A Guide
Military Organizations
and Installations
North Carolina 1861-1865


2nd Regt. N. C. Cav. (19th Regt. N.C. Troops)

Col. Sam'l B. Spruill
Col. Matthew L. Davis
Col. Solomon Williams
Col. W. P. Roberts

Aug. 30, 1861. Organized 10 cos. Designated 10th Regt. N.C. Vols. (S.T.) by S.O. 222, A&IGO, Nov. 14, 1861. Changed to 19th Regt. by S.O. 230, A&IGO, Nov. 20, 1861.
Four members of Co. C of this Regt. were formerly members of Co. D, Cohoon's Batallion Va. Inf.

2nd Regt. N.C. Artillery (36th Regt. N.C. State Troops)

Col. Wm. Lamb

36th Regt. North Carolina State Troops, and Cape Fear Regt. of Artillery
There appears to have been a conflict between the State and the Confed. Govt. authority as to the organization of the 36th Regt. N.C.T. as a result of which there were apparently two Regt. of same designation in existence from May 1862, to Nov. 1863, at which latter date the extra cos. were transferred to other Regts. The Regt. as finally established is composed of the cos. assigned to it by S.O. 247, Hdqrs. Dist. of the Cape Fear, dated May 12, 1862.

- Capt. Southerland's Co. (A) became (new) Co. I, 1st Regt. N.C.
- Capt. Purdie's Co. (B) served as Co. K, 18th Regt. N.C. Infantry
to Oct 1861, and again after Mar. 1862.
- Capt. Starr's Co. (B) became Co. B, 13th Batallion N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Cumming's Co. (C) became Co. C, 13th Batallion N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Malcom McNair's Co. appears to have been assigned to this
Regt. as Co. D, but probably did not so serve. It became Co. E, 3rd Regt. N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Leecraft's Co. (G) was disbanded about Apr. 1862, and
some of the men transferred to (old) Co. H, 3rd Regt. N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Adams' Co. (G) became Co. D, 13th Batallion N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Herring's Co. (I) became (3rd) Co. G, 3rd Regt., N.C. Artillery
- Capt. Jos. B. Starr's Co. B finally became Capt. Geo. B. Atkins' N.C.
Battery and was serving in Maj. Basil C. Manley's Artillery Batallion
which was a field organization composed of Batteries from various
states. Paroled at Greensboro, N.C.

Local Designations

Co. A, (Bunting' s) -"Wilmington Horse Artillery"
Co. A, (Stephenson's) -"King Artillery"
Co. B, (Purdie's)- "Bladen Guards"
Co. B, (Munn's) -"Bladen Stars"
Co. C, (Hedrick's) -"Cape Fear Light Artillery"
Co. C, (Blocker's) -"Blocker's Artillery"
Co. D, (McNair's) -"Scotch Greys"
Co. D, (Dudley's) -"Anderson Artillery"
Co. E, (Williamson's ) -"Columbus Artillery"
Co. F, (Mayo's ) -"Pamlico Artillery"
Co. G, (Jones') -"Kennedy Artillery"
Co. G, (Potter' s) -"Lamb Artillery"
Co. H, (Patterson's) -"Clarendon Guards."
Co. I, (Herring's) -"Herring Artillery"
Co. I, (Richardson's) -"Bladen Artillery"
Co. K, (Taylor's)- "Brunswick Artillery"
Co. A, Capt. Thos. J. Southerland's Co.
Co. A, Capt. Sam'l R. Bunting's Co.
Co. A, Capt. Jas. M. Stephenson's Co.
Co. A, Capt. Robt. J. Murphy's Co.
Co. B, Capt. Thos. J. Pundie's Co.
Co. B, Capt. Jos. B. Starr's Co.
Co. B, Capt. Dan'l Munn's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Jno. J. Hedrick's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Jaso D. Cumming's Co.
Co. C, Capt. K. Jo Braddy's Co.
Co. D, Capt. E. B. Dudley's Co.
Co. E, Capt. N. L. Williamson's Co.
Co. E, Capt. O. H. Powell's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Jas. M. Mayo's Co.
Co. F, Capt. S.B. Hunter's Co.
Co. G, Capt. Benj. Leecraft's Co.
Co. G, Capt. Chas. P. Jones' Co.
Co. G, Capt. Z.T. Adams' Co.
Co. G, Capt. Francis W. Potter's Co.
Co. G, Capt. Dan'l L. Russell's Co.
Co. G. Lt. Wm. Swain's Co.
Co. H, Capt. Dan'l Patterson's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Wm. A. Herring's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Jno. A. Richardson's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Jno. T. Melvin's Co.
Co. K, Capt. Jno. Do Taylor's Co.
Co. K, Capt. Wm. F. Brook's Co.
Co. K, Lt. D.K. Bennett's Co.

