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Baird Family Bible

Data from the family Bible of John Baird, son of William Baird, previously  owned by Dr. Campbell Baird of Mt. Airy, Virginia and transcribed by Mrs. Betsy Baird Booker of Oxford,  North Carolina who married a descendant  of Nathaniel Baird.


William Baird and married Jane Henry Gilliam, February 9, 1804.

Thomas P. Atkins and and Mary Harrison Baird were married on Thursday the 27th of January 1820.

John Baird and Mary Ann Jane Bolling were married October 5th 1826 by Rev. Benjamin Rice.

Henry Baird and Ann P. H. Atkinson were married on Thursday the 19th of May 1831 by Rev. Panick.


Mary Harrison Baird was born on Wednesday the 12th of December 1804, 20 minutes of  3 o'clock in the morning. 

Jane Ann Baird  was born on Tuesday the 2nd of April 1806 at 20 minutes after 6 o'clock in the morning.

John Baird was born on the 11th of October 1807 at 4 o'clock on Sunday.

William Baird was born on Sunday the 16th of July 1809 at 11 o'clock in the morning.

William Ruffin Baird was born own Wednesday the 16th of January 1811 at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Nathaniel Harrison Baird was born on Thursday morning the 12th of March 1812 at 4:30.

James Dunlap Baird was born on Thursday the 25th of August 1813 at 4 o'clock in the evening.

Benjamin Rice Baird was born on Monday the 10th of April 1815 at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Carter Pleasant Baird was born on Wednesday the 11th of December 1816 at 7 o'clock in the morning.

Donald McKenzie Baird, Wednesday 10th June 1818.

James Gilliam Baird the 31st of August 1819 at 6 o'clock in the morning Tuesday.

Thomas Atkinson Baird was born on Sunday the 14th of January 1821 at 11.

William Henry Baird was born the 10th of April 11 minutes after eight in the morning, A. D.   1828.

John Bolling Baird was born the 5th of July 1829.

Thomas Shore Baird was born the 3rd of October 1830.

Mary A. J. Baird, wife of John Baird was born the 16th of February 1809.

Nancy B. Baird, wife of Nathaniel H. Baird was born the 4th of October 1812.


Jane Ann Baird died on Monday the 2nd of November 1807 between 11 and 12 o'clock at night, aged 19 months.  Sermon preached by Dr. Syme.

Jane Gilliam Baird died on Monday the 18th of October at 6 o'clock in the evening.  Age, six weeks and six days.  Sermon preached by Mr. Pacely from Rev.17th chapter and 9th verse.

Carter Pleasant Baird died on Monday the 14th of August little after 3 o'clock  in the day.  Aged 3 years and eight months.  Sermon preached by the Rev. Benjamin M. Rice   from the book of Job  1st chapter, 21 verse.

Mrs. Jane Henry Baird died on Friday morning the 24th of May, 1822 at 20 minutes after 8 o'clock.  Sermon preached by the Rev. John Witherspoon from Cor. 15 chapter and 26th verse.

James Dunlap Baird died (no date)

John Bolling Baird son of  John and Mary Baird died the 25th of June 1830.

William Baird died the 11th off September one half past 10 o'clock 1857.

Mary A. J. Baird wife of John Baird died at 2 o'clock Tuesday morning, June 2nd 1862.

Nancy B. Baird dear wife of Nathaniel B. Baird died at 15 minutes after 9 o'clock Friday morning June 12, 1863.

Margaret Reade daughter of Thomas Hill Reade and Nancy J. Pannell, married William Baird who was one of the eight sons of  William Baird and Jane Henry Gilliam of Prince George County, Virginia. The progenitor  of the Baird family in Virginia  was John Baird of Scotland who came to Petersburg from Glasgow  prior to 1772 and who married Mary Harrison. Their  second son was Dr. William Baird born January 27, 1772 and who married Jane Henry Gilliam. (Above).  The oldest son of John Baird and Mary Harrison was named Jack.  The brothers of Dr. William Baird who married Margaret Reade were, John, Henry, Nathaniel, James Dunlap, Benjamin Rice, Carter Pleasant, Donald Mackenzie, sisters: Mary Harrison, Jane Ann.


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