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Warren County Bible Records- D

Note: For privacy purposes, Births and Marriages after 1930 that are included in the original Bibles have been edited out, unless a death date is also included here.

Davis Bible Records

1970, in possession of Mrs. Irene D. Capps, 701 Rose Street, Rocky Mount, N. C.

Husband: Richard Blount Davis, born May 11, 1866, son of James Davis and Mary Cofield Cheek
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Egerton, born August 16, 1872, daughter of Elizabeth Darien Cheek and Harry Thomas Egerton


Rosa Lee Davis to Albert Bugg
Herbert E. Davis to Naomi Lummy
Ruth E. Davis to John E. Harrington
James F. Davis to Florence Harvey
Lena M. Davis to Eugene Gilbert
Irene D. Davis to George Capps

Herbert Egerton Davis Nov. 16, 1891
Rosa Lee Davis June 15, 1893
Ruth Elizabeth Davis May 8, 1985
Arthur Burrell Davis July 3, 1897
James Frederick Davis Sept 30, 1899
Wilbur Forest Davis July 5, 1902
Maggie Vivian Davis Nov. 6, 1903
Selma Gray Davis May 21, 1906
Lena Margaret Davis June 26, 1908
Richard Blount Davis, Jr. Aug. 7, 1909
Irene Darien Davis May 12, 1911
Hazel Meredith Davis Aug 5, 1913

Rosa Davis Bugg Feb. 1920
Arthur Burwell Davis July 1920
Maggie Vivian Davis Feb. 28, 1928
Selma Gray Davis Oct. 17, 1925
Richard Blount Davis, Jr. June 10, 1917
Richard Blount Davis, Sr. Sept. 29, 1914




Davis-Massenburg Bible

This folder has two distinct documents.
Part 1

Davis-Massenburg Families
Now, 1971, in possession of Miss Mariam Boyd, Warrenton, N. C.

Polly Glenn Hicks, dau. of Miles Hicks was born January 30th in Date 1802
Polly Hicks Died the 19th October 1807
Tabitha Died the 26th July 1794
William Parker Hicks died 23 July 1805
Edna Hicks was Born the 23 february 1808
Edna Hicks Died the 12th of July 1811
Judith Homer? Hicks Died the 6th January 1806

Married Lucy Henry Davis Dec 8th 1831 and died Oct 25th 1867
Mariam Stamp Massenburg Born 1808, died in Va. Sept 1825 aged 16 years & 11 months
Ann Bryan Massenburg married 2nd to Kimbrough Jones, died at Crabtree near Raleigh April 1815
Lucy H. Massenburg died Sep 26th 1896

Isaac Hilliard 1738
Leah Crawford 1749
Isaac Hilliard & Leah Crawford were married in
Elizabeth Jane Hilliard their daughter was born in 1769 & married Archibald Davis in 1789 she died Aug 25th 1816
Archibald Davis Died 1821 Feb 22nd. Their children were Ann Maria married Josiah Crudup. She died March 1822
Archibald H. Davis married Lucy Massenburg & Cornelia Key?
Elizabeth Jane Davis married Nicholas Falcon Alston
Martha H. Davis married Edward Alston
Harty Hodge Davis married Robert Williams
Mary Kearney Davis married John Williams
Thomas Davis married 1st Mary Ann Slade, 2nd Pattie Bacheler
John Colvin Davis married Lucy Plummer Alston
Lucy H. Davis married Nicholas Boyor Massenburg
Isaac Hilliard’s parents were William Hilliard & Julia ---
William Hilliard’s parents were were John Hilliard & Elizabeth ---
Leah Crawford’s parents were Carter Crawford & Elizabeth Kearney
Carter Crawford died in 1782. His parents were Carter Crawford & Sarah Swan. He died in 1743.
Carter Crawford’s parents were Robert Crawford and Elizabeth Carter who was a great belle & an heiress
Elizabeth Carter’s parents were George Carter & Mary ---
George Carter’s parents were William Carter & Alice born 1599 & 1600. they lived in Southwood Parish Virginia in Surry County had lands granted them May 21st, 1638
Great Great Grand Mother Crawford’s Sister Mary married a Cary, Sister Annie married a Phillip, their brother Henry never married
Great Great Grandfather Carter Crawford who married Elizabeth Kearney had five children namely
1st Leah married Isaac Hilliard
2nd Martha married Joel Arrington
3rd Lucy married Mr. Pell
4th Elizabeth married Mr. Pettway
5th Henry never married, died near Bacon’s castle – Surry Co Va in 1826 leaving a large estate
Isaac Hilliard and Leah Crawford were the Grand parents of Lucy H. Massenburg who was a daughter of Archibald Davis & Elizabeth June Hilliard
Archibald Davis born April 4th 1766 & died Feb 22nd 1821
Elizabeth J. Hilliard Davis Born 1769 Died 1816
Dr Cargill Massenburg son of Nich. Massenburg & Lucy Cargill Born Sep 29th 1768 Died ---
Ann Bryan Daughter of Benjamin & Mariam Stamp Born March 26th 1785 married Dr Cargill Massenburg 1801
Lucy Cargill Massenburg born 1802, married Archibald H. Davis 1827 & Died May 7th 1835
Nicholas Bryan Massenburg born April 5th 1806

