Allison Cemetery at Shady Grove
Beantown Rd.
Hemphill Section
Haywood County, NC

From US-19 South, turn right onto US-276 North, (Jonathan Creek).
Go 4 miles to the Good Samaritan Baptist Church, (formerly Rock Hill School),
Turn left on Joe Carver Rd. Go 2/10 mi., turn left on Beantown Rd.
Go 4/10 mi. to the "Here's Hope Hispanic Mission/Hay Esperanza".
Turn right on Pinto Place which goes up behind the church 2/10 mile to the cemetery which is on the right

(directions courtesy of Mr. Charles M. Allison of Haywood County)

There is a small fenced cemetery on the left and the larger cemetery on the right. Originally both were part of the same cemetery, but since they have been separated, I am recording them as separate cemeteries. I am calling the small, fenced cemetery the Messer Cemetery at Shady Grove because it contains only Messer graves.

The Allison Cemetery at Shady Grove contains the graves of many members of the Allison family who died during a typhoid epidemic when all members of the family were quarantined in their homes in the Shady Grove community. Later, some of the Allison graves were moved to a large, perpetual care cemetery.

This cemetery has been well cared for and maintained. There were flowers on every grave whether there was a readable marker or not

The majority of the graves are marked only by fieldstones or have no marker at all. Some are marked with funeral home markers which are no longer readable.

This cemetery contains 28 identifiable graves.

Nathan Melton Messer
February 24, 1891
September 7, 1947

Juliah Caldwell

Grady Kinsland
son of
Charles G. & Elizabeth Caldwell
January 26, 1919
December 5, 1923

John H. Caldwell

Plot marker/Headstone
names and dates are on footstones

Meek H. Allison
Mary F. Moody
wife of
Meek H. Allison

David Cassius Allison
December 5, 1879
April 24, 1921

Maggie Parilee
daughter of
M. H. & M. F. Allison
December 8, 1895
March 19, 1916

Lucius Theodore
son of
M. H. & M. F. Allison
July 19, 1881
May 13, 1916

Georgie Sutton
July 13, 1919
April 25, 1943

Elizabeth R. Meadows
December 24, 1882
April 18, 1972

Baxter Fate Meadows
October 28, 1870
October 12, 1962

Maud Caldwell
wife of
W. L. Kuykendall
October 19, 1885
June 27, 1911

William Lydia Kuykendall

T. M. Kuykendall
March 7, 1886
August 18, 1907

Mollie Joe Caldwell
June 18, 1883
April 28, 1952

Parilee S. Allison
wife of
F. M. Caldwell
March 12, 1853
July 28, 1918


Aseoph E. Allison
**there appears to have been another footstone
here at an earlier time**

Cicero David Howell Plot

Cicero David Howell
November 16, 1864
October 14, 1899

Clara Ellen Ferguson
wife of
Cicero David Howell
February 15, 1854
March 16, 1933

Ellis J. Howell
September 24, 1856
October 23, 1925
Mary Lula Vinson Howell
November 5, 1858
March 9, 1946

Caywood Bonner Howell

Infant daughter of
Rev. & Mrs. T. A. Groce
March, 1910

Dr, David A. Boyd
son of
John A. & Rebecka J. Boyd
March 10, 1878
March 5, 1903

Willtson Singleton
November 24, 1907
March 19, 1909

Unknown Grave

Unknown Grave

Funeral Home Marker

Unknown Grave

Unknown Grave

Unknown Grave

Unknown Grave

Funeral Home Marker

Funeral Home Marker

Unknown Graves

Unknown Graves

Allison Plot

Allison Plot



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(c) This cemetery was surveyed on August 9, 2001 by Rebecca Howell