2nd Batallion Inf. N.C.

Lt. Col. Wharton J. Green
Lt. Col. Chas. E. Shober
Lt. Col. Hezekiah L. Andrews

This organization was composed of 8 cos. (A to H), and was known as Col. Green's Indpt. Regt., Wise Legion, but the Regt. did not complete its organization, and the cos. raised for it were formed into a Batallion and designated the 2nd Batallion N.C. Infantry by S.O. 261, A&IGO, dated Dec 9, 1861.

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Milton Smith's Co.
Co. A, Brown Mountain Boys
Co. B, Capt. D. M. Cooper's Co.
Co. D, Capt. Edw. Smith's Co.
Co. E, Capt. W.S. DuBose's Co.
Co. E, Capt. John J. Tucker's Co.
Co. E, The Anthony Grays
Co. F, Capt. Hezekiah L. Andrews' Co.
Co. G, Capt. Wm. H. Wheeler's Co.
Co. H, Capt. L.M. Allen's Co.
Co. H, Madison Guards

- Co. C of this Batallion was transferred to the 59th Regt. Va. Inf. by S.O. 268, A&IGO, dated Nov 15, 1862, and became Co. G of that Regt.

- Co. D appears to have formed about Sept. 27, 1861, from a part of Capt. Jesse Burtz's Co. "Cherokee Georgia Mountaineers;" by S.O. 84, par l3, . A&IGO, Apr. 11, 1864; was transferred, and finally became (2) Co. E, 21st Regt. Ga. Inf.

- Co. E was organized Sept. 16, 1861, as Capt. W.S. DuBose's Co. Ga. Vols. Assigned to the 2nd Batallion N.C Inf. as Co. E, upon its organization. It appears to have been mustered as a Co. in the 55th (Col. Harkie) Ga. Regt.June 30, 1862, but no evidence has been found to show that it actually served as a part of that Regt. It was transferred to the 60th Ga. Inf. per S.O. 84, par 14, A&IGO, and became (2nd) Co. A of that Regt.

- Co. A. Many of the members of this co. subsequently served in Co. H, 23rd Batallion Va. Inf. Most of these men are reported on muster roll for Apr. 30 to Oct. 31, 1862, as AWOL. Joined Col. Manafus' Regt. Va. S.T.

2nd Batallion Home Guards

Maj. W.F. Green


2nd Batallion Local Def. Troops (Also known as 6th Batallion)

Lt. Col. Fredrick L. Childs

The Batallion was composed of employees from Fayetteville, N.C. Arsenal and Armory, detailed men and non-conscripts. Organized during 1863 and 1864. 7 companies.

Co. A was an Artillery organization
Co. F was a Cavalry Co.

Local Designations
Co. B, Capt. Matthew P. Taylor's Co.
Co. A, Ordnance Detachment

2nd Batallion Jr. Res.

2nd Regt. N.C. Jr. Res.

2nd Batallion N.C. Sr. Res. (Maj. L.P. Erwin)

Erwin's Batallion N.C. Sr. Res.

2nd Regt. N.C. Conscripts

2nd Regt. Detailed Men, N.C. (82nd N.C. Regt.)

Col. Thos. Bouchelle

Organized Sept. 24, 1864.

2nd Regt. Home Guards, 1st Class

Col. G.C. Moses of Wayne
Lt. Col. W.P. Lloyd of Edgecombe

Goldsboro, Oct. 19, 1864.

Counties of Origin
Co. A, Pitt, Green & Lenoir, Capt. Pope
Co. B, Warren & Franklin, Capt. Speed
Co. C, Columbus & Simpson, Capt. Autry
Co. D, Duplin & Lincoln, Capt. Roberson
Co. E, Chatham & Rowan, Capt. Jenkins
Co. F, Wayne & Johnston, Capt. Philips
Co. G, Halifax, Capt. Ponton
Co. H, Randolph, Capt. Wood
Co. I, Cabarrus & Gaston, Capt. White
Co. K, Penn & Caswell, Capt. Patillo

2nd Regt. Home Guards, 2nd Class

2nd Regt. Home Guards, 3rd Class

Col. J. Masten of Forsythe
Lt. Col. C. Firmin Dowd, Wake

Raleigh, Mar. 14, 1865.

2nd Regt. N.C. Infantry (2nd Regt. N.C. State Troops)

Col. Chas. C. Tew
Col. W.P. Bynum
Col. Wm. R. Cox

Regt. appears to have been organized in July 1861.

