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Transcribed and Contributed By

Leslie Chandler Haralson



Will of Ambrose Jones



Will dated 3 January 1792. Proved November 1792.  Recorded in Will Book 2, p. 320 Granville Co Circuit Clerk's Office, Oxford, NC.  Original at North Carolina State Archives, Box CR.044.801.21. 



I Ambrose Jones of Granville County and state of North Carolina do make my Testament and last will followeth viz:


Imprimis.  I lend to my loving wife CATHARINE JONES during her natural life all my Estate of what nature so ever, and at her death I devise to my son GABRIEL his heirs and assigns for ever a certain part of the land I now live on beginning at my upper line where it crosses Aaron's Creek, thence down the said creek to the mouth of the long Branch thence East a straight line to Charles Harris' line upon his paying in two years after his Mother's death to my executors hereinafter named, two hundred pounds Virginia money which sum I give to my sons, daughters and grandson namely James, Ambrose, Stephen and Reuben, Elizabeth Winfree, Ann Sandford, Phebe Gregory & Peggy Davie, and John Brassie to be equally divided share and share alike.

ITEM.  I bequeath to my grandson John Brassie his heirs and assigns, fifty pounds Virginia money.


ITEM.  The remainder of my estate of what nature or kind so ever I give to my sons and daughters, and my grandson John Brassie to be equally divided share and share alike providing that which ever of my children had an over proportion at a Division I made of part of my negroes between them formerly, they pay to my Executors that over [xxxx] and by them to be paid to those of my children for their deficiency at that Division.

LASTLY.  I appoint my sons James, Stephen and Gabriel executors of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this [evening?] of third day of January Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety two.



/s/ Ambrose Jones


Witnessed by John Brown, George Brown, Thomas Mutter.  Proved at November 1792 Court by John Brown and Thomas Mutter.  Then came Gabriel Jones and Stephen Jones and two of the Executors therein named and qualified agreeable to Law.  Note that James Jones is not among the executors named in court.


Estate File of Ambrose Jones, Sr.


Original estate papers filed at NC state archives, Box CR.044.508.97. 


Item No. 1.  Dated 16 NOV 1799.  Legatees Bond to Each Other for Insolvencies.



Know all men by these presents that we James Jones, Ambrose Jones, Stephen Jones, Reuben Jones, Gabriel Jones, James Winfree, Robert Sandford, Thomas Gregory, William Davie and John Brassie are held and firmly bound unto each other jointly and severally in the full sum of one thousand pounds Virginia money for the payment of which well & truly to be made we bind ourselves and our heirs so sealed with our seals & dated this 16th day of November 1799.


The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the estate of Ambrose Jones deceased hath been exposed to public sale for bond with approved security payable the 25th day of December 1800 & whereas it is possible some insolvencies in the debts may arise Now if any such insolvency doth happen provided each of the above named persons shall well and truly bear an equal portion of the same when the estate is finally settled & paid by the executors then.....[part of page not copied]....witness our hands & seals the day and date above written.  Witness Sterling Yancey, Philip Yancey.



Signed/ The legatees to each other


James Jones


Ambrose Jones


Stephen Jones


Reuben Jones


Gabriel Jones


James Winfree


Robin Sandford (signed by mark, written as Robin and not Robert)


Thomas Grigory


William Davey


John Brassie



Item No. 2.  Dated 8 Nov. 1799.   Consent bond to sell estate.



