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Josiah D. Perry

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This photo album is currently owned by Rex Perry of Minnesota [see his photo], grandson of Merritt Sawyer Perry, great-grandson of Ivey Dowdy Perry and great-great-grandson of Josiah D. Perry.  Identification of the photographs was made by his aunt, Virginia Louise Perry, before she passed away in 1993, however, some were not marked and are unknown at this time.  Since starting work on this particular line of Perry's the page has gotten so large that I thought it best to do it in sections so folks with slower computers and dial-up connections would be able to access the pages faster.  If any researcher can identify some of the "unknown" pictures please e-mail me with that information.

These Perry pages are a diversion from the norm!!  The Currituck website was set up just to give you information about folks that lived, worked and died there, however, this is a classic example of a family with origins in Currituck County but who quickly scattered to the four winds and made their homes & fortunes in other states.  Researchers, do not limit yourselves to one particular county or state when trying to find your ancestors!

    According to the tombstone in the Old Perry Cemetery in Maple, NC, Captain Josiah D. Perry was born June 4, 1820 and died February 2, 1882.  His middle name has been said to have been Decatur but no proof of that has been found.    [see a photo of Josiah's tombstone here]
    According to his 1871 marriage license to his 2nd wife, Lavinia Crank, his father was Frederick Perry.  This Frederick Perry was perhaps the son of Josiah Perry, Sr. who died and left a will in 1838.  The 1830 & 1840 Currituck census records do indicate that there was a male in Frederick's household of the right age to be Josiah D. Perry.
    A Josiah Perry of the right age shows up in the 1850 Currituck census but with a woman named Barcela and children whose names do not show up in Josiah's household in subsequent census records.  I'm inclined to believe that Barcela might have been Josiah's widowed sister or sister-in-law and the children listed were hers.
    By 1853 Josiah D. Perry is married to Nancy Sawyer and the following children show up in the 1860 Currituck Co. census (North Banks Dist.): Alonzo, age 7; Ivy (male), age 4; and Josephine, age 2.  It is believed a tombstone in the Old Perry Cemetery with an inscription of "A. Perry" with no dates,  is that of Alonzo Perry since he doesn't show up in any other record.  Josephine also does not show up in any other record but a tombstone has not been found for her.  It is assumed she died before 1870.
    It is not known when Nancy (Sawyer) Perry died.  Although there is a tombstone in the Meekins Cemetery in Colington for a Nancy Perry with a death date of February 10, 1866, it is pure speculation that she was the wife of Josiah D. Perry.
    In 1870 Josiah shows up in the Nags Head Twp. of Dare County with a woman named Chania? and children named Ivey (male), age 14, Joabb, age 10, and Rutha, age 9.  Searches have not uncovered a marriage record between Josiah and Chania and since no relationships were given in 1870 we can only speculate that she might have been his wife.
    On February 26, 1871 Josiah D. Perry married Lavinia Crank  in Currituck County.  According to census records, Lavinia was born circa 1849 in Gates Co. to Levi Crank and Martha Parker who had married in Gates Co., NC in 1838 but by 1860 had settled in the North Banks Dist. of Currituck County.
    The 1880 Currituck Co. census (Crawford Twp.) shows J.D Perry, age 60; Lavinia Perry-wife, age 33; Joe Perry-son [Joab in previous records], age 21 & a sailor; Wm.-son, age 7; Martha-daughter, age 5; and Mary-daughter; age 1 month born in May 1880.
    Josiah D. Perry died intestate on February 2, 1882.  On February 7, 1882 three Currituck County commissioners were summoned to allot to "Lavina Perry, widow of Josiah D. Perry" her year's support.  After the personal property had been sold there was still a deficiency of funds so the commissioners made the following statement:

"We also find upon examination that the number of the family of the said widow exclusive of herself is two. There being a deficiency of the articles on hand to make up the year's support we assess such deficiency at $200.50 to be paid by the personal representative. This 7th day of Feby. 1882.

    On June 5, 1884 Lavina Beasley and her new husband, Joshua Beasley whom she'd married in March 1883, and others petitioned the court for her dower in the land of her late husband, Josiah D. Perry.

