A Guide
Military Organizations
and Installations
North Carolina 1861-1865


32nd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S. T.)

Col. E. C. Brabble

The 1st Batallion N.C. Infantry was organized about Oct. 1861 (6 Cos., A to F were organized in summer of 1861. Capts. Cohoon's, Luke's, Duke's, and Sutton's Cos. were assigned, but having been captured at Hatteras were disbanded after their exchange, and did not join this Regt.) Later other companies were added and the designation changed to the 32nd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

- Co. A, formerly Co. L, 2nd Regt. N.C. Vols.
   (subsequently, l2th Regt. North Carolina State Troops)
- (1st) Co. B Independent Grays, Capt. J.T.P.D. Cohoon's
    Co.; formerly Co. A, 7th Regt.  N.C. Vols. (subs. 17th
    Regt. North Carolina State Troops)
- (2nd) Co. B Camden Greys; formerly Co. M, 2nd Regt. N.C. Vols. (subs. 12th Regt.North Carolina State Troops) -  Co. C; formerly Co. N, 2nd Regt. N.C. Vols. (subs. 12th
Regt. North Carolina State Troops)
- Co. D; formerly Co. O, 2nd Regt. N.C. Vols. (subs. 12th Regt. North Carolina State Troops)
- (1st) Co. H, N.C. Defenders, Capt. Lukes' Co.
- (2nd) Co. H, formerly (1st) Co. H, 12th Regt. North Carolina State Troops
- (1st) Co. I, Jonesboro Guards, Capt. Wm. A. Duke's Co. - (2nd) Co. I, Chatham Rifles, formerly Co. M, 5th Regt.
 N.C. Vols. (subs. 15th Regt. North Carolina State Troops)
- (1st) Co. K, Lenoir Braves, Capt. Wm. Sutton, captured
   at Hatteras Aug. 1861. Exchanged about Feb. 1862.
   Assigned to this Regt. while paroled, but apparently not
   recognized by Sec. of War.
- (2nd) Co. K, formerly Co. L, 5th Regt. N.C. Vols. (subs.
   15th Regt. North Carolina State Troops

32nd Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. W. T. (or L.) Wright

33rd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Lawrence O'B. Branch
Col. Clark M. Avery
Col. Robt. V. Cowan

Organized Sept. 20, 1861, but Regt. not completed until Jan. 16, 1862, by organization of Co. K.

Local Designations
Co. B, Capt., F. R. Jenkins's Co. Clarks Guard
Co. C, Capt. J. M. Kesler's Co, Cabarrus Hornets
Co. D, The Wilkes Regulars
Co. F, Dixie-Invincibles
Co. G, Capt. Robt. Wooten's Co, Cumberland Rangers
Co. H, Capt. W.M.B. Swindell's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Geo. Co Stowe's Co, Confederate Stars

Cohoon's Batallion Va. Inf. was disbanded per S.C. 162, A&IGO, July 14, 1862, and 22 members of that Batallion enlisted in N.C. have been identified as having been transferred to Co. E, 33rd Regt. No C. Inf.

33rd Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. John H. Cook
Col. A. G. Brooks

Called out in Apr. 1861, and captured the Arsenal at Fayetteville, N.C.

Local Designations
Capt. Ray's Co. also known as:
Pine Forest Guards
Piney Woods Foresters
Pine Forest Rifles
Piney Woods Rifles
Pine Forest Riflemen

34th Regt. N.C. Militia (Capt. R.A. Bobbitt)

34th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Collett Leventhorpe
Col. W.L.J. Lowrance
Col. R.H. Riddick

Local Designations
Co. A, Laurel Spring Guards
Co. B, Sandy Run Yellow Jackets
Co. C, Rutherford Rebels
Co. D, Oakland Guards
Co. E, Shady Grove Rangers
Co. F, Floyd Rifles
Co. G, Mecklenburg Boys
Coo H, Rough & Readys
Co. I, Rutherford Band
Co. K, Montgomery Boys

35th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Jas. Sinclair
Col. Matt W. Ransom
Col. John G. Jones
Col. Jas. T. Johnson

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Claud Barry's Co.
   -Onslow Rough & Readys
Co. B, Capt. W.B. Halyburton s Co.
   -Marion Men
Co. C, Moore County Scotch Riflemen
Co. D, Capt. Hardy J. Lasater's Co.
   -Haw River Boys
Co. E, Capt. John G. Jones' Co.
   -Person Boys
Co. F, Redwine Beauregards
Co. G, Henderson Rifles
Co. H, Capt. Thos. M. Alexander's Co.
   -Mecklenburg Farmers
Co. I, Capt. Angus J. Finlayson's
Co.-Wayne County Vols.
Co. K, Capt. Jas. R. Ellis' Co.
   -Burke & Catawba Sampsons

35th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. David Clark
Col. Wm. N. Steptoe

District No. 3, Halifax County, N.C. Militia
Capt. J.M. Grizzard's Co. Power of Attorney, dated July 1862, for pay for services in Feb 1862, in defense of Roanoke River.

