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Merrell/Murrell Family Photo Album
also includes Poyner, Tillett & Woodhouse

Mary "Polly" Murrell

Mary "Polly" Murrell, born December 8, 1818; died April 6, 1898, daughter of Samuel Murrell and Susan Owens.  She had 4 children:
1) Isaac Merrell (c1842 & died after his release from Elmira Prison to a Confederate Hospital in Richmond, Va. )
 2) William Aydelotte Murrell (1843--1903)
 3) Edmund Merrell (c1849 - ????)
 4) Addeline Merrell (c1863 - ????).

William Aydlotte Murrell                  Mary Etta (Tillett) Murrell

William Aydlotte Murrell, son of Mary "Polly" Murrell, was born Aug. 10, 1843 and died Jan. 30, 1903. He married Marietta Tillett (b. Jan. 25, 1858 d. Feb. 2, 1914), daughter of Josiah Holly and Levina Tillett, on July 2, 1882.  William Aydelott Murrell was employed at the Caffey's Inlet Life Saving Station, 7th district, beginning on Dec. 1, 1880. His designation was Surfman. He retired in 1901. His rate of pay was at first $50 then to $65.

They had 8 children:
  1) Isaac Holly Murrell (Nov. 4, 1882 - Apr. 18, 1958)  [see his obituary]
  2) Mary Eliza Murrell (July 22, 1884 - Nov. 1939)
  3) Wm. Curtis Murrell, I (Oct. 29, 1886 - Oct. 17, 1888)
  4) Louvenia Ann Murrell (Mar. 19, 1889 - Feb. 2, 1952)
  5) Wm. Curtis Murrell, II (Dec. 16, 1890 - Mar. 23, 1929) [another photo here]
  6) Ella Gertrude Murrell (Aug. 8, 1893 - Sept. 19, 1971)
  7) Maud Matilda Murrell (Jan. 11, 1899 - Sept. 26, 1973)
  8) Elmo G. Murrell (Dec. 14, 1899 - June 20, 1900)

 Isaac Holly              Louvenia           Wm. Curtis II             Ella

         Josiah Holly Tillett                                                                      Levinia A. Baum/Harris

Josiah Holly Tillett, Sr., s/o Thomas R. Tillett and Mary "Polly" Johnson, was born April 18, 1829 & died Sept. 15, 1881.  He married Levina A. Baum/Harris on January 13, 1858 in Currituck Co.  Levina, born May 15, 1846 & died Dec. 8, 1880, often went by the surname of Harris.  Her father has been speculated as a Baum (possibly Jacob) and her mother was a Harris.  Levina generally went by Harris.  By the time Josiah had married Levina in 1858 he already had two children by a previous relationship with Sarah Cooper.  These two children were: Lucinda Jackson (who took her surname from her step-father, Pete Jackson) who was born April 8, 1852 and died May 1, 1900; and Thomas T. Tillett who was born June 23, 1857 and died April 27, 1893.  It is believed that neither Lucinda nor Thomas T. ever married.  Josiah Holly Tillett, Sr. and Levina Baum/Harris had a dozen children.  Below are links to photographs of some of these 12 children.  If anyone can add to this album please drop me a note.
The 12 children were:
 1) Mary Etta Tillett [see photo above]
 2) Esther Holly Tillett - b. Aug. 20, 1859  d. Apr. 20, 1899; married 1st John Willis Tillett, Sr.; married 2nd Jesse James Twiford, Sr.
 3) Tilmon L. Tillett - b. Sept. 14, 1862  d. Apr. 10, 1920; married Harriet Anne Baum
 4) Lovey Tillett - b. Nov. 25, 1864  d. Dec. 24, 1931; never married.
 5) Ella May Tillett - [see her photo & information here]
 6) Timothy O. Tillett - [see his photo & information here]
 7) Tedrick Tillett - b. June 2, 1870  d. Oct. 10, 1873
 8) Titus S. Tillett - b. Nov. 8, 1872  d. Mar. 8, 1931; married Laura A. Davis & Mary David Payne
 9) Theocanus Tillett -[see his photo & information here]
10) Almeda Tillett - [see her photo & information here]
11) Josiah Holly Tillett, Jr. - b. Dec. 10, 1879  d. Nov. 29, 1936; married 1st Mattie King in 1899, 2nd Nettie Virginia Fusedly? in 1904, 3rd Cottie Poole (Culpepper) Peterson between 1923-1930, and 4th Robanna (Fulcher) Beasley in 1935.
12) Arthur Perry Tillett (listed in census & other records as "Othuel" - b. Dec. 8, 1880  d. June 7, 1957; married Nellie White.