Mr. William Hicks Decr 20th 1878

Dear Sir
I leave with this note in case of Mr Thos Branch the old Bible of which I spoke to you some months ago, which once belonged to your grandfather Hicks. My first wife through afflicted & could not read appreciated it highly as a family Relict and for her sake I have Kept it a precious treasure. I would have given it to her surviving half brother, but do not suppose from appearances that he would appreciate it either as the word of God or a family relict. I therefore present it to you believing you will appreciate it for both. It’s intrinsic value is small, very small, but as a family Relict is valuable indeed. Here we may read and at the same time feel that our eyes are out, looking the identical words, lines, & pages which our ancestors perused & upon which they meditated and by the Ending were no doubt blessed. Please accept it from one who is your friend, not an account of its intrinsic, but its Relict value. Had I not every reason to believe you will treasure it up as precious[,] I would have Retained it while I live for the law and appreciation of my first but Carry since departed well beloved wife.
I am dear Sir
Truly your friend
E H Riggan


Part 2

[Please note that there are errors in this Bible Record. The Thomas Davis who is called “General” below was, in reality, the Thomas Davis who left a will in Halifax County, North Carolina dated 29 Sep 1764 and found on Halifax County Will Book 1, page 153. He had married Hartwell Hodges in Virginia. General Thomas Davis, his son, died in Fayetteville, North Carolina on September 25, 1822. (Lois S. Neal, Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers 1820-1829 Volume II (1980, second printing, Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina Genealogical Society), 174, no. 1438) The older Thomas Davis did have a brother (Lewis Davis) but either one of them being born outside Virginia is very doubtful. The older Thomas Davis had no war experience.]

Davis-Massenburg Families
Written by Lucy Henry Davis, the wife of Nicholas Bryer Massenburg. Lucy Henry Davis was the daughter of Archibald Davis who married Elizabeth Hilliard.
Now, 1971, in the possession of Miss Mariam Boyd
Warrenton, N. C.

Gen’l Thomas Davis – Mrs. Lucy Massenburg Paternal Grandfather married a Miss Hodges. Her father & his brother came to America from Eng. They fought in the War & it angered their father so much that they should turn against “The Crown” that he left no provision for them in his will but it was said that he left it to descend to their heirs at the expiration of 100 yrs.
Gen’l Thomas Davis & his wife Harty Hodges had five sons and one daughter
Fred married
Dolphin Davis married Ann Severcema? 7 Ja (light)
Dolphin died Nov 1818
Tom (don’t know if married)
Archibald married Elizabeth Hilliard 1789, Died 1821
Martha or Sally never married

Archibald & Elizabeth had 12 children, viz.
Ann Maria 1st married Mr. Brickel & then Mr. Josiah Crudup
Elizabeth Crawford married Mr. Nicholas Alston
Hardy Hodges married Mr. Rob’t Williams
James H. died in childhood
Leah Hilliard died in childhood
Archibald Hilliard 1st married Lucy Massenburg 2nd Miss Cornelia Kearney
Martha H. married Mr. Edward Alston
Mary Kearney married Mr. Jno. Williams
Temperance W. married Mr. Wim. Thorne
Thos. Davis (Dr.) married Pattie Bachelor
Jno. Calvin married Lucy Plummer Alston
Lucy Henry married Mr. Nicholas B. Massenburg

[page 2]Isaac Hilliard Mrs. L. H. Hassenburg’s Maternal Grandfather married Miss Leah Crawford from Virginia. They had Elizabeth, Isaac, James, Carter, John, Henry (died young), & Martha who married Mr. Nat Hunt & went to Tenn.
1st Isaac married Miss Marg Murphy they raised a large family moved to Tenn. & died there.
2nd James married Miss Mourning Boddie – raised 3 sons & 3 daughters viz – Isaac, James, Elijah, Betsy, Tempie, and Leah
Betsy married Jonas Carr – They had 4 children
Tempie married Jno. Buxton Williams. They raised a large family she died & he then married the widow of Mr. Clark who was Miss Tempie Thorn of Halifax. He died and left her without children.
Leah married Dr. Sydney Perry & had (Jere, Stella, Sydney, Beurrett, Nellie, Tempie, Redding, Henry, & Ginevieve) 8 children.
3rd Carter married a Miss Hunt – uncle Nat’s sister
4th John married Betsy Tunstall. They had 4 children viz. Lucy, Robert, John, & Betsey.
Elizabeth Mrs L. H. Massenburg’s mother married Mr. Archibald Davis 1789 being at that time 21 years of age. She was engaged to (my father Son Baldie Davis for nearly 7 years. Her father wished her to marry another man. She told him she did not love him & if she did not marry Mr. Davis she would never marry any one. They continued to love & wait to when she was 21 she asked for permission be married at home – to run away would be disrespectful & unrefined. Her father gave his permission for her to be married there this would never give her any of the property. They were married & lived happily. Had 12 children. Raised 10 to become grown & married.
1st The oldest Ann Maria born in 1790 married Mr. Ben Brickle who lived only 1 year. Left her with an infant child who died after a few years. Ann Maria married Mr. Josiah Crudup a member of Congress & also a Baptist minister. They had 4 children, viz: Archibald who is now living, never married. James the 2nd son went to Ala. quite a young man & died. Edward (the Dr.) married Miss Columbia Jones. [page 3]They had 4 daughters & 3 sons, Sallie, Lily, Columbia, & Annie Davis, Percy, Edward, & Jones.
Martha married Mr. Joshua Perry & moved to Texas where she died leaving only 1 son Ed who married a Miss Ward.
2nd Elizabeth Crawford – born 1792 married Mr. Nicholas Alston. She had only 2 sons Tom, Nic, & Arch. her husband died & her father wished her to come back home & live with him, he would support her, his wife had died & he wanted her to take charge of the house & younger children which she did.
3rd Harty Hodges born 1793 married Mr. Rob’t Williams. They had five children. Eliza who married Mr. James Yarborough. Ruina married Mr. Tom Alston. Dr. Edgar married Miss Virginia Kearney & Arch married Miss Lucy Louis of Granville Co. & Martha married Mr. Benj. T. Ballard.
4th Leah Hilliard Davis born in 1795. Died in 1796.
5th Jas. H. Davis born in 1797. Died in 1798.
6th Archibald H. Davis born in 1799. Died in 1854. He was first married to Miss Lucy Massenburg. She died & left no children. He then married Miss Cornelia Kearney & had 6 children. Wm. K. married Miss Mary Jones. Thos. W. who married Miss Penelope Jones – daughter of Mr. Kimbrough Jones. Maria Alston married her cousin Edward Alston. Bettie married Mr. Dick Respass. Lula married Col. Wm. H. Yarborough & died leaving 1 son & 1 daughter (Fanny & Dick). Rebecca married Mr. Marmaduke Hawkins. They had several children.
7th child of Archibald & Elizabeth Davis was Martha H. born 1801, married Mr. Edward Alston. They lived to be old. He was 65 & died leaving her with 4 sons: Alfred, Nic, William, & Edward, & 1 daughter, Mary who now lives in Washington City. Al married Miss Polly Kearney.

