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These Family Group Sheets are being posted for the information of William McGowan, Sr. (c.1798-1782) family researchers. Each of these individuals below will be accompanied by deeds, census, probate and any other records available. Anyone with information they will share with the rest of the family, please contact me. Also, please contact me if you are researching any of the many branches of our wide-spread family.  I am sure that my research will contain mistakes and omissions which will need corrections and additions. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

These records are only for the use of McGowan researchers and NOT for the use of any commercial organization. Sale of these records is forbidden. Any use for purposes other than McGowan and allied families research is forbidden without the express permission of those who have done the research.

Generation I

William McGOWAN, Sr. (c.1708-c.1782) - Our Earliest Known Ancestor!

Generation II

Children of William McGowan, Sr.

Joseph McGOWAN, Sr. (c.1745-c.1801) - s/o William McGowen, Sr.

John McGOWAN (c.1748-c.1800) - s/o William McGowen, Sr.

William McGOWAN, Jr. (c.1755-c.1807) - s/o William McGowen, Sr.

Generation III

Children of Joseph McGowan

Joseph McGOWEN, Jr. (c.1769-c.1850's) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Sr.

James McGOWAN (c.1774-1854) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Sr.

Child of John McGowan

Job McGOWAN (c.1779-c.1850's) - s/o John McGowan

Generation IV - Part 1

Children of Joseph McGowen, Jr.

Amos McGOWEN (c.1795-c.1840's) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Jr.

James McGOWEN (c.1801-1840) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Jr.

Samuel McGOWEN (c.1808-1849) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Jr.

Dempsey Bryant McGOWEN (1815-1899) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Jr.

Walker McGOWEN (c.1818-aft.1850) - s/o Joseph McGowen, Jr.

Generation IV - Part 2

Children of James McGowan

Levi McGOWAN (c.1794-1875) - s/o James McGowan

Isaac McGOWAN (c.1796-1853) - s/o James McGowan

Joseph McGOWAN (c.1797-1866) - s/o James McGowan

Wiley McGOWAN (c.1802-1868) - s/o James McGowan

Rebecca (McGOWAN) CARAWAN (c.1804-c.1851) - d/o James McGowan

Sarah (McGOWAN) BOOMER (1809-1866) - d/o James McGowan

Henry McGOWAN (c.1812-1882) - s/o James McGowan

William McGOWAN (c.1814-1854) - s/o James McGowan

Generation IV - Part 3

Children of Job McGowan

  Mary (McGOWAN) RICHARDSON (c1805-c1876) - d/o Job McGowan

  Hardy McGOWAN (c1818-by1860) - s/o Job McGowan

  Joseph McGOWAN (c1818-by1880) - s/o Job McGowan

  Nancy E. (McGOWAN) MASON (c1821-aft.1883) - d/o Job McGowan

Generation IV - Part 1
(under construction)

Children of Amos McGowen

Anson McGOWEN (c.1819-c.1861)

Madecy McGOWEN (1820-1905)

Jesse McGOWEN (c.1823-by1900)

Elizabeth P. McGOWEN (c.1824-by1900)

Martin Ross McGOWEN (c.1825-by1911)

Morgan Sylvester McGOWEN (1827-1911)

Sealy (Celia) McGOWEN (1828-by1911)

James W. McGOWEN (c.1830-1907)

Charity McGOWEN (c.1832-by1870)

Frances McGOWEN (c.1833-c.1873)

Robert McGOWEN (1836-1911)

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