A Guide
Military Organizations
and Installations
North Carolina 1861-1865

The documentation of military affairs in North Carolina during the period 1861-1865 has been more thoroughly presented than perhaps any other state. While the works of Clark,1 Moore2 and later, Bradley3 were prominent in the documentation of North Carolina military units, the inspiration and dedication of one man was the impetus for the epic series, North Carolina Troops-A Roster 1861-1865. Louis Manarin became the editor of this series based upon work he performed on, Wartime Papers of R.E. Lee, compiled by former N.C. Governor, Jim Holshouser. Prior to becoming editor of the first three volumes of "NC Troops-A Roster", he researched NC Troops and compiled a paper describing the units and designations. His undated paper (circa. 1960) became the basis for the development of ROSTER. To Louis Manarin, military scholars, far and wide, owe a great debt of thanks.




Section I - Numerical Designations of CSA Organizations

Section II - Local Designations of Confederate Units

Section IIa - Company Organization of NC Units 

Section III - Union Regiments

Section IV -Military Installations

Section V -Abbreviations


Section A Pension Application Project

Section B NC Reserves Organization

Section C Proposed CSA Database

1. Walter Clark, Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Civil War 1861-65, Five volumes, Raleigh, NC, 1901

2. John Wheeler Moore, Roster of North Carolina Troops in the War Between the States, Four volumes, Raleigh, NC 1882.

3. NC Confederate Militia, Officers Roster As Contained in the Adjutant General's Officer's Roster, Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., 1992

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