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1860 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "E - F"


Name District Page
Etheredge, A.D. Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, A.M. Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Adam Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Adelia Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Adeline Court House 560
Etheredge, Adeline Moyock 574
Etheredge, Alfred Indian Ridge 531
Etheredge, Almeda Moyock 573
Etheredge, Amanda Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Amanda Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, Amos B. Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, Amous Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, Anjarona Moyock 574
Etheredge, Ann Poplar Branch 616
Etheredge, Arcena Roanoke Island 654
Etheredge, Benjamin Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Bethany Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Betsy Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Betsy Moyock 574
Etheredge, Caleb Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Caleb Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Caleb Moyock 574
Etheredge, Caleb Moyock 575
Etheredge, Caleb Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, Charles North Banks 642
Etheredge, Charles Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, D.I. Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Davis Moyock 576
Etheredge, Delno Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Dennis Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, Eda Moyock 574
Etheredge, Edmond Indian Ridge 544
Etheredge, Edmond Poplar Branch 616
Etheredge, Edney Moyock 574
Etheredge, Edney Knotts Island 586
Etheredge, Edward Powells Point 622
Etheredge, Elias Indian Ridge 544
Etheredge, Eliza A. Moyock 574
Etheredge, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 544
Etheredge, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Elizabeth Moyock 574
Etheredge, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 620
Etheredge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Elver Poplar Branch 620
Etheredge, Emily Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Emma Indian Ridge 544
Etheredge, Fanny Poplar Branch 620
Etheredge, Fanny Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, Fanny Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Fatima Moyock 573
Etheredge, Febey Moyock 574
Etheredge, Frances Indian Ridge 544
Etheredge, Francis M. Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, G.B. Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Georgiana Court House 560
Etheredge, Harriet Moyock 574
Etheredge, Henry Moyock 574
Etheredge, Hester Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Huldah Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Huldah Court House 556
Etheredge, Huldah Moyock 576
Etheredge, Isaih Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, Isaih Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, J. E. Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, J. W. North Banks 642
Etheredge, Jefferson Moyock 574
Etheredge, Jerome Tulls Creek 546
Etheredge, Jessee Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, Jessee Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Jessee Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, John Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, John Court House 556
Etheredge, John Moyock 577
Etheredge, John Narrow Shore 606
Etheredge, John Roanoke Island 654
Etheredge, John B. Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, John T. Roanoke Island 649
Etheredge, Joseph Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Josephine Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Josiah Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Kitty Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, L.J. Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Levi Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Louisa Tulls Creek 553
Etheredge, Lovey Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Lovey Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Ludicia Poplar Branch 616
Etheredge, M. J. North Banks 642
Etheredge, Macagy Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Malissa Roanoke Island 646
Etheredge, Margaret Court House 556
Etheredge, Margaret Moyock 574
Etheredge, Margaret Narrow Shore 606
Etheredge, Margaret Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Mark Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Marten Narrow Shore 607
Etheredge, Martha Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Mary Moyock 574
Etheredge, Mary Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Mary Roanoke Island 649
