Garrett Cemetery
Utah Mountain Road
Haywood County, NC

This cemetery is located on Utah Mountain Road in Haywood County, NC.
To reach this cemetery take Hwy. 276 down Jonathan's Creek toward I-40 and Tennessee.
Take Utah Mountain Road on the right and go to the second driveway on the left. The cemetery is located in a pasture to the left of the driveway and is visible from the road.
This cemetery is well cared for and maintained. Many of the tombstones are broken, but are lying on the top of the ground at their original location. The cemetery is fenced as is the pasture. All visitors should be very careful to make sure that all gates are securely fastened.
While in this cemetery, the visitor can look directly to his or her left and see the hilltop which contains what is left of the Old Roundhill Cemetery which is now so overgrown as to be impenetrable.

*This small family cemetery contains an inordinate number of infant graves. *

Index of names listed in this cemetery.

Bennett, Florence
Davis, Annaliza E.
Garrett, Elizabeth M.
Garrett, Elisabeth Stevens
Garrett, Florence Bennett
Garrett, Fred Roger
Garrett, George G.
Garrett, Homer F.
Garrett, Infant son
Garrett, Infant daughter
Garrett, Lydia Mae
Garrett, Martha Jane
Garrett, Samuel Hugh
Garrett, William G. B. (Green Berry)
Garrett, W.F.
Howell, Eva J.
Howell, Helen Faye
Howell, Infant son
Howell, Lizzie Lenoir
Stevens, Elisabeth

W.F. Garrett
May 28, 1851
October 4, 1915

Tall Column Marker

**Union soldier**
William G. B. Garrett
April 9, 1819
March 7, 1905
Martha Jane
wife of
W.G.B. Garrett
August 12, 1821
January 23, 1884

Infant Marker
Fred Roger
son of
G.C. & F.L. Garrett
May 15, 1903
January 15, 1904
Age: 8 months

Infant Marker

Infant son of
G.G. & L.M. Garrett
born and died
February 3, 1893

Infant Marker

Lydia Mae
daughter of
G.G. & L.M. Garrett
October 16, 1891
May 2, 1893

Infant Marker

Homer F.
infant son of
G.G. & L.M. Garrett
June 26, 1886
December 6, 1886

Double Headstone
& Infant Marker

Elizabeth M.
wife of
George G. Garrett
July 14, 1865
November 24 1901
Infant daughter
born and died
November 24, 1901
Mother and child died in childbirth and are buried together.

Elizabeth M. Garrett and L.M. Garrett and Elisabeth Stevens Garrett are the same person. L standing for nickname of Lizzie. Oddly, she has two markers in this cemetery.

Eva J.
wife of
B.P. Howell
January 18, 1859
?? ?? 1889

Anneliza E.
wife of
W.R. Davis
April 23, 1848
April 13, 1897
Age: 48 years, 11 months, 20 days

Infant Marker

Lizzie Lenoir
daughter of
Asbury & Lou Howell
September 23, 1888
December 23, 1888

Infant Marker

Helen Faye
daughter of
Asbury & Lou Howell
September 25, 1889

Infant Marker

Infant son of
Asbury & Lou Howell
May 29, 1909
August 11, 1909

Samuel Hugh Garrett
May 1, 1912
February 21, 1937

Triple Headstone
Elisabeth Stevens
wife of
George G. Garrett
July 14, 1865
November 24, 1901
see note above for Elizabeth M. Garrett
George G. Garrett
August 31, 1863
July 8, 1938
Florence Bennett
wife of
George G. Garrett
March 5, 1875
No death date on marker

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