North Carolina     } In Superior Court
Currituck County } Petition to lay off Widow's Dower & for Partition by Sale

Joshua Beasley and Lavinia Beasley his wife, Ivey D. Perry, Joab S. Perry, Lindsey D. Perry, Ruth Perry, William Perry, and Martha J. Perry, the last named four of whom are infants under 21 years of age, suing by their next friend, Joab S. Perry.
    The petitioners above named respectfully sheweth to the Court that Josiah D. Perry, late of Currituck County, died intestate some time in the year 1882, leaving Lavinia Beasley (now the wife of said Joshua Beasley) his widow, and also your petitioners Ivey D. Perry, Joab S. Perry, Lindsey D. Perry, Ruth Perry, William Perry and Martha J. Perry (the last named four are infants under 21 years of age and without guardians, sues by their next friend Joab S. Perry) his children; that that upon the death of the said Josiah D. Perry, his real estate descended to his said children as his heirs-at-law subject nevertheless to the right of your petitioner Lavinia Beasley to have her dower in said land according to law which has never been allotted to her.
    Your petitioner further shews that the said intestate at the time of his death was seized in fee simple of the following tracts of land, to wit:
1. A tract of land known as the Edmond Cowell tract situate in Coinjock in Currituck County bounded by Coinjock Bay and the Caleb Nicholson and Jaca Stevens tracts & others, containing forty acres, more or less.
2. A certain tract in Coinjock Back Woods on the public road known as the Thomas Poyner tract or Stack Chimney tract bounded by the said public road, Wilson Walker, Nelson Poyner and the Wm. O'Neal tract, containing 36 acres, more or less.
3. A tract whereon said J.D. Perry resided at the time of his death, situate near the first named tract and known as the Soles tract, bounded by the Long House tract, the lands of Wilson Walker and others, containing thirty acres, more or less.
    Your petitioners desire to have the dower of the petitioners Lavinia Beasley in said lands allotted to her, and to that end pray your Honor to issue a writ to the Sheriff of Currituck County commanding him to summon three freeholders connected with the parties neither by consanguinity or affinity, disinterested and qualified to act as jurors to view the said lands and to allot to her one-third part thereof, including the dwelling house and all out houses, buildings and improvements appertaining thereto on the tract that may be allotted to her for the term of her natural life and to report their proceedings in due form of law.
    And your petitioners Ivey D. Perry, Joab S. Perry, Lindsey D. Perry, Ruth Perry, William Perry and Martha J. Perry desire to have partition of two of the above described tracts of land made against them __ ________ to their respective rights and interests therein; but that owing to the size of the tracts, the number of the parties, the nature and quality of the soil, it is impossible that actual partition thereof can be made without serious injury to all concerned.    They further show that the interests of all the parties and especially those of the
minors, would be promoted by a sale of the said two remaining tracts of land and the distribution of the proceeds of sale among them. The said last named six petitioners therefore pray that you will order a sale of the said two remaining tracts of land on such terms as you shall deem just and reasonable and that the proceeds of the sale may be divided among them according to their respective shares and interests in the said lands and may be paid to them according to law.
    /s/   Starke & Martin, Attys for Petitioners

    The commissioners returned their report on June 20, 1884.

"To the Clk of the Superior Court of Currituck County. We the undersigned commissioners appointed by the Court to lay off and set a side the Dower or thirds of the land of Josiah D. Perry, Dec., to his widow Lovina Beasley, late widow of said Josiah D. Perry, give & set aside to her the following tract of land whereon she now lives known as the Soles tract--bounded on the north by Dempsey and Wilson Walker, on the west by the lands of Elizabeth Ballance, on the south by Thomas Poyner land and on the East by the Main Road, containing thirty acres more or less and proceeded to put her in possession of the same. Given under our hands and seals this 20th day of June 1884."

