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Military Burials found in the cemeteries on this website.

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Other Cemeteries of Haywood Co. Interest
Do you know of a cemetery outside of Haywood Co. that has burials of former Haywood Co. residents? Please submit the information and url to the Haywood ACC, Jo Branch <bjcb.xx ATgmail.com>.
Darrington Cem. (Snohomish County, Washington) Courtesy of the WAGenWeb
>>>List of gravesites marked as NC at the Darrington Cem.
Birdtown Cem., Swain Co. NC.
>>>On the Cherokee Indian Reservation, numerous Haywood Co. burials.

Cemeteries marked "fag" are linked to at Find-a-Grave

Those cemeteries marked "not ind." have only a few gravesite photos available.

Allison, Beantown Cem. Jonathan
>>>Allison Cem. (fag)  
not ind.
Allison, Shady Grove Cem. Beantown Rd, Hemphill Sec.
Antioch Baptist Church Cem. (fag) Iron Duff
not ind.
Arrington Cem. (fag) Waynesville
not ind.
Beaverdam Baptist Church Cem. (fag)  
not ind.
Beaverdam Community Cem. (fag) aka Beaverdam Methodist Church Cem. Canton
Belmont Church Cem. (fag) aka Robert Newton Rogers Cem.  
Bethel Community Cem. (fag) Bethel  
Bethel United Methodist Church Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Bon-a-Venture Cem. (fag) Canton  
Bon-a-Venture Cem., old (fag) West Canton  
Boyd Family Cem. Jonathan  
Boyd Cem., (fag) Jonathan Creek  
Bradleys Cem. (fag) aka Sutton Town Baptist Church Cem. Suttonville  
Brendle Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Brown Cem. (fag) Jonathan  
Brown Cem., old (fag) Jonathan  
Brown's Chapel (fag) Canton  
Buchanan Cem. Waynesville  
>>>Buchanan Cem. (fag)    
Burnett Siding Cem. (fag) aka Lake Logan Cem. Also see Lake Logan (onsite) Burnett Siding  
Burress Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Caldwell Cem. #1 Jonathan  
>>>Caldwell Cem. (fag)    
Carson Messer Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Carver Cem.    
Center Pigeon Baptist Church Cem (fag)    
Chandler Family Cem. (fag)    
Clark Cem. (fag)    
Clark Chapel Cem. (fag)    
Clark Family Cem. (fag)    
Conard Family Burial site (fag) aka Shoebox Cem. Maggie Valley  
Cove Creek Cem. (fag) Cove Creek  
Crawford Memorial Park (fag) Waynesville  
Crawford/Ray Memorial Gardens (fag) Clyde  
Cruso Cem. (fag) aka New Cruso Cem. Bethel  
Davis Cemetery (fag) Jonathan  
Davis Chapel Cem. Iron Duff  
Davis Family Cem. (fag) Canton  
Dawn Memory Garden (fag)    
Dellwood Cem. Dellwood  
Dix Hill Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Dock Caldwell Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Ferguson Cem. (fag)    
Finchers Chapel Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Fines Creek Memorial Baptist Cem. aka Hiram Rogers Cem. Clyde  
Fines Creek Memorial Methodist Cem. Fines Creek  
Fisher Family Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Franklin - Carver Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Fulbright Cem. (fag) Lake Junaluska  
Garrett Cem.    
>>>Garrett Cem. (fag)    
Garrett Hillcrest Memorial Park (fag) Waynesville  
Gibsontown Cem. Gibsontown  
Glavich Family Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Grace Memorial Gardens (fag) Waynesville  
Green Family Cem. (fag)    
Green Family Cem. #2 (fag)    
Green Hill Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Gwyn Cem. (fag)    
H. D. Burris gravesite (fag) Cataloochee  
Hall Cem. (fag)    
Hannah Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Harrell Cem. (fag)    
Harrison Ferguson Family Cem. (fag) Fines Creek  
Haynes Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Haynes Family Cem. (fag) Canton  
Henry Cem. Maggie Valley  
>>>Henry Cem. (fag) aka John Henry Cem.    
Henson Cem. (fag) Bethel  
Hicks Cem. (fag)    
Hiram Caldwell Cem. Cataloochee  
>>>Hiram Caldwell Cem. (fag)    
Hopkins Cem. (fag)    
Horizon Mausoleum at Crawford (fag) aka Ray Memorial Garden Clyde  
Howell Cem. (fag)    
Hunter Family Cem. (fag)    
Hurricane View Cem. (fag)    
Hyatt Creek Cem. Waynesville  
>>>Hyatt Creek Freewill Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
Hyder Mountain Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Inman Chapel Union Church Cem. Retreat  
>>>Inman Chapel Union Church Cem. (fag)    
Jarrett Cem. (fag) Canton  
Justice Red Hill School Cem. (fag) Canton  
Kierstead Family Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Lake Logan Cem. includes Burnet Siding Cem. Canton  