[page 4]
William married Miss Laura Eaton
Ed married Miss Maria Davis
Nic died single, Mary not married.
8th Mary Kearney Davis born 1802 married Mr. Jno. Williams. They had 4 children, Lizzie who married Dr. Peter Hawkins. Tom who married Miss Virginia Boyd. John died. Lucy married Col. Wm H. Polk a brother of President Jas. K. Polk.
9th Temperance W. Davis born 1804, died Aug 1854. She married Mr. Wm. Thorne. They had 10 children. Martha married Mr. Tom Nicholson. He died & left her with 3 sons & 3 daughters. The 2nd daughter married Mr. David Clark who is the father of Judge Walter Clark. then there is Edward, William, Sam & John, Lucy who also married a Nicholson – Marbelle married Plummer Alston. Dora married Al Alston. Tempie married Sam Clark & afterwards Jno. Buxton Williams.
10th Dr Thos. Davis born 1806 died in 1862. He was first married to Miss Mary Slade by whom there were 4 daughters, Bettie, Lucy, Tempie, and Laura & 3 sons, Dolphin, Tom, & Gus. He next married Miss Pattie Bachelor by whom he had 1 daughter & 3 sons, Mollie, Frank, John & Nic.
11th child of Archibald & Elizabeth Davis who was one of the best men that ever lived is John Calvin Davis – born 1808, died 1889. He married Miss Lucy Plummer Alston. They lived happily & raised 7 children viz. Baldy who married a Miss Charlotte Harris, Mary, married Bob Speed, Pattie married Rob’t Alston, Hodges married Geo. Jones & went to Texas where she died. Plummer married his cousin Mary Alston, Lula died after her papa & Alfred has never married.
12th Lucy Henry born Oct 11th 1811 married to Nicholas B. Massenburg Dec 8th 1831. They had 13 children – raised 9 to become grown.

Lucy Henry was the 12th child of Archibald & Elizabeth Davis was the youngest child. Her mother died when she was quite young – she had no recollection of her. Her father lived 4 yrs. after his wife’s death. He requested his oldest daughter Mrs. Nicholas Alston who was a widow to live there [page 5] & take charge of the children. 3 of his daughters were nearly grown. Dr. Tom, John, & Lucy were left at home. There were no Sunday Schools in those days & but little preaching. We lived far back in the country & perhaps several times during the year an Ironside Baptist might preach in the neighborhood, so had but few religious advantages but their sister was one of the best & most refined ladies that ever lived. I, Lucy, went to an old field school for a few months only, then so as --- to Mrs. Kearney’s to board & go to school to Mrs. Lucas. Mr. Wiley was the Male teacher. Lucy was very fond of Mrs. Kearney & said she was a good (torn) much like her own children Mrs. Kearney treated her. She went from Mrs. Kearneys to Warrenton to attend the school of Mr. & Mrs. Plunkett, (Mrs. P_ was a daughter of Mr. Mordecai[)] where she was kept at school for 4 yrs. She was there sent to Hillsboro to finish off her schooling. There she boarded in Lawyer Scott’s family. There were good pious Presbyterians & she was so much struck with their strict piety she thought when she joined a church she would be a Presbyterian. An Episcopal minister afterwards Bishop Green was Principal of the school. He was a pious christian gentleman an much beloved by the school. She returned from school & the good impressions lay dormant for she went out in gay company to Balls, Parties, Weddings, & c, learned to play cards & enter into all the amusements of the day, dancing, & c. Still good impressions followed & she would think at times she would stop.
She attended a Camp Meeting at Pearce’s Camp Ground in Halifax Co. in 1830. There was a great revival & a number of good ministers at work. Among them Dr. R. O. Burton Doggett, Stephen Jones & others. She & a number [page 6] of her companions professed religion (illegible) back to her home in Warren Co. & joined the church at Old Shady Grove – Rev. Stephen Jones baptized her (& also married her). She then in her 19th year made a vow to renounce the world & its vainties, took off her curals & her jewelry; quit playing cards & dancing. Has never played a game since & would never sit in a room & look on when such things were carried on. She was anxious to shun every appearance of evil. In her 20th year, she married Mr. Nicholas B. Massenburg on the 8th Dec 1831. He brought her to their home “Woodleaf” near Louisburg soon after & she has spent every Xmas since that time under the protecting roof of the dear homestead – where she spent 36 years of wedded bliss with the husband of her choice whom she adored & by whom she had 13 children. 4 died in infancy. Archibald, her oldest graduated at Randolph Macon College, Va. in his 20th year. He then went to merchandising in co-partnership with Mr. B. T. Ballard in Louisburg where he (unreadable) until the War broke out. He was commissary in Cook’s brigade, 15th Reg’t, N. C. Troops when the commissaries were abolished. He went into the ranks but was offered a Lieutenant’s place which he accepted. He was wounded in the battle of Bristow Station, Va. Came home where he was tenderly married & died in 10 mos.
Wiley Perry her 2nd son went to Texas soon after he became of age – where he farmed until the War. He was one of Terry’s Texas Rangers. He contracted severe rheumatism from exposure & had to come home – employed a substitute. He was married in Feb 1872 to Miss Panthea Boyd, a lovely woman, by whom he had 5 children, 3 died, 2 Boyd & Speed are now at school in Warrenton. Her third son Wm Edward also went to Texas & he (unintelligible) merchandising in Boston Bonnie Co. He married Miss Sallie Moss but when the war broke out he left his family & remained until the close of War. Escaped unhurt from leaden balls but contracted rheumatism which caused him to be a great sufferer [page 7] who he has prospered in business & is now an influential citizen in the city of Paris, Lamar Co. Texas. They had 14 children, Mary, Nicholas, Lucy, Eugenia, Robert, Walter, Willie, Hugh, Bev, Sallie, Augustus, Florence, & Bettie. [only 13 listed] Their first born died aged 3 das. Married Nicholas [sic]
Mary married in 18__ Mr. Lee M. Preston, a most excellent christian gentleman. They are living in Bonham, Texas. Lucy, a beautiful young lady much beloved, died in 1891 with dysentery. Nicholas is in California. The others are still with father & mother at their home in Paris, Texas.




