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Index of Bible Records
Warren Co., North Carolina Courthouse

This is a list of all the Bible records located in a large file box in the County Clerk's Office of Warren County, North Carolina.   Thanks to the hard work and generosity of Forrest King and Margaret Gagliardi, we have been able to add many new records.  The records online are indicated with and can be viewed by clicking the Bible Name. If you know of a family member who has an old Bible with Warren Co. families not listed here, please ask them to consider sharing it for the benefit of others.  Note: We have recently been adding any of the Bible Records indicating Warren Co. families found online at the NC Digital Collections with links to them.

1.   ADCOCK FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Duke, Brummitt, Holt, McFadden, West, Haithcock & Loyd
2.   ALLEN FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Montgomery, Watson, Wiggins & Green
3.   ALLEN FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Watson, Davis, Bobbitt & Rodwell 
4.   ALLEN FAMILY RECORDS - Inc: Stiner, German, Miller, Haley, McFadden, Oldham, Shirley, Leagle, Mason, Slater, Hardee, Cunninggin, Midyett, McCullen, Forbes & Gary
5.   ALLEN-RODWELL FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Watson, Powell, Harper, Davis Brown
6.   ALSTON-KEARNY - BIBLE - Inc: Hawkins & Williams
6a.   EDWARD ALSTON FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Davis, Kearney
7.   GEORGE WASHINGTON ALSTON FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Williams, Mahone, & Thorne
8.   PHIL. G ALSTON BIBLE - Inc: Williams, Crichton, Tunstall, Thorne & Davis
9.   SAMUEL THOMAS ALSTON BIBLE - Inc: Williams, Thompson & Powell 
10.   WILLIS ALSTON BIBLE - Inc: Clark, Wiggins, Crichton, Williams, Thorne, Davis & Tunstall
11.   HENRY ARRINGTON FAMILY RECORD - Inc: Bradley, Allen, Robertson, Boone, Stokes, Milligan, Wilson, Owens, Sites & Butler; several slave names
12.   SAMUEL PETER ARRINGTON BIBLE RECORDS - wife: HANNAH BOLTEN WHITE - Inc: Palmer, Falkener, Heath, Sublett, Pendleton, Rogers, Lewis, Alston, Eaton, Gilmour, Johnston, Green, Jones, Davis, Robinson, Sims, Pritchard, Hayes, Tannahill, Cawthorne, Beckwith, Pretlow, Williams & Young
13a.   JOHN BASS FAMILY BIBLE - Original record; Inc: Tucker, Great Peter, King of Nansemonds, Mary Jourdan  (NC Digital Collection)
14.   W. C. BEST FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Anderson, Wallett, Parker, Conyers, Evans & Cheek
15.   BOBBITT-JEFFERSON BIBLE - Inc: Hamme, Smith, Bracey, Byerly, Jones, Thomas, Sasser, Rex, Alexander, Wise, Bryant, Jordan, & Perkinson
16.   BOYD BIBLE - Inc: Swepson
17.   BOYD-BURWELL BIBLE - Inc: Swepson, Spotswood, Thornton, Davis & Hawkins
18.   BOYD-JONES BIBLE - Inc: Massenburg & Speed
19.   ROBERT JAMES BOYD BIBLE - Inc: Davis, Robinson, Morecock, Twitty & Patterson
20.   WASHINGTON LENOIR BRANCH FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Lewis, O'Donald, Hester, Ballard, Bradley & Lawson
20a.   WILLIAM J. BRANCH FAMILY BIBLE- Inc: Cheatham, Harris, Hayes, Stallings, Thomas, Townes (NC Digital)
21.   WILLIAM NORWOOD BRANCH SR BIBLE - Inc: Lewis, Robertson, Christian, Chambers, Chofin, Avis, Pearlman, Anderer, Edmiston, Buckner, Schleder & McNair
22.   BRICKLE BIBLE - Inc: Allen
22a.   BRODIE FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Yarbrough, Williams  (NC Digital Collection)
23.   BROWN BIBLE RECORD - Inc: Macolum, House & Egerton
24.   PEYTON JAMES BROWN SR BIBLE - Inc: Harris, Turner & King
25.   BURCHETT FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Tucker, Horn, Fisher, Vaughan & Mize
26.   MILTON RAY BURROWS BIBLE- Inc: Pegram, Jones, Harton, Shearin, & Nicholson