36th Regt. N.C. State Troops

2nd Regt. N C. Artillery

37th Batallion Home Guards, N.C. (Maj. J.A. Bradshaw)

37th Regt. N.C. Infantry S.T.

Col. Chas. C. Lee
Col. Will M. Barbour

Organized Nov. 20, 1861; mustered in CSS Jan. l, 1862; reorganized Apr. l, 1862.

Local Designations
Co. A, Ashe Beauregard Riflemen
Co. B, Watauga Marksmen
Co. C, Mecklenburg Wide Awakes
Co. D, N.C. Defenders
Co. E, Watauga Minute Men
Co. F, Capt. Chas. N. Hickerson's Co.
      Western Carolina Stars
Co. G, Alexander Soldiers
Co. H, Gaston Blues
Co. I, Mecklenburg Rifles
Co. K Allegheny Tigers

37th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Thos. W. Rooker

Organized Jan. 27, 1863.

38th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Wm. J. Hoke
Col. John Ashford

Organized Jan. 17, 1862
Reorganized Apr. 18, 1862

Local Designations
Co. A, Spartan Band
Co. B, Men of Yadkin
Co. C, Sampson Farmers
Co. D, Sempson Ploughboys
Co. E, Capt. Oliver H. Dockery's Co,
     Richmond Boys
Co. F, Capt. Joshua B. Little's Co,
     Sulphur Wild Cats
Co. G, Capt. Geo. W. Sharpe's Co,
     Rocky Face Rangers
Co. H, Capt. Noah Rush's Co, Uwharrie Boys
Co. I, Capt. O. P. Gardner's Co,
     The Cleveland Marksmen
Co. K, Capt. M. McR. McLauchlin's Co,
     Carolina Boys

38th Regt. N.C. Militia

39th Regt. N.C. Militia
Col. L.D. Stephenson

39th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. David Coleman

First organized as a Batallion of five companies on Dec. 10, 1861, with David Coleman as Major. May. !9, 1862, Regt. was organized by the addition of Capts. Walker s and Crawford s companies (H & I) and a company (1st Co. A,
Inf. Regt., Thomas Legion, N.C.T., formerly Co. A, 16th Regt. N.C. Inf. S.T.) which became Co. K this Regt.

40th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. A. Thomas
Col. H. Harris

40th Regt. N.C. State Troops

 3rd Regt. N.C. Artillery

41st Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. A. J. Heath

4lst Regt. N.C. State Troops

 3rd Regt. N.C. Cav.

42nd Batallion N.C. Home Guards

42nd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Geo. C. Gibbs

Gibbs' Prison Guard Batallion, N.C. Troops, consisted of four companies, A to D. The Batallion was raised to a Regt. about May 1862, by the addition of six companies of recruits and designated the 42nd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.).

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Chas. W. Bradshaw's Co.
(1st) Co. B, Capt. John R. Lanier's Co. -This company mustered as Co. B of this Regt. Feb, 28, 1862, and Apr. 30, 1862, but no authority found. Most of the men are subsequently found in Co. H, 61st Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)
(2nd) Co. B, Capt. W. H. Crawford's Co.
Co. C, Capt. Jas. A. Howell's Co.
Co. D, Capt. Jos. M. Roark's Co.
Co. E, Capt. Thos. J. Brown's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Wiley A. Clements' Co.
Co. G, Capt. Jaso A. Blackwelder's Co.
Co. H, Capt. Jackson M. Hartsell's Co.
Co. I, Capt. Edwin D. Earnheardt's Co.
Co. K, Capt. John Y. Boyce's Co.

42nd Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Jas. S. Antis

43rd Regt. N.C. Militia

43rd Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Thos. S. Kenan

Organized Fur. 18, 1862.
Mustered into Confederate States Service Apr. 1862.

Local Designations
Co. A, The Duplin Rifles
Co. B, The Union Farmers
Co. E, The Edgecombe Boys
Co. G, Warren Defenders
Co. H, The Fisher Light Infantry
Co. I, The Anson Regulators
Co. K, The Anson Independents
Co. F, Capt. Wm. R. Williams's Co.