Paulina Elizabeth Woodhouse and Fannie Pitts Poyner

Enoch Dailey Poyner (1848-1904) and Francis "Fannie" Pitts Poyner, adoptive parents of Paulina Elizabeth Woodhouse

Is this a younger Enoch D. Poyner?

Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Woodhouse, daughter of Tillman Woodhouse and Martha Caroline Williams, was born c1854.  Her death date is not known.  She was the granddaughter of William Woodhouse. Jr. (1800-1856) and great-granddaughter of William Woodhouse, Sr. (1773-1853) & Frances O'Neal.  "Bettie"  never married but had at least 3 children:
 1) Tillman St. Clair Woodhouse whose father was W.H. Walker.  Tillman was born c1874 and his death date is not known.  He married Salina D. Midgett on Feb. 9, 1896.
  2) Caroline Woodhouse whose father was Edmond Brown.  Caroline was born Nov. 27, 1876 & died July 1, 1934.  She married Henry Gregory in Currituck Co. on Aug. 22, 1900.
  3) Paulina Elizabeth Woodhouse whose father is unknown. Paulina was born Sept. 16, 1882 & died Aug. 10, 1963.  She married Isaac Holly Merrell.  [see Paulina's obituary]

   Tillman               Caroline              Paulina

Photo believed to be Tillman Woodhouse, father of Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Woodhouse seen above.

Isaac Holly Merrell Family

Isaac Holly Merrell with his thought to be sweetheart, Laura Woodhouse, whom he never married.  She was the daughter of Major Everton Woodhouse and she later married Richard Dowdy.
Front Row L-R: Elsie Marie & Roy Edward "Roy"
Back Row L-R: Clara, Ruth Leigh, Tillman, Wm. Isaac, St. Elmo "Elmer"



Nellie Virginia Ferebee, daughter of Mitchell & Anne Ferebee, was born December 30, 1921. She married St. Elmo Merrell June 25, 1938. Nellie died Feb. 18, 2009 [see obituary].  St. Elmo Merrell was the son of Isaac Holly Merrell and Paulina Elizabeth Woodhouse. St. Elmo ("Elmer") was born January 13, 1912 and died January 20, 1999.

Isaac Holly Merrell and his wife Paulina (Woodhouse) Merrell with their 10 children taken on their 50th wedding anniversary. The children are listed in descending order of birth....(Girls) Ruth Leigh Merrell Foxwell, Clara St. Claire Merrell Armstrong, Elsie Marie Merrell Mills Henderson, Mary Elizabeth Merrell Fransen, Lessie Kathleen Merrell Pugh... (Boys) William Isaac Merrell, Tillman St. Claire Merrell, St. Elmo (Elmer) Merrell, Roy Edward Merrell, Calvin Curtis Merrell. Three of the girls are still living and in their late 90s.



Isaac Holly Merrell & Paulina Elizabeth Woodhouse Merrell on their 50th wedding anniversary.


Roy Edward Merrell was born July 18, 1915.  He enlisted in the Army Sept. 21, 1943 and after being stationed at Ft. Sill, OK and Ft. Leavenworth, KS he served out his military service in the Philippines as a Military Policeman, he was released from service February 23, 1946.

Two items (among others) found in Isaac H. Merrell's effects along with the some of the photographs you see above.

William Duks the Son of Robert Dukes and Jackey his wife was Bornd the 18th of Jany 1806  [NOTE:  William Duke was living in the Powells Point Dist. in 1850]

James Dukes the Son of Robert Dukes and Jackey [his] wife was Bornd the 28th of February 1816

William Aydelott the Son of Isaac T. Aydelott an Mary Murrell bornd August 10 1843

Levina Baum Tillett - wife of Joseph Holly Tillett - born May 15, 1846 - Died Dec. 8, 1880

Joseph Holly Tillett - born Apr. 18, 1829 - Died Sept. 15, 1881

Polly T. Mann mother of Joseph Holly Tillett born Nov. 24, 1807 - Died Jan. 24, 1872.

Thomas Tillett father of Joseph Holly Tillett

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