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Bute County, North Carolina Deed Records
(Note: There are also Deeds found in all of Mary Hinton Kerr's books.)
Deed Book A by Mary Hinton Kerr
Deed references found in Bute County Court Records
Abstracts of Bute County Deed Books 1 -5 by Mary Hinton Kerr
Transcribed Deeds contributed by other researchers
Bute County, North Carolina Wills, Probates and Guardianships
Bute County Record Book I by Mary Hinton Kerr
Bute County Record Book A by Mary Hinton Kerr
Bute County Record Book 2 by Mary Hinton Kerr
Index to Bute County Wills - Devisor
Index to Bute County Wills - Devisee
Transcribed Wills contributed by other researchers:
Will of William Kendrick, 1776

Guardianships from Bute Co.

Will & Estate of Hannah Thomas-1766  ***New 6-4-2011

Will of John Winston- 1768     ***New 6-4-2011
Bute County,  North Carolina Marriages
Index to Bute County Marriage Bonds
Bute County,  North Carolina Families
Index to Bute County Family Histories
Bute County,  North Carolina Historical Documents
Bute County Committee of Safety
Bute County Oath of Allegiance

Bute County - Other items of interest

Person's Ordinary
Map with Bute County Courthouse
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