Etheredge, Mary Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Meddy Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Melvina Roanoke Island 650
Etheredge, Mourning Roanoke Island 653
Etheredge, Nathan Poplar Branch 616
Etheredge, Nathan Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, P.H. Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Peggy Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Peggy Roanoke Island 647
Etheredge, Peter Moyock 575
Etheredge, Polly Powells Point 631
Etheredge, Polly Roanoke Island 654
Etheredge, Quinton Moyock 573
Etheredge, R.H. Moyock 574
Etheredge, Rissa Poplar Branch 620
Etheredge, Sallie Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Sarah Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Sarah Court House 560
Etheredge, Sarah Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, Sarah Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Sarah Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Sarah F. Moyock 574
Etheredge, Sidney Moyock 576
Etheredge, Spence Poplar Branch 620
Etheredge, Spencer Roanoke Island 649
Etheredge, T. F. Gibbs Woods 579
Etheredge, Tart Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Thos. Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Thos. Sr. Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Truxton Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Tully Moyock 573
Etheredge, Van Buran Roanoke Island 648
Etheredge, Virginia Moyock 573
Etheredge, William Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Willoughby Indian Ridge 532
Etheredge, Willoughby Tulls Creek 545
Etheredge, Wiloughby Moyock 574
Etheredge, Wm. Tulls Creek 548
Etheredge, Wm. Poplar Branch 616
Etheredge, Wm. North Banks 641
Etheredge, Wm. F. Indian Ridge 534
Etheredge, Wm. T. Roanoke Island 650
Evans, Edward Powells Point 624
Evans, Elijah Poplar Branch 618
Evans, Eliza Powells Point 625
Evans, Henry Poplar Branch 618
Evans, James Powells Point 624
Evans, Joseph Poplar Branch 618
Evans, Julia Poplar Branch 618
Evans, Julia Powells Point 624
Evans, Julia Powells Point 624
Evans, Maderson Powells Point 624
Evans, Polly Poplar Branch 618
Evans, Sarah Poplar Branch 618
Evans, Thomas Powells Point 624
Evens, Alice Powells Point 628
Evens, Elijah Powells Point 628
Evens, Jessee Powells Point 622
Evens, Nathan Powells Point 628
Evens, Polly Powells Point 622
Everton, [Blank] Narrow Shore 607
Everton, Caleb Coinjock 599
Everton, Caleb Narrow Shore 607
Everton, Lydia Narrow Shore 604
Everton, Major Narrow Shore 607
Everton, Thos. Narrow Shore 604
Ewer, G.W. North Banks 643
Ewer, Lydia North Banks 640
Ewer, Margaret North Banks 643
Fanshaw, Alpheus Tulls Creek 545
Fanshaw, Ann Tulls Creek 547
Fanshaw, Archan Tulls Creek 544
Fanshaw, Charles Indian Ridge 542
Fanshaw, Davis Indian Ridge 543
Fanshaw, Emma Tulls Creek 547
Fanshaw, Ernest Tulls Creek 548
Fanshaw, Israel Tulls Creek 547
Fanshaw, John D. Indian Ridge 537
Fanshaw, Joseph Tulls Creek 549
Fanshaw, Josephine Tulls Creek 548
Fanshaw, Julius Tulls Creek 548
Fanshaw, Margaret Indian Ridge 536
Fanshaw, Rhoda Court House 563
Fanshaw, Saml. Indian Ridge 542
Fanshaw, Tully Tulls Creek 544
Fanshaw, Wiley Tulls Creek 548
Fentress, W.W. Knotts Island 588
Ferebee, Attler Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, E.D. Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, James M. Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, John Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, John J. Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, Lucinda Indian Ridge 541
Ferebee, M.S. Indian Ridge 541
Ferebee, Mary Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, Mary E. Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, Mary J. Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, Mary V. Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, Missouri Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, Peggy Indian Ridge 542
Ferebee, Sammy Indian Ridge 536
Ferebee, Samuel Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, Sarah A. Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, Sarah E. Indian Ridge 535
Ferebee, William Indian Ridge 542
Ferebee, Zachariah Indian Ridge 541
Ferelle, Mary Tulls Creek 547
Ferelle, Nancy Tulls Creek 547
Ferille, Edmond Indian Ridge 536
Ferille, George Indian Ridge 536
Ferille, John Indian Ridge 538
Ferille, Martha Indian Ridge 538
Ferille, Sarah Indian Ridge 536
Ferille, Susan Indian Ridge 536
Fisher, A.B.C. Tulls Creek 554
Fisher, Anna Coinjock 598
Fisher, Bertie Coinjock 597
Fisher, Charlotte Coinjock 597
Fisher, Ebba Coinjock 597
Fisher, Ellen Coinjock 597
Fisher, Georgett Poplar Branch 617
Fisher, Hester Poplar Branch 617
Fisher, Isaac Poplar Branch 617
Fisher, John Poplar Branch 617
Fisher, Joseph Coinjock 598
Fisher, Mary J. Court House 561
Fisher, V.H. Court House 561
Fisher, Walter Poplar Branch 617