Davis - Pescud - Williams Family Bible Records

(Transcribed by D. Williams)

Hugh D. Williams son of Buckner Davis. & Elizabeth Syme Williams Died March 21st 1953.

Buckner Davis & Elizabeth Syme Williams were married November the 3rd A.D. 1853.
John Syme & Bettie Council Williams were married January 9th A.D. 1889.
John Wesley & Elizabeth Williams Brown were married Oct 31st 1894 A.D.
Emma Buckner daughter of Buckner Davis and Elizabeth Syme Williams and Duglas Porter was married Jan 7th 1903. Christ Church by Rev. M. M. Marshall Raleigh, NC.
Hugh Davis & Mary Ingram Williams were married Nov 26, 1913 at Bolivar, Tenn.
Walker Anderson & Belle Pescud Williams were married Feby 21 1914 at New Berne, NC.
Peter Pescud Williams & Ruth Mason Long were married Oct 26/40 at Good Shepard Church Raleigh NC
Rebecca Davis Williams & William Lunsford Long Jr. were married Sep 3/1940 at Christs Church Norfolk, VA

Buckner Davis Williams son of William C. & Rebecca Davis Williams was born July the 18th A.D. 1833.
Rebecca Davis daughter of Buckner D. & Elizabeth S. Williams was born July the 24th A.D. 1858.
Mary Louisa, daughter of Buckner D. & Elizabeth S.Williams was born October the 19th A.D. 1860.
John Syme, son of Buckner D. and Elizabeth S. Williams was born November the 23d A.D. 1862.
Elizabeth Batte-daughter of John W. and Mary C. Syme was born the 14th day of March A.D. 1835.
Hugh Davis son of Buckner Davis and Elizabeth Syme Williams was born March the 23d A.D. 1866.
Walker Anderson Williams, son of Buckner D. & Elizabeth Syme was born Aug. 17th 1870
Evan Cameron Williams son of Buckner D. & lizabeth Syme Williams, was born Aug. 13th 1872.
Lizzie Wiltison Williams daughter of Buckner D. & Elizabeth Syme Williams was born Aug 20th 1874.
Emma Buckner Williams daughter of Buckner D. & Elizabeth Syme Williams was born March 18th 1876.
Mary Alice daughter of John Syme & Bettie Council Williams was born Sept 29th 1889.
Maude Lenoir, daughter of John Syme & Bettie Council Williams was born August 28th 1892
Walker Francis son of John Syme & Bettie Council Williams was born June 18th 1894.
Mary Elizabeth daughter of John Wesley & Elizabeth Williams Brown was born Sept 1st 1895.
John W. Brown Jr. son of John Wesley & Elizabeth Wms. Brown was born Nov 18th/1897
Peter Pescud son of Walker A. & Belle P. Williams was borne Dec. 15, 1914, 548 Person St. Raleigh, NC.
Rebecca Davis daughter of Walker A. & Belle P. Williams was borne Sept. 29, 1919. 205 E Franklin St Raleigh, NC

Buckner Davis Williams son of William C. & Rebecca Davis Williams died Thursday morning at 2 o'clock September 11th, 1884.
Mrs. Rebecca Davis Williams wife of William C. Williams departed this life Jan 4, 1858
William Crover[?] Wms. departed this life July 3rd 1877.
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
John Syme Williams son of Buckner Davis & Elizabeth Syme Williams departed this life Jan 27 1932.
Ovid D. Porter son of John H. Porter & Mary Snelling Porter Husband of Emma Williams Porter died March 5th 1946 in his 70th year.
Elizabeth Syme Williams wife of Buckner Davis Wms. departed this life April 27th 1906.
Rebecca Davis daughter of Buckner Davis and Elizabeth Syme Williams departed this life Dec 18th 1903 at Beltmore Hospital, Ashville, NC.
Elizabeth Williams wife of John W. Brown died October 18 1924.
Mary L. Williams daughter of Buckner D. & Elizabeth Williams died Dec 6th at 3 o'clock p.m. 1951.
Evan Cameron Williams son of Buckner Davis & Elizabeth Syme Williams died Sept 3rd at 10:30 p.m. in his 80th year, 1952.
Isabella Pescud Williams wife of Walker Anderson Williams died Jany 10th 1953 at Raleigh NC.
Walker Anderson Williams, son of Buckner Davis Williams and Elizabeth Syme Williams, died July 17, 1963 at Raleigh, NC.
Peter Pescud Williams, Jr. son of Peter Pescud Williams And Ruth Mason Long Williams, died September 30, 1972 at Raleigh, NC at age 27 years.