44th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Geo. B. Singeltary
Col. Thos. C. Singeltary

Mustered in Confederate States Service Apr. 28, 1862.

Local Designations
Co. A, The Granville Regulators
Co. D, Pitt Regulators
Co. E, The Turtle Paws
Co. F, The Trojan Regulars
Co. H, Montgomery Guards
Co. I, Eastern Tigers
Co. K, Franklin Guides to Freedom

44th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. John W. Hunt

45th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Junius Daniel
Col. John H. Morehead
Col. Sam'l H. Boyd
Col. John R. Winston

Organized Apr. l, 1862.
Mustered into Confederate States service Apr. 15, 1862.

Local Designations
Co. A, Rockingham Zollicoffers
Capt. John W. Mays' Co.
Co. B, Capt. Chas. E. Shober's Co.
Co. C, The Guilford Light Infantry
Capt. Jas. T. Morehead's Co.
Co. D, Madison Greys
Capt. Jno. L. Scales' Co.
Co. E, Troublesome Boys
Capt. Sam'l H. Boyd' s Co.
Co. F, Dan River Rangers
Capt. Jno. R. Winston's Co.
Co. G, Rockingham Rebels
Capt. Jno. H. Dillard's Co.
Co. H, Rockingham Guards
Capt. Marcus C. Holderby's
Co. I, Border Rangers
Co. K, North State Boys

45th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. B.C. Hopkins

Aug. 1863

46th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Edw. D. Hall
Col. Wm. L. Saunders

Organized Apr. 4, 1862

Local Designations
Co. A, Capt. Richard M. Norment's Co.
      Lumberton Guards
Co. B, Capt. Win. L. Saunders' Co.
Co. C, Capt. Stephen W. Jones' Co.
Co. D, Capt. Colin Stewart's Co.
      Sons of Mars
Co. E, Capt. Robt. L. Heflin's Co.
      Tar River Rebels
Co. F, Capt. Alex C. McAlister's Co.
Co. G, Capt. Obed. Wm. Carr's Co.
      Randolph Rangers
Co. H, Capt. Neill McKay McNeill's Co.
      Moore Guards
Co. I, Capt. Owen Holmes' Co.
      Coharie Guards
Co. K, Capt. Adolphus T. Bost's Co.
      Catawba Braves

46th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Wm. Bingham

47th Batallion Home Guards, N. C. (Maj. Marcus L. Brittain)

Captured or dispersed Oct. 1864.

Also known as Cherokee Home Guards and Brittain's Batallion Cherokee Home Guards.

47th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Sion H. Rogers
Col. Geo. H. Farbault

Organized Mar. 24, 1862, Mustered in Confederate States Service May 1862.

Local Designations
Co. A, Chicora Guards
Co. D, Castalia Invincibles
Co. F, Sons of Liberty |
Co. H, N.C. Tigers
Co. K, Alamance Minute Men

47th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Jos. C. Pinnix

48th Batallion Home Guards, N.C.

Lt. Col. S. G. Worth


48th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Robt. C. Hill
Col. Sam'l H. Walkup

Organized Apr. 7, 1862.
Mustered in Confederate States Service May 5, 1862.

Local Designations
Co. C, Capt. A.M. Walker's Co.
Co. D, Capt. Benj. R. Huske's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Hugh Wilson's Co.
      The Waxsaws No. 2
Co. G, Capt. Wm. H. Jones' Co.
      The Chatham Light Inf.
Co. K, Capt. Jesse W. Atwood's Co.
      Confederate Guards

48th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. W. A. Albright

49th Regt. N.C. Militia

Col. Jo Thompson

49th Regt. N.C. Infantry (S.T.)

Col. Stephen D. Ramseur
Col. Lee M. McAfee

Organized Apr.12, 1862.

(1st) Co. B this Regt. exchanged for (1st) Co. D, 15th Regt. N.C. Infantry
the latter becoming (2nd) Co. B of this Regt.

Local Designations
(1st)  Co. B, Chatham Cossacks
(2nd) Co. B, Beatties Ford Rifles
Co. C, Capt. P.B. Chambers' Co.
Co. D, Capt. Wm. M. Black's Co.
Co. F, Capt. Jas. T. Davis' Co.
Mecklenburg Guards
Co. G, Kings Mountain Tigers
Co. H, Gaston Rangers
Co. I, Catawba Marksmen
Co. K, Pleasant Home Guards

Units identified as:

  2-3  4-6  7-10  11-16  17-31  32-49  50-64  65-121
[example: 1st Batallion, 32nd Regiment, etc.]


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