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1860 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "G"


Name District Page
Gailer, Stephen Roanoke Island 646
Gallop, Athony Powells Point 624
Gallop, Benjamin Powells Point 626
Gallop, Clara Powells Point 631
Gallop, Director Powells Point 626
Gallop, Graham G. Powells Point 629
Gallop, Hiram Powells Point 631
Gallop, Hodges North Banks 633
Gallop, J.B. North Banks 637
Gallop, Jane North Banks 633
Gallop, John Powells Point 626
Gallop, John North Banks 633
Gallop, John C. North Banks 637
Gallop, Levi Powells Point 626
Gallop, Lucinda Powells Point 631
Gallop, Lucita North Banks 633
Gallop, Lydia Powells Point 631
Gallop, M.C. North Banks 637
Gallop, Mahala North Banks 637
Gallop, Marion Powells Point 631
Gallop, Martha Powells Point 626
Gallop, Nancy Powells Point 626
Gallop, Parron North Banks 633
Gallop, Peter Powells Point 626
Gallop, Polly North Banks 640
Gallop, Robanna North Banks 633
Gallop, Sarah A. North Banks 635
Gallop, Sarah E. North Banks 637
Gallop, Sydney Powells Point 629
Gallop, T.G. Powells Point 631
Gallop, Zadic North Banks 637
Gamell, Charlotte North Banks 643
Gamell, Penina North Banks 643
Gammon, Alexander Moyock 567
Gammon, Cater North Banks 638
Gammon, James Moyock 576
Gammon, Josiah Moyock 576
Gammon, Julia North Banks 638
Gammon, Margaret Moyock 577
Gammon, Robert North Banks 638
Gammon, S.M. Moyock 576
Gammon, Susan Moyock 576
Gamon, Elizabeth North Banks 639
Gamon, Joshua Roanoke Island 645
Gamon, Nancy North Banks 639
Gannus, Simmons Coinjock 597
Garet, Catherine Moyock 571
Garet, Constantinoble Moyock 571
Garet, Elizabeth Moyock 569
Garet, Elizabeth Moyock 571
Garet, Elizabeth Moyock 571
Garet, Idiaviler Moyock 571
Garet, J.E. Moyock 571
Garet, Joseph Moyock 571
Garet, Julie Moyock 571
Garet, Milbery Moyock 571
Garet, Permelia Moyock 571
Garet, Philip Moyock 571
Garet, Philip Moyock 571
Garet, Quintillion Moyock 571
Garet, R.R. Moyock 571
Garet, Samuel S. Moyock 571
Garet, Sarah Moyock 571
Garret, Alexander Moyock 572
Garret, Caleb Powells Point 625
Garret, Caleb Powells Point 625
Garret, Charlotte Moyock 572
Garret, Duran E. Moyock 572
Garret, Edward Court House 556
Garret, G.W. Moyock 572
Garret, J.L.M. Moyock 566
Garret, James E. Moyock 572
Garret, John T. Moyock 573
Garret, M.F. Moyock 576
Garret, Malissa Moyock 572
Garret, Martha Moyock 577
Garret, Mary Powells Point 625
Garret, Mathais Moyock 576
Garret, Nancy Tulls Creek 553
Garret, Olive V. Moyock 572
Garret, S.H. Moyock 572
Garret, Sarah A. Moyock 573
Garret, W.H. Moyock 572
Garret, W.N. Moyock 576
Gaylor, Martha Roanoke Island 647
Gaylor, Nancy Roanoke Island 647
Gibson, Abner Powells Point 622
Gibson, Abner Powells Point 623
Gibson, Alice Coinjock 599
Gibson, Darcus Powells Point 623
Gibson, Darkus Powells Point 622
Gibson, Elizabeth Powells Point 622
Gibson, Elizabeth Powells Point 623
Gibson, Ellen Coinjock 599
Gibson, Emaline Coinjock 599
Gibson, James Coinjock 599
Gibson, John Tulls Creek 550
Gibson, Louisa Tulls Creek 550
Gibson, Mary Coinjock 599
Gibson, Thos. A. Coinjock 599
Gilden, Betsy Poplar Branch 611
Gilden, Ceals Poplar Branch 611
Gilden, Charlotte Poplar Branch 611
Gilden, Griffen Poplar Branch 611
Gilden, Nancy Poplar Branch 611
Gilman, Ezekiel Court House 557
Gilmon, Kate Court House 560
Godfrey, Margaret Moyock 566
Goodman, Alexander Moyock 575
Goodman, Caleb Court House 565
Goodman, Courtney Moyock 575
Goodman, Elizabeth Court House 565
Goodman, John T. Court House 565
Goodman, M.A. Moyock 575
Goodman, M.E. Moyock 575
Goodman, M.F. Moyock 575
Goodman, Martha Court House 565
Goodman, T.A. Moyock 575
Goodman, W.D. Moyock 575
Goodman, William Moyock 575
Gordan, Aaron Powells Point 623
Gordan, Albert Knotts Island 586
Gordan, Ann Poplar Branch 620
Gordan, Ann E. Knotts Island 587
Gordan, Caleb W. Knotts Island 587
Gordan, Cater North Banks 632
Gordan, Delia Knotts Island 586