- (old) Co. A, about Sept., 1862, became Capt. Calvin Barnes' Co., unattached N.C. Artillery Later it became (new) Co. H, 3rd Regt. N.C. Artillery (40th S.T.)  (new) Co. A was organized at once to take its place.
- (old) Co. C in Aug. 1861, became Co. H, 1st Regt. N.C. Artillery (10th S.T.) (new) Co. C. immediately took its place.
- A co. commanded by Capt. A.J. Taylor was organized in June 1861,
apparently for this Regt. but was (probably in July) transferred to the 7th Regt. N.C. Infantry as Co. E.

Local Designations
(old) Co. A, Capt. E. D. Hall's Co.
(new) Co. C, "Rip Van Winkles."
Co. E, Capt. Jno. H. Moorehead's Co.
Co. E, "Guilford Guards."

2nd Regt. N.C. Vols. (12th Regt. N.C. Troops)

12th Regt. N.C. Infantry

2nd Regt. Jr. Res. (71st Regt. N.C. Infantry)

Col. John H. Anderson

71st Regt. N.C. Infantry Jr. Res.
The 2nd Regt. N.C. Jr. Res. was organized Dec. 7, 1864, by the addition of Capt. W.R. William's unattached Co. to Anderson's (also called 1st) Batallion N.C. Jr. Res. in compliance with S.O. 277, A&IGO, dated Nov. 22, 1864. The 2nd Batallion (5 cos.) and 5th Batallion (3 cos.) were consolidated to form Anderson's Batallion.N.C. Jr. Res. by S.O. 29, Hdqrs. Res. N.C. dated July 19, 186L. Co. I was added in Aug. 1864.

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Albert R. Hicks' Co.
Co. B, Capt. Wm. H. Overman's Co.
Co. C, Capt. J. Q. Holland's Co.
Co. E, Capt. W.D. Barnhart's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Thos. C. Rowland's Co.
Co. G, Capt. J.W. Grainger's Co.
Co. H, Capt. McD. Boyd's Co.
Co. K, Capt. W.R. Williams' Co.
Co. D, Capt. J.H. Wells'

2nd Regt. Sr. Res.

Col. John F. Hoke

4th Regt. N.C. Sr. Res.

2nd Regt. N.C. State Troops

Co. E, 7th Regt. N.C. Infantry

3rd Regt. N.C. Cav. (41st Regt. N.C. State Troops)

Col. Jno. A. Baker

41st Regt. North Carolina State Troops

Organized in compliance with S.O. 206, A&IGO, dated Sept. 3, 1862.
- Co. C was mustered in as part of Edmondston's Batallion N.C. Cav., a
Batallion which was raised but never organized.
- Co. D appears to have been intended for 63rd Regt. N.C.T., but did not serve there.

Local Designations
Co. A, "Rebel Rangers."
Co. A, "Newkirk's Coast Guard." (new)
Co. B, "Gatlin Dragoons." (new)
Co. D, "Highland Rangers."
Co. E, "Macon Mounted Guards."
Co. F, "Davis Dragoons."
Co. G, "Scotland Neck Mounted Riflemen." (new)
Co. H, "Humphrey Troop."
Co. I, "The Wake Rangers."
Co. K, "Clark Skirmishers."
Co. A, Capt. A. F. Newkirk's Co. (new)
Co. B, Capt. Edward W. Ward's Co. (new)
Co. C, Capt. H.W. Reinhart's Co.
Co. D, Capt. Alex. Murchison's Co.
Co. E, Capt. Peter G. Evans' Co.
Co. E, Capt. W.W. Carroway's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Thos. G. Walton's Co.
Go. F, Capt. Elisha A. Perkins' Co.
Co. G, Capt. P.M. Edmondston's Co.
Co. G, Capt. Atherton Bo Hill's Co. (new)
Co. H, Capt. L.W. Humphrey's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Rufus S. Tucker's Co.
Co. K, Capt. N.J. Walker's Co.

3rd Regt. N.C. Artillery (40th Regt. N.C. State Troops)

Col. John J. Hedrick

- Cos. A to K, some heavy and some light artillery.
- Co. A served temporarily as 1st Co. K, 32nd Regt., N.C. Infantry in 1861.
- Co. B, first M/in 31st Regt. N.C. Infantry, for 12 mos., but reenlisted for war and assigned to 3rd Regt. Artillery Co. E appears to have been assigned in 1861 as Col. D, 36th Regt. N.C.T., but did not serve.
- (1st) Co. G was disbanded by S.O. 209, Army of Northern Va., Oct 4, 1862, and 55 men transferred to Co. A, 1st Regt. N.C. Arty and the remainder to Co. D, 1st Regt. N.C. Artillery
- (2nd) Co. G became Co. E, 13th Batallion N.C. Light Artillery, by S.O. 66, AGO, N.C., Nov 4, 1863. (3rd) Co. G was formerly Capt. Herring's Co. I, 2nd Regt. N.C. Artillery Transferred to this Regt. by S.O. 66.
- (old) Co. H was transferred to the 13th Batallion N.C. Artillery as Co. F by S.O. 66. (new) Co. H was formerly (old) Co. A, 2nd Regt. N.C. Inf. About Sept. 1862, became an independent co. and was assigned to this Regt. about Nov, 1863.
- (old) Co. K became Co. C, 61st Regt. N.C. Infantry about Nov, 1862.

