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1860 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "H"


Name District Page
Hacket, Sabra Roanoke Island 648
Hall, Crawford Court House 556
Hall, H.W. Moyock 567
Hall, James Court House 556
Hall, Otto Court House 556
Hall, Sarah Court House 556
Hall, Susan Court House 556
Hall, Thadeus Court House 556
Halstead, J.R. Moyock 577
Halstead, John Indian Ridge 531
Halstead, Nancy Indian Ridge 531
Halstead, Rosa A. Indian Ridge 531
Halstead, Sarah Tulls Creek 554
Halstead, Tully Tulls Creek 554
Haman, Almira North Banks 638
Haman, C.C North Banks 638
Haman, Daniel North Banks 638
Haman, Daniel North Banks 638
Haman, Lewis North Banks 638
Haman, Mary North Banks 638
Haman, Mary North Banks 638
Haman, Rosa North Banks 638
Hamen, Caroline Roanoke Island 651
Hamen, Henry Roanoke Island 651
Hamen, M. Roanoke Island 651
Hamen, Mary Roanoke Island 651
Hamen, Rebecca Roanoke Island 651
Hampton, Alonzo Coinjock 600
Hampton, Andrew J. Coinjock 600
Hampton, David Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Elizabeth Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Ellen Coinjock 600
Hampton, Frances Coinjock 600
Hampton, Haywood Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Hilyard Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Isaac Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Isaac Narrow Shore 607
Hampton, J.W. Coinjock 600
Hampton, James Coinjock 600
Hampton, Jane Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, John Coinjock 600
Hampton, John Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, John T. Coinjock 600
Hampton, Josiah Coinjock 600
Hampton, Julia Coinjock 600
Hampton, Malinda Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Maria Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Mary Court House 562
Hampton, Mason Narrow Shore 607
Hampton, N.M. Coinjock 600
Hampton, Nathaniel Coinjock 600
Hampton, Sarah Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Selby Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Sintha Coinjock 600
Hampton, Thomas S. Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Wm. Coinjock 600
Hampton, Wm. Narrow Shore 606
Hampton, Wm. T. Narrow Shore 606
Happer, W.H. North Banks 643
Hardy, Humphrey Roanoke Island 644
Hardy, John W. Court House 565
Harres, Christine Poplar Branch 614
Harris, Alex. North Banks 632
Harris, Bethany North Banks 632
Harris, Caroline North Banks 633
Harris, Cenderella North Banks 632
Harris, Dempsy G. Narrow Shore 607
Harris, Elizabeth Narrow Shore 605
Harris, Elizabeth North Banks 633
Harris, Fanny North Banks 633
Harris, Frances North Banks 632
Harris, Jane North Banks 633
Harris, John North Banks 632
Harris, Joseph North Banks 632
Harris, Lovey North Banks 633
Harris, Major North Banks 632
Harris, Mark North Banks 632
Harris, Mary E. Poplar Branch 613
Harris, Mathursia North Banks 633
Harris, Nancy North Banks 632
Harris, Patsy North Banks 632
Harris, Polly North Banks 632
Harris, Polly North Banks 632
Harris, Stark North Banks 632
Harris, Susan North Banks 632
Harris, Thomas North Banks 633
Harris, Valentine North Banks 632
Harris, Wm. Narrow Shore 610
Harris, Wm. North Banks 632
Harrison, Abner Court House 556
Harrison, Benjamin Powells Point 631
Harrison, Betsy Court House 556
Harrison, Caroline Knotts Island 581
Harrison, Colinda Powells Point 624
Harrison, Flora Powells Point 624
Harrison, George Powells Point 624
Harrison, Henry Powells Point 629
Harrison, J.G. Knotts Island 581
Harrison, John Tulls Creek 554
Harrison, Joshua Powells Point 631
Harrison, Julia Court House 556
Harrison, Julia Powells Point 631
Harrison, M.A. Knotts Island 581
Harrison, Mary Court House 556
Harrison, Mary Poplar Branch 617
Harrison, Osten Powells Point 624
Harrison, Relector Court House 556
Harrison, Rhoda Court House 556