Know ye that we James Jones, Ambrose Jones, Stephen Jones, Reubin Jones and Gabriel Jones, James Winfree, Robert Sandford, Thomas Gregory, William Davie and John Brassie legatees agreeable to the will of Ambrose Jones deceased, do hereby certify that we have mutually agreed & consented & by these presents do mutually agree & consent to expose the estate of Ambrose Jones deceased to publick sale next Wednesday it being the 13th of this inst. on a a twelve month credit the purchasers giving bond with approved security & we also do mutually agree & consent to divide the estate of the said decedent subsequent to the above named sale agreeable to the will of the said Ambrose Jones, dec'd & strictly agreeable to the [xxx] of a Relinquishment of Catharine Jones widow & relict of the said Ambrose Jones, dec'd given & executed by her on the 7th of this inst. wherein she has made over & relinquished all her right & title to a loaned estate as specified in the will of the said deceased.  All the above we do mutually agree & consent to as witness our hands & seals this 8th day of Nov. 1799.  Witnessed by Sterling Yancey and signed by all parties their signature except Robert  Sandford who signs by mark.



[NOTE:  The will of Catharine Jones is dated 7 November 1799 naming same heirs as will of Ambrose Jones.  Don't have date proved.  Will is recorded in Granville County, Will Book 5, pp. 97-98.  Original on file at NC state archives, needs to be examined]


[NOTE:  Stephen Jones and Gabriel Jones, executors of Ambrose Jones, deceased, make sale to Robert Puryear 15 NOV 1799, Granville Deed Book Q, p. 336.  Not examined.  Probably for the land on Aaron's Creek].

Item No. 3.  Inventory of Estate and Account of Estate Sale.  Inventory is not dated and was prepared by Stephen and Gabriel Jones, executors.  Sale was held Nov. 13, 14, 15 & 16th of November 1799.  The inventory and account of sales are difficult to read and copies are sometimes cut off.


Some items of Interest in the Inventory:

Negro Men:  Cashay, Sam & Philip


Negro Women:  Lucy, Jemima, Hogar, Jun, Little Lucy, Rachel, Stacey


Boys Names: Roger, Gillburd, Randol, Dick, Charles, Henry, Joseph, Edmond, Ambrose


Negro Girls:  Fanny, Amey, Sarah, Nansy, Matilday, Jean, Rosannah


Seven horses and two colts of last spring


One colt two years old last spring


49 black cattle


60 hogs


16 pigs


25 sheep


one black smiths anvil


one copper still & pistol worm


14 chairs


2 tables


six feather beds & furniture


five bedsteads


4 shot guns


2 men's saddles


1 pair of saddle bags


3 bridles


4 bridle bits


misc. carpentry tools


2 large bibles and 1 small bible


1 prayer book


Bailey's Dictionary ("dicksionary")


Buchanon's Medicine ("Buchanon medason")


Confession of Faith


Durhon on xxxxx


Stackhouse "Duty of Man"


Olney Lymans' "xxxx Sermons")


The Afflicted Man's Companion


Accounts due from Rev. George Muhlejohn?, Ruben Jones, Barlett Ellot, Joseph Blank, John Smith, Thomas Gregory.

People purchasing items at the estate sale:




1.  Name blacked out on copy                     40.   Robert Jones


2.  James Winfree                                41.   Young C. Pool


3.  William Davie                                 42.    John Thomas


4.   Cotane Ulmstead                             43.    Mark Wilson


5.  David Winfree                                44.   John Adams


6.  Henry Hayes                                 45.   xxxx Yancey


7.  Robert Puryear                               46.  Bennet Tuck


8.  Thomas Bicks


9.   George Traylor


10.  Nicholas Childers


11.  Gabriel Jones (large purchaser)


12.  John Wilkerson


13.  Thomas Mutter


14.  Phillip Yancey, Sr.


15.  Edward Jones


16.  Benjamin Cotman


17.  Robert Hester


18.  Allin Harris


19.  Zachariah Pinson


20.  James Jones


21.  George Turner


22.  John Blackwell


23.  Edward Tuck


24.  William Ellinson


25.  Benjamin Jones


26.  John Willis


27.  John Loftes


28.   John P. Pool


29.  John Graves


30   xxxxx P. Pool


31.  Robert Sandford


32.  Robert xxxxx


33.  William Dixon


34.  William Harris


35.  Sandford Dixon


36. John Brassie


37. Stephen Jones


38. Ambrose Jones, Jr.


39.  Robert Jones


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