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Welcome to your source for information on your Warren Co., North Carolina ancestors. Above is the picture of the current Warren Co., North Carolina Courthouse.  A mouseover will reveal a picture of the Warren Co. Courthouse as it appeared in an early 19th century painting.  If you look closely, you can see a cow, casually strolling on the roadway.  There is a very amusing story you might enjoy reading about an early Warren Co. doctor's encounter with one such cow on a very dark night.

Thanks to the generosity of Warren Co., NC researchers, we have over 600  pages of data online.  We do hope that you will find something helpful and in turn contribute items from your own files.   Genealogy is truly a gift that  keeps on giving back. We are particularly interested in any cemetery transcriptions for your own family or family photos before 1925.

Your hosts are  Deloris Williams, and Ginger Christmas-Beattie


A Great big Thank You with tears of sadness to our Wonderful Friend, the late Nola Duffy for having created and maintaining this website for so many years. We Thank You for all that you have done for us.

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