Fisher, Wm. Coinjock 598
Fisk, Ruth Moyock 575
Fiske, Liner Indian Ridge 538
Fiske, Sarah Indian Ridge 538
Fitch, Ann North Banks 638
Flanagan, Emily Knotts Island 586
Flanagan, Indiana Knotts Island 586
Flanagan, Lydia Knotts Island 586
Flanagan, M.S. Knotts Island 586
Flanagan, Wallace Knotts Island 586
Flanegan, Artilda North Banks 635
Flanegan, Bush North Banks 635
Flanegan, Nancy Gibbs Woods 580
Flora, Amanda Tulls Creek 550
Flora, Antha Moyock 577
Flora, Chloe Indian Ridge 531
Flora, Clara Moyock 577
Flora, Dennis Indian Ridge 531
Flora, Dennis Moyock 569
Flora, Elizabeth Moyock 569
Flora, G.L. Tulls Creek 548
Flora, George Tulls Creek 548
Flora, Gideon Tulls Creek 548
Flora, Harriet Moyock 568
Flora, Isaac Tulls Creek 548
Flora, Isaac Moyock 568
Flora, Isaac Moyock 569
Flora, J.B. Moyock 569
Flora, John A. Moyock 569
Flora, John H. Moyock 569
Flora, Latimore Moyock 577
Flora, Lydia Tulls Creek 548
Flora, M.S. Moyock 569
Flora, Mary Tulls Creek 548
Flora, Nancy Tulls Creek 546
Flora, Nancy A. Moyock 577
Flora, Richard Moyock 568
Flora, Richard B. Jr. Moyock 577
Flora, Richard Sr. Moyock 577
Flora, Sabrina Moyock 577
Flora, Sally Court House 558
Flora, Sintha Tulls Creek 548
Flora, W.B. Tulls Creek 548
Flora, Wm. Moyock 569
Forbes, A.G. Tulls Creek 546
Forbes, A.H. Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, Adam North Banks 633
Forbes, Almeda Narrow Shore 603
Forbes, Amy Powells Point 626
Forbes, Ann Narrow Shore 603
Forbes, Anna Poplar Branch 617
Forbes, Baley Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, Bertina Poplar Branch 615
Forbes, Bertina Poplar Branch 615
Forbes, Caleb Powells Point 622
Forbes, Caleb Powells Point 626
Forbes, Daniel Poplar Branch 617
Forbes, Enoch Narrow Shore 603
Forbes, Isaac Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, Isaac Tulls Creek 546
Forbes, Jackson Indian Ridge 531
Forbes, Jane Powells Point 626
Forbes, Job Coinjock 596
Forbes, John Coinjock 596
Forbes, John Powells Point 625
Forbes, Jordan Powells Point 622
Forbes, Kesiah Court House 556
Forbes, Launcelot Poplar Branch 617
Forbes, Laura Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, Letitia Powells Point 622
Forbes, M.J. Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, M.S. Powells Point 622
Forbes, Major Powells Point 622
Forbes, Margaret Indian Ridge 531
Forbes, Margaret Coinjock 596
Forbes, Margaret Powells Point 622
Forbes, Margaret Powells Point 625
Forbes, Mary Indian Ridge 538
Forbes, Missouri Powells Point 622
Forbes, Nancy Coinjock 596
Forbes, Nat Tulls Creek 545
Forbes, Oscar Coinjock 601
Forbes, Peter Coinjock 596
Forbes, Sarah Tulls Creek 546
Forbes, Sarah Poplar Branch 617
Forbes, Sarah Powells Point 622
Forbes, Stephen G. Narrow Shore 603
Forbes, Thomas Poplar Branch 617
Forbes, Thos. E. Powells Point 626
Forbes, Virginia Powells Point 626
Forbes, W.O.B. Narrow Shore 603
Forbes, Wateman Powells Point 622
Forbes, Wilson Indian Ridge 540
Forbes, Winny Roanoke Island 646
Forbes, Wm. Roanoke Island 646
Frizzel, E. E. Gibbs Woods 578
Frizzel, Joseph Gibbs Woods 578
Frizzel, Mary Gibbs Woods 578
Frizzel, S. J. Gibbs Woods 578
Frizzel, W. A. Gibbs Woods 578
Frost, Alfred Indian Ridge 532
Frost, Ann Court House 555
Frost, Ann Court House 555
Frost, Barbary Roanoke Island 645
Frost, Betsy Tulls Creek 554
Frost, Betsy Roanoke Island 645
Frost, Charley Court House 565
Frost, Henry Court House 555
Frost, James Indian Ridge 535
Frost, John Court House 555
Frost, John Court House 555
Frost, John F. Court House 565
Frost, Julia A. Court House 555
Frost, Julia R. Court House 555
Frost, Lydia A. Court House 565
Frost, M.A. Tulls Creek 554
Frost, Margaret Court House 555
Frost, Nathaniel Court House 555
Frost, Samuel Court House 555
Frost, Sarah M. Court House 565
Frost, Thomas Court House 565
Frost, W.A. Roanoke Island 645
Frost, W.T. Tulls Creek 554
Frost, Wm. Tulls Creek 554
Frost, Wm. Roanoke Island 645
Fulford, Archan Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Bertrand Tulls Creek 550
Fulford, Betsy Indian Ridge 543
Fulford, Ellen Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Emerson Knotts Island 594
Fulford, Emily Tulls Creek 549
Fulford, George Gibbs Woods 579
Fulford, James Court House 561
Fulford, Levi Tulls Creek 545
Fulford, M.J. Tulls Creek 550
Fulford, Martha Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Martha Moyock 569
Fulford, Mary A. Court House 561
Fulford, Polly Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, R.R. Court House 561
Fulford, Samuel Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Sarah Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Thomas Moyock 569
Fulford, Thomas H. Moyock 577
Fulford, Unnamed [sic] Indian Ridge 537
Fulford, Wm. Gibbs Woods 579

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