    On June 27, 1884 and August 4, 1884 Joshua & Lavina Beasley and others filed exceptions to the commissioners report saying that they thought an actual division of the land could not be properly made without damage to the owners.  The following report was made on August 28, 1884:

North Carolina     } In the Superior Court
Currituck County } August 28th day 1884
    This cause coming on for further directions and it appearing to the court from the Report of Joab S. Perry, Special Commissioner appointed by this Court in a former order in this cause to sell the lands described in the petition, that he did on the 4th day of August 1884 sell the lands specified in said petition. The tract known as the Edmund Cowell tract to J.J. Baxter for the sum of Four Hundred ($400) dollars, he being the highest bidder, said purchases complied with the terms of sale by paying two hundred dollars in cash and gave his note for the remaining two hundred dollars payable in six months with interest from date. And the tract known as the Thomas Poyner tract or the Stack Chimney tract situate in Coinjock Back Woods to V.L. Pitts for the sum of eighty dollars, he being the highest bidder for said tract and paid the whole in cash. And it further appearing to the Court that the said lands brought a fair and reasonable price, therefore it is ordered, adjudged and decreed that the sale of said lands be, and it is hereby in all respects confirmed. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the petitioners, Ivy D. Perry, Joab S. Perry, Lindsay D. Perry, Ruth Perry, Wm. Perry and Martha J. Perry are the only children and heirs at law of Josiah D. Perry, deceased, and as such are entitled to the funds arriving from the sales of the lands mentioned in the proceedings, it is adjudged, ordered and decreed by the Court that the special commissioner, J.S. Perry, be authorized to collect the funds given for the ______ payment of the purchase money for said land when they become due with leave to the purchasers the certificate ___  maturity of said _____ to make _______________________, and to pay the costs of these proceedings as well those for assigning _______ as those for the sales of land ordered and to pay over the balance that may then remain in his hands to and among the parties above named as entitled thereto, to wit: one sixth part thereof respective to Ivy D. Perry, Joab S. Perry, L.D. Perry, Ruth Perry, Wm. Perry and Martha J. Perry, or to the lawfully qualified guardians of such of them as may be infants under twenty-one years of age.
/s/     H.B. Ansell, Clerk of Superior Court


Josiah D. Perry, born June 4, 1820 to Frederick Perry, married Nancy Sawyer sometime before 1853 and had the following children (the 6 named children in the above record are highlighted in red):

    Alonzo Perry  - b. circa 1853    d. assumed death between 1860-1870
    Ivey Dowdy Perry - b. Sept. 19, 1854 Currituck Co., NC    d. March 13, 1937 Springfield, Missouri
    Josephine Perry - b. c. 1858    d. assumed death between 1860-1870
    Joab Sawyer Perry - b. Nov. 11, 1860    d. Dec. 8, 1952 San Diego, California [birth/death dates taken from CA death certificate]
    Rutha Perry - b. circa 1861
[age 9 in 1870]   d. ???    [although the census ages differ, this Rutha is possibly the same as Ruth Perry listed below]
    Ruth Perry - b. circa 1869
[age 11 in 1880 - living with her brother, Ivey D. Perry]    d. after 1884

Josiah D. Perry married Lavinia Crank in Currituck Co., NC on February 26, 1871 and they had the following children

    Lindsey D. Perry - nothing known about this child
    William Dowdy Perry - b. Dec. 11, 1872 Colington, Dare Co., NC    d. August 22, 1951 Wanchese, Dare Co., NC
    Martha J. Perry - b. c. 1875    d. ???
    Mary Perry - b. May 1880    d. before 1882

NOTE: It is not known by this researcher when Joshua Beasley died but Lavinia married for the 3rd time on Dec. 23, 1894 to Decatur Washington Gamiel, Sr.  They show up in the 1900 Nags Head Twp. of Dare Co.  According to this census Decatur was born in March 1833 and Lavenia in Sept. 1850.  She had borne 5 children but only 2 are living in 1900.  Decatur's obituary appeared in The Tar Heel, an Elizabeth City newspaper, on July 9, 1909:
COLINGTON NEWS - Mr. D. Gamewell of this place died on July 3rd after about 3 weeks illness. He died from the effects of a paralytic stroke. He was 77 years old. He is survived by a wife and two daughters; 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. He was interred in the Melson Cemetery at this place. He was the oldest man in this section. He was a good man and he will be greatly missed.
Although the age is wrong, there is a Levina Gamel, age 50 & widowed, living in Colington Village in 1910.  It states she had 6 children but only 1 is now living.  I believe this to be Lavinia Crank Perry Beasley Gamiel.

Photos and information kindly submitted by Rex Perry.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.  However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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