>>>Lake Logan Cem. aka Sunburst Cem.    
Lawson Jenkins Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Leatherwood Cem. (fag)    
Ledford Cem. (fag) aka Pine Grove Cem. Fines Creek  
Lewis Moody Cem.    
Liberty Baptist Cem.    
Little Cataloochee Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Locust Field (fag)    
Lone Grave (fag) Cataloochee  
Longs Community Cem. (fag) Canton  
Lowe Family Cem. (fag) Maggie Valley  
Macedonia Church Cem. (fag)    
Maple Grove Cem. Waynesville  
>>>Maple Grove Cem. (fag) aka Turpins Chapel Cem.    
Maple Springs Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Massie Cem. (fag)    
Matt Cem. aka Matt Caldwell Cem. Jonathan  
McCarson Cem. (fag)    
McClure Cem. (fag) Clyde  
McCracken Family Cem. (fag) Canton  
Medford Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Messer Cem. Clyde  
Messer Family Cem. #1 (fag) Jonathan  
Michal Family Cem. (fag) Canton  
Moody Cem. (fag)    
Morning Star Cem. (fag) Canton  
Mount Sterling Cem. (fag)    
Mount Zion Baptist Church Cem. Canton  
Mount Zion United Methodist Church Cem. (fag) Crabtree  
Negro Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Newell Family Cem. (fag) Fines Creek  
Newfound Gap Cem. (fag)    
Noland Cem. (fag) Panther Creek  
North Canton Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
North Canton Community Cem. (fag) aka Henderson Cem. Canton  
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Old Thickerty Cem. (fag) Clyde (Note: These appear to be the same cemetery, but there are a couple of names in the small one that are not listed in the large one.  
Old Thickerty Cem. (fag)
Owens Family Cem. (fag)    
Owens Family Cem. 01 (fag)    
Owens Family Cem. 03 (fag)    
Oxner Cem. (fag)    
Palmer Family Cem. #1 (fag) Cataloochee  
Palmer Family Cem. #2 (fag) Cataloochee  
Panther Creek Baptist Church Cem. (fag) Panther Creek  
Parkers Chapel Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Parks Cem. Jonathan  
Patton Cem. (fag) West Canton  
Penland Family Cem. (fag)    
Pilkington Hill Cem. (fag)    
Pine Grove Cem. (fag) Fines Creek  
Pine Grove Cem. Canton  
Piney Grove Methodist Church Cem. (fag)    
Piney Mountain Cem. (fag)    
Plains United Methodist Church Cem. (fag) Canton  
Pleasant Hill Cem. (fag) Clyde  
Plott Cem. (fag) Saunook  
Plott Creek Cem. (fag) aka Grace Plott Cem.    
Plott Family Cem. #3 aka Plott - Turner Cem. and Turner Cem. Maggie Valley  
Quinn Cem. (fag)    
Ratcliffe Cove Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Rathbone Family Cem. (fag) Fines Creek  
Redbank Cem. (fag)    
Redmond Family Cem. (fag) Fines Creek  
Reeves Cem. (fag)    
Rice-Owens Cem. Jonathan Creek  
Rich Hill Cem. (fag) aka Rich Family Cem. Maggie Valley  
Riverside Cem. (fag) aka Riverside Baptist Church Cem.
Robert Newton Rogers Cem. (fag) aka Belmont Church Cem., Newton Rogers Cem.    
Robert Palmer Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Rock Island Cem., IL (Haywood Co. men)    
Rocky Branch Baptist Church Cem. Waynesville  
>>>Rocky Branch Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
Rogers Cove Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Roundhill Cem. Jonathan Creek  
Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Cem. (fag) Canton  
Saint Margaret Cem. (fag) Maggie Valley  
Setzer Family Cem. (fag) Maggie Valley  
Shady Grove United Methodist Church Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Sheepback Mountain Cem. (fag) Maggie Valley  
Shelton and Caldwell Cem. (fag) Cataloochee  
Smathers Cem. (fag) 2 gravesites.  
Smathers Cem. (fag) West Canton  
Smokey Cove Cem. (fag)    
Springhill Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
Sugar Cove Cem. (fag) Waynesville  
Sunny Point Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
Sutton and Franklin Cem. (fag) Suttontown  
Sutton and McGehee (fag) Cataloochee  
Sutton - Caldwell Family Cem. (fag)    
Sutton Cem. (fag) Mount Sterling  
Teague Cem. (fag)    
Thad Rogers Cem. (fag)    
Trull Cem. (fag) Canton  
Turner Cem. (fag) Maggie Valley  
Tweed Family Cem. (fag)    
Upper Crabtree Community Cem. (fag)    
Waynesville Cem. (fag) Tuscola Park  
Webster Cem. (fag)    
West Canton/Phillipsville Community Cem.(fag) Sunset Circle, West Canton  
White Oak Baptist Church Cem. (fag)    
Woodland Cem. (fag) Clyde; No gravesites listed.  
Yarbough Cem. (fag) No gravesites listed.  
List of Cemeteries and their Location