Local Designations
Co. B, McMillan Artillery
Co. C, Bridgers' Artillery
Co. D Gatlin Artillery
Co. D  Bay River Artillery
Co. E, Scotch Greys
(2nd) Co. G, Orange Light Artillery
(3rd) Co. G, Herring Artillery
(old) Co. H, Branch Artillery
(old) Co. K, Robinson Artillery
(new) Co. K, Bladen Artillery Guards
Co. B, Capt. Wm. H. Tripp's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Wm. B. Rodman's Co.
Co. D, Capt. Jas S. Lane's Co.
Co. E, Capt. M. McNair's Co.
Co. E, Capt. M.H. McBryde's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Jos J. Lawrence's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Lt. Richard C. Tillery's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Richard H. Blount's Co.
(1st) Co. G, Capt. W.P. Lloyd's Co.
(2nd) Co. G, Capt. Wm. Cameron's Co.
(old) Co. H, Alex C. Latham's Co.
(new) Co. H, Capt. Calvin Barnes' Co.
(old) Co. K, Capt. E. Mallett's Co.
(new) Co. K, Capt. Geo. Tait's Co.

3rd Batallion L. Arty (Maj. John W. Moore)

The 3rd Batallion N.C. Light Artillery was mustered into the service of the
State of N.C., Mar.27 1862, and into the CSS Apr. 30, 1862. It was know for a
few months when first organized as 1st Batallion N.C.Light Artillery
Composed of 5 companies while in SS.

Cos. C and D were disbanded by S.O. l&3, A&IGO, June 21, 1862, and men transferred to Cos. A and B and officers mustered out. Co. C reorganized by order Sec. of War in Jan, 1863. Co. E does not appear to have entered service of CS.

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Andrew J. Ellis' Co.
Co. B, Capt. Wm. Badham's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Thos. Capehart's Co.
Co. A, Northampton Artillery
Co. B, Albermarle Artillery
Co. B, Edenton Bell Battery
Co. C, N.C. Artillery

3rd Batallion Home Guards (Maj. A.A. Harbin)


3rd Regt. N.C. Infantry (3rd Regt. N.C. State Troops)

Col. Gaston Meares
Col. W.L. DeRosset
Col. S.D. Thruston

Cos. A to K.
Organized May 16, 1861.
Mustered in Confederate Service July 20, 1861.

Local Designations
Co. A, Greene County Riflemen
Co. A, Capt. Robt. H. Drysdale's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Peter Mallett's Co.
Co. E, Capt. M.L.F. Redd's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Wm. M. Parsley's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Jno. R. Carmer's Co.

3rd Batallion Jr. Res.

4th Batallion N.C. Jr. Res.

3rd Batallion N.C. Sr. Res. (Maj. Boaz F. Hook)

Became a part of 8th Regt. N.C. Sr. Res.

3rd Batallion St. Res. (Maj. James T. Littlejohn)

Organized about Sept. 14, 1864.
Men from Franklin, Granville, Orange, Nash, and Warren Counties.

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. John W. Perry's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Benj. J. Blackley's Co.
Co. __, Capt. Mark Durham's Co.
Co. __, Capt. Isaac Laws' Co.
Co. __, Capt. D.W. Williams' Co.

3rd N.C. Infantry Vols.

13th Regt. N.C. Infantry

3rd Regt. Home Guards

Col. W. Draughan - Fayetteville

3rd Regt. Home Guards

Col. J.T. Hambrick - Leasburg

3rd Regt. Home Guards, 1st Class

Col. J.R. Cole - Organized at Goldsboro Oct. 19, 1864.

3rd Regt. Home Guards, 2nd Class

3rd Regt. Home Guards, 3rd Class

Col. A.M. Booe - Organized at Lexington, Apr. l4, 1865.

3rd Regt. Jr. Res. (72nd Regt. N.C. Infantry) - Col. John W. Hinsdale

Organized Jan. 3, 1865, by consolidation of 4th, 7th, and 8th Bns. N.C. Jr. Res. in compliance with S.O. 277, A&IGO, dated Nov. 22, 1864, also known as 72nd Regt. N.C. Infantry Jr. Res.

Units identified as:

  2-3  4-6  7-10  11-16   17-31  32-49  50-64  65-121
[example 1st Batallion, 32nd Regiment, etc.]

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