W. H. BURWELL BIBLE - Inc:  Pettway, Cole & Ballard

28.   CAWTHORNE FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Blount, Plummer, White & McHenry
29.   CHAPIN-PENDLETON BIBLE - Inc: Dennison
30.   CHEEK FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Pitchford & Hardy
32.   CLARK-LANIER-PENDLETON BIBLE RECORDS - Inc: Pearce, Whitaker, Myers, Hamilton, Jones, Eborn, Campbell, Hartmost, Cherry, Clark, Johnston, O'Hagan, Jenkins, Kennedy, Grimes, Bailey, Cates, Hawkins, Busbee, Conn, Shaw, Bagley & Boston
33.   CLEMENT BIBLE RECORDS - Inc: Squire, Myrick, Fergerson, Ivey, Harrison, Whitehead, Fox, Rightmyer & Landram
33a.   COBB BIBLE -Inc: Ellington, Fleming, Hilliard
35.   EBENEZER COLEMAN BIBLE & VIRGINIA WHITE COLEMAN - wife of LEVI COLEMAN BIBLE - Inc: Gill, Perkinson, Walker, White, Smith, Hawks & Rose
36.   WILLIAM R COLEMAN BIBLE - Inc: Hicks, Powell, Wiggins & Kinsley  (available at the NC Digital Collection)
37.   MICHAEL COLLINS BIBLE - Inc: Cottrell, Brake, Fitts, Clegg, Williams, Campbell, Harrison, Arrington, Postell, Tarry, Plummer, Petar & Sturges
38.   COLLINS BIBLE - Inc: Shearin, Hawks, Gooch, Haithcock, Thompson, Rankoff, Dowling, Hester, Medlin, Bishop, Broyles, Peterson, Cathrey, Abbott, Bowden & Compton
39.   COPLEY FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Thacker, Smith, Walker, Elam, Hines, Dickerson, Pully, Taylor & Benford
40.   CURRIN-WATKINS-FLEMING BIBLE RECORDS - Inc: Stallings, Gettings, Ayscue, Compton, Flippen, Cleland, Stansbury, Webster, Walker, Alley, Haddock, Throckmorton, Vaughan, Stegall, Raney, Fallenin & Stiff
40b.   D.A.R. BIBLE RECORDS, BOOK  B- Inc: Bailey, Barclay, Briscoe, Britton, Brody, Brown, Davis, Grady, Gill, Gully, Harris, Hicks, Hinton, Holding, Johnson, Lake, Lankford, Lamb, Ligon, Mangrum, Martin, Morgan, Price, Royall, Stacey, Taylor, Tomlinson, Ward, White, Williams, Wingate. (NC Digital Collections)
41.   DAVIS BIBLE RECORDS - Inc: Egerton, Bugg, Lummy, Harrington, Harvey, Gilbert & Capps
42.   DAVIS-MASSENBURG BIBLE - Inc: Hilliard, Crawford, Alston, Williams, Slade, Carter, Arrington, Pettaway, Stamp, Hodges, Brickell, Thorne, Murphy, Boddie, Barr, Clark, Perry, Hunt, Kearney, Jones, Hawkins, Boyd, Nicholson, Slade, Speed & Hicks
42a   DAVIS-PESCUD-WILLIAMS FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Syme, Long, Brown, Porter
43.   DAVIS-SPEED-ALSTON-EGERTON BIBLE - Inc: Harris, Jones, Hayes, Thompson, Southerland, Powell, Littlejohn
43a.   DAVIS- WILLIAMS FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Egerton, Clanton, Powell, Syme
44.   GEORGE WELDON DAVIS FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Johnson, Hunter, Burt, Scull, Cooper, York, Modlin, Williams, Porter & McCrowder
45.   ISHAM H DAVIS BIBLE - Inc: Pitchford, Cheek, Buchannon, Cullom, Deaton, Clark, Reavis & Bugg
46.   JOSHUA DAVIS BIBLE - Inc: Cole, Smith, Walker, Quincy, Boyd & Sturdivant
47.   ROBERT E DAVIS BIBLE - Inc: Peter, Kearney & Tharrington
49.   DUNCAN FAMILY BIBLE - Inc: Jones, Bell, Goss, Durant, Hedrick, Turper, Ross & Mustian
50.   ROSA G  EATON BIBLE - Inc: Gilmour, Alston & Arrington
50a.   EGERTON BIBLE - Inc: Judkins, Mingea, Norsworthy

Updated: 01/18/2015