Bon-A-Venture Cemetery, -- Crawford Memorial Gardens

Crawford/Ray Memorial Gardens, Hwy 19-23, Clyde, 627-2292

Dawn Memory Garden Fulbright Cemetery -- Haynes Cemetery -- Hillcrest Memorial Gardens -- McClure Cemetery -- Medford Cemetery -- Palmer Cemetery -- Pleasant Hill Cemetery -- Ratcliffe Cove Cemetery -- Reeves Cemetery -- Upper Crabtree Cemetery -- Yarbough Cemetery

Bon-A-Venture Cemetery, 2063 Newfound Rd, Canton, 648-3361 -- Clark Cemetery -- Hall Cemetery -- Henderson Cemetery -- Locust Hill -- Patton Cemetery -- Smathers Cemeteries -- Smathers Cemetery
Caldwell Cemetery
Caldwell Cemetery -- Clark Cemetery -- Hannah Cemetery -- Hannah Cemetery -- Harrell Cemetery -- Hicks Cemetery -- Hunter Cemetery -- Redman Cemetery -- Sutton Cemetery -- Sutton Cemetery -- Teague Cemetery
Quinn Cemetery
Brown Cemetery - Davis Cemetery -- Garrett Cemetery -- Howell Cemetery -- Leatherwood Cemetery -- Moody Cemetery -- Owen Cemetery - Roundhill Cemetery
Ferguson Cemetery -- Haynes Cemetery - Hiram Rogers Cemetery -- Jarrett Cemetery -- Ledford Cemetery -- Newton Rogers Cemetery -- Noland Cemetery -- Pine Grove Cemetery -- Thad Rogers Cemetery
Plott Cemetery -- Redbank Cemetery
Germany Cove, Hemphill section

Allison Cemetery There are two Allison family cemeteries in the Jonathan Creek area. 1) Above the old Rock Hill Baptist Church. Also a few Caldwell's buried there. This one is listed in a book of cemeteries. Can't remember where I copied it, maybe state archives in Raleigh?????

