Parks Cemetery
Coleman Mountain Road
Haywood County, NC

Index of those buried in Parks Cemetery.
Allison, Laura
Coleman, Mary Francis
Franklin, ??
Franklin, Isaac C.
Franklin, Mary Francis Coleman
Howell, Fannie Owen
Norris, Early M.
Norris, Fred A.
Norris, Maria Christine
Norris, Mary Louisa
Norris, Martha Earnestine
Norris, Troy Thomas
Owen, Fannie
Owen, Horace G
Owen, Laura A. (Leatherwood)
Owen, M. Elizabeth
Owen, Pearl Shuford
Owen, W.H.(Wm. Humphrey)
Parks, Louisa R.
Parks, Jas.
Parks, James A.
Shuford, Pearl
This cemetery is located on Coleman Mountain Road in Haywood County, NC.
To reach this cemetery, take Hwy. 276 down Jonathan's Creek towards I-40 and Tennessee. Take a left onto Coleman Mountain Road. The cemetery is on the right on top of a small hill and must be watched very carefully for.
This cemetery is fenced and is quite overgrown with weeds and briars, but no woody growth. Along the fence are huge slabs of wood with barrel tops nailed to them presumably as seats at funeral services and Decoration ceremonies. The back portion of this fairly large cemetery appears to be unused, or is so old that all traces of the graves have vanished.
This cemetery appears to be a very, very old cemetery and not used very much in recent years. There is no gate into the pasture which surrounds the cemetery, so the fence must be crawled through or over. All visitors should be careful to refasten the gate which opens into the cemetery securely.
There are several deep sunken places in this cemetery, so all visitors should be careful of falling.
This cemetery contains approximately 25-30 graves marked only with fieldstones or unreadable stones and funeral home markers.
Double Headstone
Troy Thomas Norris
Maria Christine Norris
1927-no death date

Mary Louisa Norris
April 29, 1933
November 19, 1947

Double Headstone
Fred A. Norris
Early M.Norris

Martha Earnestine Norris
March 18, 1924
August 20, 1924

no information on stone
3 fieldstone markers in front of large headstone.

Double Headstone
Issac C. Franklin
August 11, 1871
June 22, 1947
His wife
Mary Francis Coleman Franklin
December 20, 1869
April 14, 1934

Double-arched Granite Monument
Horace G. Owen
August 3, 1882
October 27, 1918
Pearl Shuford
wife of
Horace G. Owen
May 2, 1891
October 27, 1918

Double Headstone
W.H. (Wm. Humphrey) Owen
February 10, 1837
August 18, 1918
Laura A. (Leatherwood) Owen
November 16, 1848
October 24, 1935

Fannie Owen Howell
wife of
R.B. Howell
July 2, 1891
November 3, 1918

M. Elizabeth Owen
September 5, 1877
July 6, 1916

Tall Marble Column
Louisa R.
wife of Jas. Parks
October 26, 1830
November 16, 1885
Jas. Parks
November 22, 1810
March 1, 1897

James A. Parks
November 16, 1855
April 12, 1945



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