[This page is very faded]
William C. Williams was born Apr. 18, 1797. his wife Rebecca Davis was born Mch 23 1796.
William C. & Rebecca Davis Williams, married July 1st 1819.
Buckner [illegible] son of W. C. & Rebecca Davis was born July 18th 1833.
Buckner Davis Williams died Sept. 11th 1884, in Warrenton, NC.
Buckner Davis & Elizabeth Syme Wms. were married Nov 3rd 1853.
Elizabeth Syme Williams departed this life Apr 27th 1906 at twelve eight o'clock.
The old Williams homestead is still in the family, as Willie Gray Egerton has bought it at the small sum of five hundred dollars. such a shame there are over 100 acres of fine land.
Mama was married at 17 years old so you can calculate & see when she was born.

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Davis-Speed-Alston-Egerton Bible
1976, owned by Mrs. Dean DeMasi, 1808 Manuel St., Raleigh, N. C. 27612

John C. Davis, son of P. A. Davis and Mary P. Davis May 19, 1886
Pattie Ballard Egerton, dau. of R. E. and A. B. Egerton Mar. 6, 1918
Annie Belle Egerton (Anne), dau. of R. E. and A. B. Egerton Dec. 10, 1931
Mary Jones Davis, dau. of A. H. & Charlotte E. Davis June 15, 1858
Laura Alston Davis, dau of A. H. & C. E. Davis Apr. 24, 1860
A. H. Davis, child of A. H. Davis & C. E. Davis Nov. 3, 1861
Lucy H. Davis, dau. of A. H. Davis & C. E. Davis Feb. 10, 1864
Minnie Davis, dau. of A. H. & C. E. Davis Mar. 28, 1866
Lizzy Tannahill Alston, dau. of R. W. & P. D. Alston Mar. 24, 1866
Lucy Davis Alston, dau. of R. W. & P. D. Alston Apr 13, 1868
Solomon W. Alston, son of R. W. & P. D. Alston Feb. 13, 1870
Pattie Plummer Alston, dau. of R. W. & P. D. Alston Apr 29, 1872
Samuel Alston, son of R. W. & P. D. Alston Nov. 5, 1874
Sarah Wharton Alston Feb. 18, 1879
Robt. W. Alston Jr. Jan. 13, 1882
Annie Belle Alston Aug. 19, 1885
Archibald H. Davis Jan. 24, 1832
Mary P. Davis Jan. 15, 1835
Alfred A. Davis Nov. 4, 1887
Hattie H. Davis Feb. 11, 1889
John C. Davis Feb. 10, 1841
Martha H. Davis Oct. 23, 1842
Susan E. Davis Mar. 15, 1844
Lucy E. Davis Sept. 23, 1840
Plummer A. Davis Nov. 23, 1848
Alfred A. Davis Sept. 12, 1850
John Davis Speed Sept. 11, 1854
Anne Jones Speed Dec. 18, 1855
R. A. Speed Jr. Dec. 8, 1856
Lucy Alston Speed Sept. 26, 1858
John Davis Speed, son of Robt. & Mary Speed July 18, 1860
Rosa Bell Speed May 10, 1862
Alfred Alston Speed Feb. 15, 1864
Henry Speed Apr. 13, 1865
Archabald Speed Feb. 28, 1867
Thos Nick Speed Feb. 6, 1868
Minnie S. Speed Oct. 21, 1869
Eugena D. Speed blurred
W. Elmo M. Speed June 3, 1874

John C. Davis & Lucy F. Alston Mar. 10, 1831
R. A. Speed & Mary D. Davis Nov. 2, 1853
A. H. Davis & Charlotte E. Harris Sept. 15, 1857
George D. Jones & Hodgie H. Davis Dec. 6, 1859
R. W. Alston & Pattie H. Davis June 21, 1865
Plummer Davis & Mary P. Alston Nov. 19, 1884
Lizzie T. Alston & John W. Hayes Nov. 26, 1884
Louis F. Thompson & Lula D. Alston Nov. 29, 1893
Solom Southerland & Mattie P. Alston June 11, 1902
John C. Powell & Sarah W. Alston Oct. 28, 1903
Robert E. Egerton & Anne Bell Alston Dec. 28 1916
Laura A. Davis & Walter H. Daniel Dec. 6, 1883
Rosa Belle Speed & Edward Thorne Alston Nov. 14. 1883
Laura M. Littlejohn & R. A. Speed Jr. Oct. 22, 1884
Lizzie S. Alston & John W. Hayes Nov. 26, 1884
Solom Southerland & Pattie T. Alston June 11, 1902