2) Hemphill area off US-276 west. Red Maple Ln. to Higher Ground Ridge. Buried there is Joshua H. Allison, b. 3-2-1845, d. 2-22-1935 buried there. Also some Howells. Submitted by Charles & Teresa Allison
Boyd Cemetery Rice-Owens Cemetery Carver Cemetery

Parks Cemetery
Sutton--Caldwell Cemetery

Maple Grove Methodist-between Waynesville and Lake Junalaska

Green Hill Cemetery -- Garrett-Hillcrest Cemetery, 886 Russ Ave,Waynesville, 456-5030

Buchanan Cemetry located on what is now Pinewood Drive. It was Buchanan Cemetry Rd before 911 Change. The trailer beside this cemetry has 166 Pinewood Dr as the address.

Sunburst Cemetery is on the Champion Paper mill property Burnett Siding Baptist Church Cemetery - cemetery is not right with church, would advise watching and preparing for snakes

Fulbright Cemetry in Rogers Cove, Lake Junaluska

Unnamed Cemetery on the Jonathan Creek side of Utah Mountain in Haywood County that few people know about, it is a little cemetery that has no markers. Used to be field rock markers but they are probably gone by now. The cemetery is on property that once belonged to my great grand father. It can be seen from the Jonathan Creek road. There are Wyatt's, Buff's and others buried in this cemetery.

Iron Duff isn't really a town, just a mountain farming community in a pretty valley. Not sure if it even has a post office any more. The area was settled pretty early. The churches with cemeteries, Iron Duff Baptist and

Davis Chapel Methodist, are both in the heart of the valley and easily spotted. Davis Chapel is white frame and sits up on a knoll. Iron Duff Baptist is a new red brick structure (replacing the old frame building which burned a few years ago.

Riverside Cemetary just off Lake Logan Rd., on Inman Branch Rd.
Lake Logan Cemetery
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A listing of Haywood Co. cemeteries from HomeTown Locator

Bon-A-Venture Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Caldwell Cemetery (onsite reading)
Clark Cemetery
Crawford Memorial Gardens
Davis Cemetery (onsite reading)
Dawn Memory Garden
Ferguson Cemetery
Fines Creek Cemetery (onsite reading)
Fines Creek Memorial Baptist Church
(onsite reading)
Fulbright Cemetery
Garrett Cemetery
Green Hill Cemetery
Hall Cemetery
Hannah Cemetery
Hannah Cemetery
Harrell Cemetery
Haynes Cemetery
Haynes Cemetery
Henderson Cemetery
Hicks Cemetery
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens
Hiram Rogers Cemetery
Howell Cemetery
Hunter Cemetery
Jarrett Cemetery
Leatherwood Cemetery
Ledford Cemetery
Longs Cemetery
McClure Cemetery
Medford Cemetery
Moody Cemetery (onsite reading)
Mount Zion Cemetery (onsite reading)
Newton Rogers Cemetery
Noland Cemetery
Owen Cemetery (Rice-Owens Cem., onsite reading)
Palmer Cemetery
Panther Creek Cemetery
Patton Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery (onsite reading)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Plott Cemetery (onsite reading)
Quinn Cemetery
Ratcliffe Cove Cemetery
Redbank Cemetery
Redman Cemetery
Reeves Cemetery
Rocky Branch Cemetery (onsite reading)
Roundhill Cemetery (onsite reading)
Smathers Cemeteries
Smathers Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery
Sutton Cemetery
Sutton Cemetery
Teague Cemetery
Thad Rogers Cemetery
Upper Crabtree Cemetery
Yarbough Cemetery