred and twenty five---

Edmund X Emery                                                                                                                           


Sign and seal in                                       

the presents of us


David  X  Beck


Nancy Brogdon


State of North Carolina   )

                                     )  August Court A D 825

Granville County           )

The execution of the foregoing last Will & Testament of Edmond Emery Dec’d was duly proven on oath in open Court by David Beck and Nancy Brogden the ?ing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  at the same time came forward Elizabeth Emery named as the Executrix in said will and duly qualified as such

Step? Sneed


According to the Aug. 1822 Granville County Court Minutes,  Melinda Arnold, daughter of Rebecca Arnold, was bound to Edmund Emory. Shortly before that, Edmund Emery and Bryant Cash, Jr. had served as bondsmen on an August 1820 bastardy bond for Rebecca Arnold.  According to the November 1825 Granville County apprentice docket, both Melinda and Phoebe Murphy were bound to Elizabeth Emory, with Melinda being 7 and Phoebe 12 at the time.

The  North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, N.C. holds John Emory’s original will recorded and filed June 21, 1881.



Will Of John Emory-1877
 Transcribed by Harold A. Lloyd
This original will is in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, N. C.

In the name of God Amen: I John Emory of the County of Granville in the State of North Carolina being of sound mind and disposing memory and considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: that is to say
Item 1st I loan to my beloved wife Elizabeth during her natural life a certain parcel of land beginning at my corner in the County line running a North course Woodlief’s line, thence Israel Lloyd’s line to the Road Then N. to the Little Creek, Thence down the said Creek to my other corner Thence along Hackadays & John Woodliff’s line to the county line thence down the county line to the beginning, being the Western portion of my land and including all my houses. out of my other property She is to have whatever the law allows.
Item 2nd I will unto my daughter Edney C. Mangum twenty dollars in cash.
Item 3rd I will unto my Grand children John H. Chappell, H. R. Chappell & Lucius Emory ten dollars each in cash.
Item 4th It is my will that the remainder of my property of every description be equally divided between H.B. Emory, Eliza J. Mangum, the heirs of Wyatt Emory and John E. Emory, Save one hundred and thirteen dollars and interest on the same from 25th March 1872, Paid by me for him, which I want to go toward said John E Emery’s fourth part of said property.
Item 5th I hereby appoint my son Hinton B. Emory Executor to this my last Will and testament--to execute the same to all intents and purposes. done on this the 7th day of September A.D. 1877.
John X Emory
Jno P. Beck
J.A.J. Robertson
Recorded and filed June 21, 1881
John’s son Wyatt Emory had died earlier on January 28, 1865 in Wake County, N.C. A transcript of Wyatt’s will is on the Wake County Genweb site.
After John’s death litigation followed among his heirs. In the N.C. Archives in Raleigh, N.C. there are copies of pleadings in the following case: Hinton B. Emory Ex. Of Jno Emory Dec’d vs. Theophilus P. Mangum, Eliza J. Mangum his wife, Louella M. Emory, Mary B. Emory, James R. Loyd & Lenora W. Loyd his wife, Frances E. Perry, John E. Emory, Franklin P. Emory, Elijah Evans and Virginia Evans his wife.



William Powell Will-1843
Transcribed & Contributed By Harold A. Lloyd

The following original will is in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, N.C.

In the name of God, Amen. I William Powell of the County of Granville & State of North Carolina being of sound & disposing mind (blessed be God) do this 13th day of January in the year of Our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred & forty three (1843) make, Ordain, publish & declare this my last Will & Testament in manner following, that is to say:

First, I lend to my beloved wife Nancy Powell during her natural life or widowhood all my estate both real & personal (except my tract of land known as the John Hunt tract) and after her death or marriage (as the case may be) I dispose of it in the following manner; viz

2nd. I lend unto my daughter Peggy Hight during her life the tract of land on which I now live containing Two hundred & twenty five Acres, and after her death to be equally divided between her five sons, namely James, Robert, Thomas, Red & Redick Hight. The division to be made by themselves after the death of their mother and the youngest has arrived at the age of twenty-one years. I give her one Negro girl named Catharine to her & the heirs of her body for ever.

3rd. I lend unto my daughter Polly Merritt during her life one Negro man named Jack and after her death to be equally divided between her three daughters, namely Nancy, Fanny & Sally Merritt.

