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Lillian Martin

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Lillian Martin Perry

Lillian Martin Perry
Born: Oct. 13, 1888 Landtown VA
Died: Nov. 22, 1973 Charlottesville, VA

Lillian Martin Perry was the daughter of Joab Sawyer Perry and Eleanor "Ellen" Martin Land and granddaughter of Josiah D. Perry and his 1st wife, Nancy Sawyer.  Lillian was born in Landtown, Princess Anne Co., Va.  Landtown is located east of Norfolk and is now part of Virginia Beach, Va.  Her marriage to Lieutenant Robert O. Edwards was published in The Washington Post on June 7, 1910 as follows:
     Salem, Va., June 6 - In St. Paul's Episcopal Church here today, Miss Lillian Martin Perry, daughter of J.S. Perry, a local capitalist, became the bride of Lieut. Robert O. Edwards, USA of Fort Caswell, N.C.  The bridesmaids were Misses Rachel Turner of Shepherdstown, W. Va., and Sarah Bushnell of Salem.  Miss Edith Walters of Covington, Ky. was maid of honor, and Harry Jones of Norfolk was best man.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J.S. Meredith, the rector.  The bridegroom is a son of Mrs. R.O. Edwards of Charlotte, N.C.
The 1920 census finds this couple at Fort Howard in Baltimore, Md.  Robert O. Edwards  is listed as a Colonel in the US Army and is age 34; Lillian P. is age 30 and their daughter, Eleanor C. is age 8.
     On August 18, 1921 the following article appeared in The Los Angeles Times:
     Ten typewritten pages are filed by the divorce complaint yesterday by Lillian P. Edwards against Robert O. Edwards.  The were married June 6, 1910 and separated June 30, 1920.  There is a 10-year old daughter, and 15,000 shares of Garrett & Co. stock at stake.  Mrs. Edwards asks the custody of the child; charge that Mr. Edwards kidnapped the daughter and took her to the home of his sister, Mrs. Garrett in New York, and petitions that the stock in Garrett & Co. be turned over to her, as it was given to her for a wedding present.  The complaint states that the defendant is manager of the St. Louis branch of Garret & Co. and is earning a salary of $3600 per year.
The 1930 census finds Robert O. Edwards, age 44, living in Washington, DC and is listed as divorced.  Lillian Perry Edwards is living in Los Angeles Co., California, age 50 and divorced.  Her daughter, Eleanore C. Perry, age 20, is in the household with her.
     Apparently Lillian was a woman of means as she is featured in several newspaper articles under the Society pages.  In July 1933 the following appeared in The Los Angeles Times:
     Of much interest to her friends in southern California was the wedding in the chapel of St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City June 21 of Miss Eleanor Campbell Edwards, daughter of Mrs. Lillian Perry Edwards of Hollywood, Ca., to William H. Howard, Jr. with Rev. Eric. G. Ericson officiating.  Hunter Perry of Atlanta, Ga. gave his niece in marriage.  After their honeymoon they will make their home at East 49th St., New York City.  Mrs. Howard was graduated from Marlborough School here and from the Finch School in New York City.  Mr. Howard, son of Mr. & Mrs. William H. Howard of Indianapolis, was graduated from Wabash College and later attended Columbia University.

Photos and information kindly submitted by Rex Perry.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.  However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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