John C. Davis June 1, 1886
Solomon W. Alston May 24, 1870
Samuel Alston Oct. 14, 1962
Sarah Wharton Alston Mar. 20, 1975
Annie Belle Alston Nov. 23, 1974
Alfred A. Davis June 1838
John C. Davis Jr. July 1841
Susan E. Davis Mar. 1, 1851
Hartie Hodge Jones, dau. of Jno. C. and Lucy F. Davis May 8, 1860
Lucy E. Davis Nov. 8, 1888
A. H. Davis Sept. 4, 1891
Mary P. Davis Sept. 30, 1892
Lucy F. Davis Aug. 9, 1873
John C. Davis Mar. 9, 1889
Mary Davis Speed Mar. 11, 1914
Plummer A. Davis June 25, 1912
Alfred A. Davis May 23, 1910

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Davis-Williams Bible

(Transcribed by D. Williams)

Matthew Davis departed this life December 23rd 1826
Wyatt Williams departed this life November 7th 1820
Stephen D. Williams departed this life Sept. 4, 1826
A son departed this life April 17th 1827
A son departed this life on May 3rd 1831.
Mary Davis departed this life April 3rd 1833
Wm. Williams departed this life August 1836
Elizabeth Williams Mother of W. C. Williams departed this life November 1843
Rebecca D. Williams departed this life January 4th 1858
Emma R. Egerton departed this life June 18th 1859.

Mary A. Clanton departed this life January 21, 1856
William C. Williams died July 3d at 6 1/2 O'clock P.M. 1877.
William Wallace Williams son of William C. & Rebecca Davis Williams died 23rd December 1882.
Buckner Davis Williams son of William C. & Rebecca Davis Williams died 10 minutes of 2 o'clk on Thursday A.M. Sept. 10th 1884.

William C. Williams was born April 18th 1797.
Rebecca Davis was born March 23rd 1796
Matthew W. Williams was born August 6th 1820
Mary Ann E. Williams was born February 7th 1822
Martha J. Williams was born June 13th 1823
Stephen D. Williams was born January 26th 1825
A son born March 6th 1827
Emily Rebeccah Williams was born August 15th 1828
A son born the 3rd May 1831
Buckner D. Williams son of Wm. C. Williams & Rebecca Williams was born July 18th 1833
William Williams son of the same was born March 27th 1835
Tho's D. Williams son of the same was born Decbr. 5th 1836
Elizabeth E. Williams daughter of W.C. W. & R. Williams was born September 1st 1840
William Wallice Williams son of the same was born February 7th 184_[torn]

William C. Williams & Rebecca Davis were married July 1st 1819.
Dr. Lemuel B. Powell of Nashville Tennessee & Martha J. Williams of Warren Cty No. Ca. were married May the 14th 1848.
Buckner Davis Williams & Elizabeth Batte Syme were married November 3rd 1853.
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George Weldon Davis Bible
George W. Davis Arcola, Warren County, North Carolina
October 19th 1877
1973, in possession of Mr. George Weldon Davis, Arcola, N. C.

George W. Davis born November 11th 1835
Mary Beaufort Davis born July 21st 1878, Sunday morning
Rebecca J. Davis born May 6th 1850
Eva Campbell Davis born May 29, 1880, Saturday evening
Elizabeth Rebecca Davis born July 6th 1872, Saturday
Annie Belle Davis born August 11th 1882 Friday
Viola Lee Davis born May 2nd, 1874, Saturday
Weldon Thomas Davis born December 8th 1884
Mattie Cofield Davis born April 6th 1876, Thursday
Pattie Bet Davis born Feb. 28th 1887
Winnie Davis born July 16th 1889

Mattie Cofield Davis and Joseph F. Hunter Dec. 2, 1896
Viola Lee Davis and S. Perry Burt Nov. 16th 1898
Mary Bearfort Davis and St Leon Scull Oct. 16th 1901
Annie Belle Davis & Thomas Cooper 12-4-1906
Wheldon T. Davis & Tomas [Tommie] York Oct. 11, 1910
Pattie Bet Davis & Grover D. Modlin May 10, 1911
George W. Davis and Rebecca J. Johnson, at Pleasant Hill near Ringwood
Sept. 27th 1871

Eva Campbell Davis Jan. 31st 1881, Sunday morning
Winnie Davis July 18th, 1889
George W. Davis May 5, 1909 at 7:50 a. m. Wed
Rebecca J. Davis April 19, 1924, buried Easter Sun.
St. Leon Scull Feb. 10, 1910, 11:00 a. m.
Alma Scull Williams July 24, 1946 at 7:30 a. m.
Robert Bailey Davis Mar. 25, 1943 in North Africa
Thomas A. Cooper May 7, 1951
Dr. Samuel Perry Burt Oct. 14, 1955
Joseph F. Hunter May 21, 1959
Viola Davis Burt June 24, 1961
Grover D. Modlin March 20, 1962
Robert McCrowden July 1928, age 81
Elizabeth Rebecca Davis June 27, 1968
John Exum Porter Jr. October 6, 1968
Mattie Hunter Davis Feb. 8, 1969
Pattie Bet Davis Modlin May 7, 1971
Robert McCrowden July 1928, age 81 years




Isham H. Davis
Bible Records of Isham H. Davis
(In the possession of James R. Davis, Warrenton, N. C.)
Reading by Mary Hinton Kerr, February 24, 1982

Isham H. Davis 8 Oct. 1831
Mollie A. Davis (Mary (“Polly”) Alston Pitchford 11 Dec. 1844
1. Bettie Williams Davis 13 March 1861
2. Bettie Williams Davis 15 Nov. 1863
3. Robert P. Davis 2 March 1866
4. Sallie B. Davis 13 Apr 1868
5. Mollie A. Davis 30 May 1870
6. Mollie H. Davis 14 Feb. 1872
7. George F. Davis 22 Feb. 1874
8. Annie H. Davis 15 June 1876
9. Peter R. Davis 26 Mar. 1878

