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Bute Co. was formed  from Granville Co. in 1764 and  abolished in 1779 when it was divided into Warren Co. and Franklin Co.  The courthouse of Bute Co. was located at a place called "Buffalo Rice Path" on land owned by Jethro Sumner about 6 miles southeast of present Warrenton, North Carolina.  Most of the records of Bute County are still located in Warren Co. though some may be found in Franklin Co.

Location of Bute Co., 1764 - 1779 County Area in 1760


County Area in 1770 County Area Today
From the above maps you can see than anyone doing research in Bute Co. should also check for their ancestors in Granville, the parent Co. as well as the present counties of Vance, Warren, Franklin, Wake, Northampton and Halifax and Nash

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