Harrison, S.F. Knotts Island 581
Harrison, Samuel Coinjock 597
Harrison, Sarah Court House 556
Harrison, Sarah Powells Point 624
Harrison, Thos. B. Powells Point 624
Harrison, Virginia Powells Point 631
Harrison, Walter Powells Point 631
Harrison, Wm. Powells Point 631
Haskins, Benjamin Tulls Creek 546
Haskins, S.F. Tulls Creek 546
Haskins, Winfred A. Tulls Creek 546
Hayman, Frances Moyock 570
Hays, Margaret Roanoke Island 650
Hays, William Roanoke Island 650
Hays, Wm. Roanoke Island 650
Heath, Authur Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Betsy Coinjock 598
Heath, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Fannie Indian Ridge 540
Heath, George Indian Ridge 540
Heath, James Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Julia Coinjock 598
Heath, M.J. Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Malinda Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Mary Indian Ridge 540
Heath, Mary Knotts Island 594
Heath, Nancy Indian Ridge 540
Heath, W.A. Indian Ridge 540
Heighter, Amy Powells Point 631
Heighter, Dempsy Powells Point 631
Heighter, Nancy Powells Point 631
Hetfield, Elizabeth Knotts Island 595
Hider, George Roanoke Island 645
Hill, Charles North Banks 643
Hill, John North Banks 643
Hill, Joshua Powells Point 624
Hill, Solomon Tulls Creek 551
Hill, Sylvester Tulls Creek 551
Hines, Lemuel North Banks 635
Hines, Louisa North Banks 635
Hines, Matilda North Banks 643
Hobbs, Caleb Coinjock 600
Hobbs, Eliza North Banks 637
Hobbs, George Coinjock 600
Hobbs, James North Banks 637
Hobbs, Matilda Coinjock 600
Hobbs, Thomas North Banks 637
Holland, Frances Powells Point 624
Hooker, Isaac Roanoke Island 652
Hooker, Sabra Roanoke Island 652
Hooker, Samuel Roanoke Island 652
Hooker, Spence Roanoke Island 652
Hooker, Wm. Roanoke Island 652
Howard, Charles Roanoke Island 653
Howard, James Roanoke Island 651
Howard, P.P. Poplar Branch 613
Howard, Sarah Roanoke Island 651
Howard, Sintha Roanoke Island 653
Hughes, Baby Tulls Creek 553
Hughes, Charles Indian Ridge 533
Hughes, G.W. Tulls Creek 553
Hughes, Isadora Tulls Creek 553
Hughes, Margaret Tulls Creek 553
Hughes, Martha Tulls Creek 553
Hughes, Pheba Tulls Creek 553
Hughs, Elizabeth Court House 558
Hughs, Joseph Indian Ridge 541
Hughs, Luther Court House 565
Hughs, Noah Indian Ridge 541
Hughs, S.B. Court House 558
Hughs, Sarah Court House 558
Hughs, Utility Court House 558
Hughs, William Indian Ridge 541
Hummer, Alice Moyock 568
Hummer, Anna Moyock 568
Hummer, James C. Moyock 568
Humphries, Alfred Tulls Creek 545
Humphries, Alice Indian Ridge 543
Humphries, Almeda Tulls Creek 552
Humphries, Annie Indian Ridge 533
Humphries, Baby Tulls Creek 545
Humphries, Betsy Tulls Creek 545
Humphries, Deborah Indian Ridge 538
Humphries, Fanny Tulls Creek 545
Humphries, Frances Moyock 576
Humphries, Gideon Indian Ridge 543
Humphries, John Tulls Creek 550
Humphries, John Moyock 576
Humphries, John Jr. Moyock 576
Humphries, John R. Indian Ridge 533
Humphries, John Sr. Moyock 576
Humphries, Mary T. Indian Ridge 533
Humphries, Mollie Indian Ridge 533
Humphries, Philip Tulls Creek 545
Humphries, Susan Court House 555
Humphries, T.C. Indian Ridge 533
Humphries, Wm. Indian Ridge 538
Humphries, Wm. Moyock 576
Hunny, Susan North Banks 641
Hunt, Emily Powells Point 630
Hunt, Lydia Powells Point 630
Hunt, Mariner Powells Point 630
Hunt, Polly Powells Point 630
Hunt, William Powells Point 630
Hunt, Wm. Powells Point 630
Hunt, Wm. Powells Point 630
Hutchings, Baily Moyock 568
Hutchings, Cason Moyock 568
Hutchings, Coston Moyock 568
Hutchings, Courtney Moyock 568
Hutchings, Julia Moyock 576
Hutchings, Lydia Moyock 576
Hutchings, M.A. Moyock 568
Hutchings, Mary Indian Ridge 534
Hutchings, Mary Moyock 576
Hutchings, Wm. Indian Ridge 539

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