Hiram Caldwell Cemetery

Index of Persons Buried in Hiram Caldwell Cemetery

Beck, Addie Sutton
Beck, Thomas Zeke
Caldwell, Addie
Caldwell, Annie Sutton
Caldwell, Elizabeth Ann
Caldwell, Jessie F.
Caldwell, John L.
Caldwell, Levi
Caldwell, Tommy C.
Rose, Addie Caldwell
Rose, James Filete
Sutton, Addie
Sutton, Annie
Sutton, Ellen Louise
Sutton, Essie M.
Sutton, Lester A.
Sutton, Joseph R., Jr.
Sutton, Terry R.
Sutton, Verlie M.

This cemetery is located in the Utah Mountain section of Haywood County, NC. To reach this cemetery, take Hwy. 276 down Jonathan's Creek toward I-40 and Tennessee. From Hwy. 276, take Utah Mountain Road on the right and then Country Lane Road on the ledt. The cemetery is on the top of the hill and easily visible from Utah Mountain Road.
The cemetery is very well maintained and is fenced. The cemetery is inside a pasture so all visitors should be very careful to fasten all gates securely.

Essie M. Sutton
February 12, 1916
September 27, 1987
double headstone
Thad L. Sutton
April 10, 1915
no death date

Ellen Louise
daughter of
Mr. & Mrs.T.L. Sutton
July 11, 1943
July 15, 1943

Joseph R. Sutton, Jr.
June 21, 1959
June 21, 1959

Levi Caldwell
May 1, 1873
April 16, 1957

Thomas Zeke Beck
November 28, 1939
February 5, 1993
double headstone
Addie Sutton Beck
January 15, 1942
no death date

military marker for:
Thomas Zeke Beck
Pvt. US Army
November 28, 1939
February 5, 1993

Terry R. Sutton
October 18, 1953
no death date

Lester A. Sutton
August 23, 1945 triple headstone
January 12, 1992

Verlie M. Sutton
September 25, 1930
no death date

Elizabeth Ann Caldwell
June 17, 1964
June 17, 1964

military marker for:
Tommy C. Caldwell
North Carolina
September 3, 1925
January 10, 1950

Jessie F. Caldwell
North Carolina
Master Sargent
23rd Armored Infantry Battalion
October 6, 1919
January 9, 1950

***note***Tommy C. & Jessie F. Caldwell were brothers who were killed
in an accident on Jonathan's Creek when their car ran under a tractor-trailer rig.***

John L. Caldwell
February 9, 1875
March 1, 1942
double headstone
Annie Sutton Caldwell
March 24, 1875
November 7, 1963

James Filete Rose
April 19, 1907
December 29, 1967
double headstone
Addie Caldwell Rose
December 17. 1900
June 5, 1990



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