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Letters from Smith Family papers
of the Johnston, Hugh Buckner Collection at the NC State Archives.


Paulette Smith  has acquired a number of pages from the Smith Family papers in connection with her Smith family research and has generously transcribed a number of items to share with other Granville Co., North Carolina researchers.  This is indeed a great contribution, expertly transcribed,  from a primary source and we thank Paulette for making them available to us.


Smith 1 - Letter Fragment - Henry LYNCH, SATTERWHITE, Thos. PERSON

Smith 2 - Letter Fragment - COLSON, BRACKSTON, MORRIS, WORDON

Smith 3 - Letter Fragment - Wm HILLIARD

Smith 4 - Letter from W. FENWICK of Richmond, VA to Wm SMITH of Granville Co., NC including an acct sheet of other Granville Co., residents

Smith 5 - Letter from Charles R. EATON to Wm SMITH

Smith 6 - Letter from John R. EATON to Wm SMITH

Smith 7 - Letter from John ALEXANDER to Wm SMITH

Smith 8 - Letter from John R. EATON to his sister Lethe SMITH

Smith 9 - Letter from Robert BURTON to Wm SMITH

Smith 10 - Letter from Robert BURTON to Wm SMITH pertaining to land

Smith 11 - Letter from Samuel CLAY to Wm SMITH

Smith 12 - Letter from BROWN & MUTTER to Wm SMITH

Smith 13 - Torn letter fragment from John BAIRD to Maj. John R. EATON

Smith 14 - Letter from Osborn JEFFREYS, Jr. to cousin Wm SMITH
Smith 15 - Letter from James VAUGHAN to Wm SMITH

Smith 16 - Letter from Thomas HUNT to Wm SMITH

Smith 17 - Letter from Wm SMITH to Mr. KITTREL

Smith 18 - Letter from P HINNETEAR to Wm SMITH esq.

Smith 19 - Letter from Wm SMITH (noting Col. EATON)

Smith 20 - Letter from Anthony SALE to Mrs. Wm SMITH of Warren Co.

Smith 21 - Ledger Notes on tattered paper

Smith 22 - John GRAVES bond

Smith 23 - Ledger fragment (Wm SMITH papers)

Smith 24 - Legal Notes of Wm SMITH

Smith 25 - Letter from H W BANKS to Wm SMITH

Smith 26 - Letter fragment mentioning Genl ROBARDS

Smith 27 - Letter fragment mentioning Col BURTON & James [SMITH]

Smith 28 - Thomas LEWIS Guardianship Bond

Smith 29 - Sale of Land by Wm SMITH to Samuel HOGG, John HOGG, and Wm

Smith 30 - Letter fragment from James HAMILTON

Smith 31 - Report of Miss M SMITH

Smith 32 - Inventory listing Wm SMITH & John JOHNSON

Smith 33 - Note from Wm SMITH listing Robert RAINEY & Wm BASKERVILLE

Smith 34 - Expense Lists of Wm SMITH and David GRAVES

Smith 35 - Receipt from W. BASKERVILLE