A Guide
Military Organizations
and Installations
North Carolina 1861-1865


65th Regt. N.C. Militia

65th Regt. N.C. State Troops

6th Regt. N.C. Cav.

66th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Alexander D. Moore
Col. J.H. Nethercutt

The 66th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.) was formed by the consolidation of the 8th Batallion N.C. Partisan Rangers and the 13th Batallion N.C. Inf. in accordance with S.O. 234, A&IGO, dated Oct. 2, 1863. Co, D, 8th Batallion N.C. Partisan Rangers, which was assigned to the Regt. as Co. L, apparently never served as such, but subsequently became Capt. W. R. Bass' Unattached Co., N.C. Infantry

Local Designations
Co. G, Capt. Sam'l B. Water's Co. had prior service as (1st) Co. A, Salisbury Prison Guard Batallion C.S.A.

66th Regt. N.C. Infantry

68th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)
(Col. Jas. W. Hinton)

66th Batallion N.C. Militia or Regt.

Col. Geo. W. Ray

66th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Charles Clinard

Capt. Henry Berrier - 66th Regt. N.C. Militia

66th Regt. N.C. Partisan Rangers

Col. S.J. Wheeler

An attempt was made to form a Regt. designated as above; but sufficient companies not being raised, it was disbanded and such companies as were raised became part of the 12th Batallion N.C. Cav., and Co. H, 4th Regt. N.C. Cav.

67th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.R.G. Faucette

67th Batallion Home Guards, N.C. (Maj. F.J. McMillan)

67th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. John N. Witford

Whitford's Batallion N.C. Partisan Rangers (also known as the 1st Batallion N.C. Local Def. Troops) was organized about Apr. 1863. It was increased to ten companies, A to K, and organized into a Regt. by S.O. 8, Executive Dept. N.C.,AGO, dated Jan 18, 1864. When it was designated the 67th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.) companies A and B were
apparently organized from (old) Co. I, 1st N.C. Artillery (10th S.T.)

Local Designations
Co. H, Capt. Christopher D. Foy's Co.
            Tecumseh Scouts

68th Batallion Home Guards, N.C.

Lt. Col. J.A. Hampton


68th Regt. N.C. Militia

68th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Jas. W. Hinton

Organized about July 8, 1863.
Known for a while as 66th and 67th Regt.
It appears not to have been transferred to Confederate States Service

68th Regt. N.C. Infantry

Lt. Col. Benj. R. Moore

An attempt to form the 68th Regt. from the 2nd N.C. Batallion failed.

69th Batallion Home Guards

Lt. Col. C.S. Harris

Chimney Rock

69th Regt. N.C. Infantry

Thomas' Legion, N.C.

69th Regt. N. C. Militia

70th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. John A. Bradshaw
Col. Jas. P. Dillard

70th Regt. N.C. Infantry Jr. Res.

1st Regt. N.C. Jr. Res.

71st Regt. N.C. Infantry Jr. Res.

2nd Regt. N.C. Jr. Res.

71st Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J. Mastin

72nd Batallion Home Guards N.C.

Lt. Col. S.D. Bird


72nd Regt. N.C. Infantry Jr. Reserves

3rd Regt. Jr. Reserves

72nd Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Ben Bailey

73rd Regt. N.C. Infantry Sr. Reserves

8th Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves

73rd Regt. N.C. Militia

74th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. A. Dunnagan
Col. Wm. F. Foushee

74th Regt. N.C. Infantry Sr. Reserves

7th Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves

75th Regt. N.C. Cav.

Col. Wm. C. Claiborne

7th Regt. Confederate Cav.

75th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. A.C. Cowles

76th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. John A. Bradshaw

79th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.S. Miller and S.A. Sharpe

80th N.C. (Thomas Legion)

81st Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. W.M. Pickett

80th Regt. N.C. Militia

82nd Regt N. C. Militia

Col. W.J. McCain

82nd Regt. N.C.

1st Regt. N.C. Detailed Men

83rd Regt. N.C.

2nd Regt. N.C. Detailed Men

83rd Regt. N.C. Militia

Col.John Brantley Simpson *

84th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Jacob Columbus Barnhardt *

85th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. John S. Wiley
Col. D.G. Maxwell

86th Regt. N.C. Militia

87th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. M.H. Hand

88th Regt. N. C. Militia

Col. P. Plonk
Lt. Col. C.H. Ransom

89th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. H.A. Forney

90th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.R. Logan
Col. A.J. Elliott

91st Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.R. Logan
Lt. Col. Elisha M. Brayer

93rd Regt. N.C. Militia

94th Regt N.C. Militia

95th Regt. N.C. Militia

97th Regt. N.C. Militia

Lt. Col. Geo. W. Ray

99th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. S.W. Blalock

100th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. P.M. Hildebrand

103rd Regt. N. C. Militia

Col. C.L. Harris

104th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.M. Edwards

105th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Robert Liles

106th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. S.K. Stansill

108th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. W.R. Young
Col. W.K. Tenny

109th Regt. N. C. Militia

Col. J.M. Jarrett

110th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. I.R. Wild

111th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.W. McElroy

113th Regt. N.C. Militia

Lt. Col. J.H. Ally

114th Regt. N. C. Militia

Col. L. Howard

116th Regt. N.C. Militia

117th Regt. N.C. Militia

118th Regt. N.C. Militia

Lt. Col. W.C. Page

119th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.C. Mullis

120th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. M.A. Locke

121st Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. J.E. Kerner
Col. Jas. E. Matthews

* Corrections made by Vernon Brewer, descendant of Cols. Simpson and Barnhardt.

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