Joe Pitchford 12 Mar 1875

Bettie W. Davis
William T. (Thomas) Davis b. 5 Oct. 1861
Charles W. Davis b. 8 Oct. 1881
Jefferson Lee Davis b. 29 Mar. 1887

(3) Sallie B. Davis
James A. Cheek born 19 Feb. 1865
Lizzie Cheek b. 28 Mar. 1887
Helen C. Cheek b. 22 Aug. 1889
Irvin T. Cheek b. 15 Jun. 1894
DeLeon Cheek b. 5 Jun. 1898
Robert Davis Cheek b. 13 June 1901
Agnes Bruce Cheek b. 5 Dec. 1904

(3) George Davis
Mary Sue Davis b. 17 Sept. 1879
William Wallace Davis b. 6 Aug. 1903

(9) Peter R. Davis
Nellie M. Buchannon b. 16 Nov. 1881
Fannie Fern Davis b. 13 May 1903
Landon Cheek Davis b. 18 Sept 1906
Richard Randle Davis b. 23 June 1909
Elmer Buchanan Davis b. 15 June 1912
Mary Wilson Davis b. 20 Sept. 1917
Robert Macon Davis b. 27 April 1920

Isham H. Davis & Mollie A. Pitchford 7 Feb 1860
(Mary Alston Pitchford)
William T. Davis & Bettie W. Davis 15 Dec. 1880
James A. Cheek & Sallie B. Davis 15 Dec. 1885
Julius J. Cullom & Mollie H. Davis 11 Jan. 1888
Robert P. Davis & Emma L. Deaton 11 Dec. 1889
Peter R. Davis & Nellie M. Buchanan 6 Oct. 1901
Samuel K. Clark & Annie H. Davis 6 Nov. 1901
George F. Davis & Mary Sue Reavis 24 Aug 1902
Albert S. Bugg & Fannie Fern Davis 23 Aug 1922

Bettie W. Davis 19 June 1863, aged 2 yr. 3 mo. 6 days
Molly A. Davis 1 Oct 1871, 1 yr. 5 mo. 1 day
Isham H. Davis (torn)
George F. Davis 30 Sept. 1904
DeLeon Cheek 9 Nov. 1899
Mollie H. Cullum 23 Nov. 1905 aged 33 yr. 3 mo. 19 days
Mrs. M. A. Davis 23 Sep 1914 aged 65 yr. 9 mo. 12 days
(Mary Alston Pitchford Davis, wife of Isham H. Davis)




Joshua Davis Bible

31 Mar 1970 in possession of Mr. John Boyd Davis, Warrenton, N.C.

Richmond, Va.
July 28, 1959

This Bible came into my possession through my grandfather Zebulon Cole who was born October 24, 1820.
He married Lucy Ann Davis who was born March 11th, 1824. She was the daughter of Benjamin Davis who was born Feb. 1st, 1783. She was the granddaughter of Joshua Davis who was born July 1, 1749. The latter was the father of Benjamin Davis.
The children of Zebulon Cole who married Lucy Ann Davis are the lineal descendants of Joshua Davis who born July 1, 1749.

(Mrs. Charles F.) Lucy Davis Cole

Family Record

Elizabeth Davis May 3, 1775
Joshua Davis July 1st, 1749
Joshua Davis April 1, 1788
Anna Smith February 25, 1753
William Davis June 14, 1790
Charles Davis March 14th, 1771
Anthony Davis Oct. 6, 1792
Lucy Smith Davis February 10th, 1773
Andrew Davis Oct. 6, 1792
Elizabeth Davis May 3rd, 1775
Edward Davis May 29th 1778
Cudbith Davis Feb. 7th 1781
Benjamin Davis Feb. 1st 1783
Nancy Davis June 6th 1785
John Davis March 5th 1796

Z. M. P. Cole 24 October 1820
Lucie A. Davis 11 March 1824
Charles W. Cole Nov. 27th 1848
Julia F. Quincy April 21st 1847

Anthony Davis January 1827
Elizabeth Davis Dec. 18th 1839
Matilda S. Davis Aug. 8th 1852
Lucy Smith Davis Nov. 25th 1793
Edward Davis June 28th 1788
William Davis March 3, 1854
Charles Davis unknown

Joshua Davis 1845
Lucie A. Cole 13 June 1873
Z. M. P. Cole Sr 6 March 1885
Charles W. Cole 27 Nov 1914
Julia Quincy Cole Feb. 9, 1931

Joshua Davis and Anna Smith April 19th, 1770
Joshua Davis and Ann Sturdivant December 9th 1824
Z. M. P. Cole and Lucie A. Davis 12th November 1845
Joshua Davis and Matilda S. Boyd August 12th 1830
John C. or Edward Cole and Rowan Walker 11 Dec 1872
Charles W. Cole and Julia Frances Quincy Dec. 3, 1873




Robert E. Davis Bible
Now, 1970, in possession of Mrs. Mattie Pridgen
Rt. 3, Warrenton, N. C. (pub 1859)

Polly H. Davis Saturday Oct. 25, 1862
Lame Davis Nov. 20th, 1862
Charles E. Davis June 26, 1864
Frank T. Davis January 23, 1865
Peter R. Davis April 15, 1866
Amanda Davis Saturday Oct. 21, 1871
Samuel Davis Monday, Feb. 22, 1892

Children of R. E. Davis & Annie Vincent Petar

Charles Robert Davis Feb. 11, 1906
Mattie Williams Davis April 8, 1909
Harry Petar Davis Mar. 24, 1911
Margaret Vincent Davis Sept. 27, 1913