4th. I give unto my grandsons Wm. R & James Powell my John Hunt tract of land, and should either die before he arrives to the age of twentyone years, I wish the survivor to have the whole tract.

5th. I wish the residue of my estate to be equally divided among my grandchildren in the following manner viz. One fourth to the heirs of the body of Peggy Hight, One fourth to the bodily heirs of Polly Merritt, one fourth to the children of James Powell Dec’d and one fourth to Mary Ann Catharine Merritt daughter of Sally Merritt dec’d.

Lastly, I hereby appoint my friend Josiah Crudup & my son in Law Herbert Hight Executors to this my last Will & Testament; made, published & declared the day & year first above written.

Signed, Sealed, published & declared in presence of us, who were present at the time of signing & sealing thereof.

William Powell (Seal)
Graten X Overton Jr.
Andrew Crudup Jr.
Josiah Crudup
William Powell’s will was probated in August 1848.
William Powell’s wife Nancy was apparently a Leeman.
William Powell’s granddaughter Mary Ann Catherine Merritt was the daughter of Sally Powell and Morris Merrit by Morris’s first marriage. Mary Ann Catherine (who went by the name Catherine) married James W. Loyd of Granville County, son of John Loyd and Rebecca Levister of Granville County. Catherine and James moved to Franklin County, N.C. Before James died January 31, 1864 at Camp Holmes, N.C., James and Catherine had had the following children: William Henry Loyd (b. ca. 1856), James Loyd (b. ca. 1856), Edward G. Loyd (b. ca. 1858), Benjamin Loyd (b. ca. 1860) & Emma Laura Loyd (b. ca 1863?). Sources: 1860 Franklin, N.C. Census, 1870 Wake, N.C. Census & other matters of record.


Contributed & Transcribed by Harold A. Lloyd
Henry Sikes Will-1869
The following original will is in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, N.C.

I Henry Sikes of the county of Granville & State of N. Carolina being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertinty of my earthly existance do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first that all my just debts be paid.
Item I loan to my wife Francis Sikes during her life or widowhood the tract of land wheron we now live and improvements containing about one hundred & forty acres all my stock of horses cattle sheep, hogs, all the household and kitchen furniture all the working tools all the produce that may be on hand.

Item 2nd I give to Eliza Emery & her children fifty eight & ¼ acres land Lying & adjoining the lands of Susan long & others.

Item 3rd I give to washing Sikes about Eighty acres of land whereon he now lives called the fletcher land it is to run from the upper corner of the same tract of land south course to a dog wood Ralear? pettyford line line (sic) the land that I have loaned my wife at her death or marriage I give to Harriett Grissom? & Mary Ann Thornton. Willie Thornton is to have the house on where he lives. My son Washing Sikes gave me a bond for fifteen hundred dollars some credit on said bond. The bond was made for old money & confederate money my desire is for the bond to be sealed properly at what it is worth and the Ballance of my children to have enough to make them equal with him in said bond
My desire is for an equal division among my children living of all my cash on hand & all Bonds & accounts
If my wife has more stock than she can manage she has the power to sell stock and divide equally between her & my children
in witness whereof I the said Henry Sikes do herewith set my and seal this 14th January 1869

Henry Sikes (seal)
William Laws
Francis Dent
The will was probated in August 1872, with Frances Sikes renouncing on August 20, 1872 her right to qualify as administrator and recommending A.W. Sikes who was then appointed.
Henry’s wife Francis was Francis H. York, daughter of Thomas York and Mary Finch.
Eliza Emery was Eliza Ellen Sikes, widow of Wyatt Emory who had died at their home in New Light, Wake County January 28, 1865. Eliza and Wyatt’s children included: Francis Elizabeth Emory (b. ca. 1845), Armissa Hellen Emory (b. ca. 1847 & wife of Green Jackson), Lucy Emory (b. ca. 1849), Mary Emory (b. ca. 1851), Virginia Emory (b. ca. 1855 & wife of Elijah Evans), Franklin Pierce Emory (b. ca. 1856), Louella Emory (b. ca. 1858) and Lenora Wyatt Emory (b. before 19 Jan 1864 & wife of James Lloyd).

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