Children of R. E. Davis & Della his wife

Samuel Davis Feb. 6th 1892
Beverly Tharrington Davis October 12, 1893
Minnie Davis September 9, 1895
Susie May Davis May 10, 1898
Ruth Davis April 28, 1901

Charles E. Davis Feb. 3, 1848
Lame Davis Nov. 10, 1801
Peter R. Davis Feb. 5, 1850
Frank Davis Aug 5th 1854
Lame Davis Jr. 31 Dec. 1856
Amanda Davis May 27, 1826
Polly H. Davis 31st Dec. 1858
Minnie H. Davis Aug. 5, 1861
Robert E. Davis April 6, 1868
Della Tharrington March 31, 1866

Lame Davis and Amanda Kearney March 20th 1847
Robert E. Davis and Della Tharrington Nov. 1, 1888



Shadrack Duke Bible

Mr. Ernst F. Dettner, & Elizabeth K. Clark, of the NEWBERRY LIBRARY, Chicago, Illinois, examined the “DUKE” Bible on January, 24, 1941 and said the Bible was, probably, printed in Philadelphia, Pa., by Matthew Carey, between the years, 1780-1800.

Old Duke Bible (Shadrack Duke) owned, 1972, by Miss Dollie Duke, 3030 S. Detroit, Tulsa, Okla. 74114

Extra copy of late 1700 Duke Bible 1972. Now owned by Miss Dollie Duke.
Shadrack Duke was born April 21st 1769; deceased 15th May 1833
Dicy Duke was born the 20th April 1774
Delmer Duke was born January the 7, 1882
Runsong(?) Duke was born April the 16, 1859

Martha Coopper, dau. of Sarah Duke 23rd of April 1821
Leroy Duke, son of Sarah Duke 13th Mar 1824
Jackson Duke, son of Sarah Duke March 13th 1830
Sarah Duke May 23, 1792
William Duke July 14th 1794
Tempy Duke December 26, 1796
Martha Duke July 5, 1801
Benjamin Duke December 28, 1805
N. Nancy Duke February 24th 1808
Frederick Duke October 20th 1810
James M. Duke November 20th 1812
Henry J. Duke January 2nd 1813
John Hilloss
Green B. Duke March 2?th 1815
Ransom Duke 4 March 1817
Leonidas P. Duke November 12th 181?
Susan Ann February 11, 1826
Elizabeth Dewhart, dau. of Sarah Duke 6th June 1813
Daniel Coopper, son of Sarah Duke March 4th 1817
Bird Cooper, son of Sarah Duke March 26th 1819
Tom Duke April 3rd 1799
Elizabeth duhart June 6th, 1813
Daniel Cooper 4 Mar 1817
Martha Coopper, dau. of Sarah Duke April 23 1821



Duncan Family Bible

William Duncan Apr 1800
Elizabeth B. Duncan 17 Jun 1807
Richard F. Duncan 26 Dec 1830
Gordon C. Duncan 9 Oct 1833
Elizabeth A. E. 5 Jan 1840
Margaret Duncan 9 Oct 1833
James H. Duncan 18 Jun 1902
Charley Wesley Duncan 6 May 1908
Alice R. Duncan 6 Sep 1910
Wilton P. Duncan 10 Feb 1913
Lizzie V. Duncan 30 Mar 1914
Wilton P. Duncan 29 Dec 1916
Annie Bell Duncan 21 Oct 1920
Alton O. Duncan 18 Apr 1913, Sunday
James T. Duncan 29 Dec 1849
Mary Elizabeth Duncan 10 Jun 1871
James William Duncan 5 May 1873
Annie R. Duncan 24 Aug 1875
Thomas B. Duncan 14 Jul 1879
Lula Duncan 20 Sep 1881
Person T. Duncan 20 Mar 1884
James T. Bell, son of R. L. Bell and Annie B. Duncan 6 Jun 1894
Lucy V. Bell 5 Oct 1896
Mannie E. Bell 23 Sep 1898
Robert Edward Lee Bell 18 Aug 1901
Mamia A. Bell 30 Nov 1903
Annie Belle Jones 3 Sep 1884
Edgar Gray Duncan 22 Jun 1925
Thomas Wyatt Duncan Jr. 29 Feb 1904 Monday
Bennie Theoflus Duncan 14 or 16 Nov 1905
Alton OBrient Duncan 8 Apr 1923

Thos. W. Duncan and Annie B. Jones 16 Oct 1921
James H. Duncan and Salena Goss 31 Dec 1925
Bennie Theoflus Duncan and Mary Frances Durant 6 Apr 1930
Thomas Wyatt Duncan Jr. and ??? Odell Hedrick 31 Dec 1931

Mary Elizabeth Duncan 9 Oct 1872
James T. Duncan 29 Apr 1884
Ella V. Duncan 4 Oct 1900
Wilton P. Duncan 28 May 1913
C. H. Jones 8 Aug 1927
Charla Jean Duncan, dau. of Charles and wife Pearl Duncan 18 Oct 1955, two years old
Alton Bennett Duncan, son of Alton and wife Irene Duncan 6 Jun 1956, age 5 days
Annie Bell Jones Duncan 26 Feb 1961, age 76, Sunday 2:30AM
Thomas Wyatt Duncan 4 Jan 1962, age 82, Thursday 12:20 AM
Mannie E. Bell 27 Nov 1901
Annie R. Bell 13 Jul 1914
Richard Duncan Oct 1931
Robt. Lee Bell Oct 1931

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