Gordan, Edmond Knotts Island 587
Gordan, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 619
Gordan, Golden Poplar Branch 621
Gordan, James North Banks 632
Gordan, Jeray Roanoke Island 645
Gordan, John Court House 558
Gordan, Joseph North Banks 632
Gordan, Louisa Powells Point 622
Gordan, Mary E. Knotts Island 586
Gordan, Peggy North Banks 632
Gordan, Peter Powells Point 623
Gordan, Polly Powells Point 623
Gordan, Polly Powells Point 629
Gordan, Polly North Banks 632
Gordan, Samuel Powells Point 629
Gordan, Sidney Poplar Branch 619
Gordan, Sidney A. Poplar Branch 619
Gordan, Stephen Poplar Branch 620
Gordan, Sukey Poplar Branch 619
Gordan, Thos. Poplar Branch 620
Gordan, Thos. North Banks 632
Gordan, Wm. Poplar Branch 617
Gordon, Eliza Coinjock 597
Gordon, Emily Indian Ridge 533
Gordon, Francis Knotts Island 587
Gordon, Joseph Indian Ridge 533
Gordon, Margaret Indian Ridge 533
Gordon, Margaret Indian Ridge 533
Gordon, Polly Indian Ridge 543
Gordon, Wm. R. Indian Ridge 533
Granbery, Wm. G. Court House 565
Grandy, Mary Indian Ridge 531
Gray, Amanda Coinjock 596
Gray, Caleb Coinjock 596
Gray, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 550
Gray, Elizabeth Court House 561
Gray, Gertrude Narrow Shore 604
Gray, John Coinjock 596
Gray, Margaret Coinjock 597
Gray, Mary Coinjock 596
Gray, Mary F. Narrow Shore 604
Gray, Nancy J. Narrow Shore 604
Gray, Nathaniel Tulls Creek 550
Gray, Nathaniel Narrow Shore 604
Gray, Samuel Coinjock 596
Gray, Samuel Coinjock 596
Gray, Sarah Coinjock 596
Gray, Sophia Coinjock 596
Gray, Spence Narrow Shore 604
Gray, Wm. T. Narrow Shore 604
Green, James North Banks 636
Green, Jasper Powells Point 625
Green, Jasper North Banks 636
Green, Louisa North Banks 636
Green, Nathan North Banks 636
Green, Peggy North Banks 636
Greg, Mary Moyock 570
Greg, Noah Moyock 570
Greg, Sarah Moyock 570
Gregory, Aaron Powells Point 629
Gregory, Angelica Indian Ridge 543
Gregory, Ann Indian Ridge 535
Gregory, Betsy Court House 562
Gregory, Betsy Powells Point 627
Gregory, Betsy Powells Point 629
Gregory, Caleb Powells Point 627
Gregory, Caleb E. Indian Ridge 533
Gregory, Cempsy Indian Ridge 533
Gregory, Chloe Indian Ridge 543
Gregory, Dempsy Powells Point 629
Gregory, Eliza Indian Ridge 533
Gregory, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 534
Gregory, Emerson Indian Ridge 535
Gregory, Emily Poplar Branch 613
Gregory, Enoch Indian Ridge 535
Gregory, Frances Powells Point 629
Gregory, Hiram Poplar Branch 617
Gregory, Jackson Indian Ridge 539
Gregory, James Indian Ridge 540
Gregory, James Powells Point 629
Gregory, John Tulls Creek 554
Gregory, John Tulls Creek 554
Gregory, Julia Poplar Branch 617
Gregory, Julia Powells Point 627
Gregory, Laura Indian Ridge 540
Gregory, Louisa Tulls Creek 552
Gregory, Margaret Indian Ridge 533
Gregory, Margaret Indian Ridge 539
Gregory, Mark Indian Ridge 534
Gregory, Martha Tulls Creek 551
Gregory, Mary Indian Ridge 535
Gregory, Mary Court House 564
Gregory, Matilda Coinjock 602
Gregory, Media Tulls Creek 554
Gregory, Nancy Indian Ridge 543
Gregory, Nancy Powells Point 629
Gregory, Patsy Powells Point 627
Gregory, Peggy Powells Point 627
Gregory, Polly Indian Ridge 532
Gregory, Polly Poplar Branch 617
Gregory, Rebecca Indian Ridge 535
Gregory, Samuel Indian Ridge 534
Gregory, Sanford Powells Point 629
Gregory, Sarah Indian Ridge 543
Gregory, Sophia Indian Ridge 540
Gregory, Spence Indian Ridge 534
Gregory, Stephen Gibbs Woods 579
Gregory, Theopolus Indian Ridge 532
Gregory, Thomas Indian Ridge 543
Gregory, Thos. Poplar Branch 617
Gregory, Wiley Indian Ridge 540
Gregory, Wiley Court House 562
Gregory, Wilson Tulls Creek 551
Gregory, Wm. Indian Ridge 531
Gregory, Wm. Indian Ridge 533
Gregory, Wm. Tulls Creek 545
Gregory, Wm. Poplar Branch 617
Grey, Benjamin Coinjock 596
Grey, Margaret Roanoke Island 647
Grey, Matilda Coinjock 596
Grey, S. Narrow Shore 608
Grieves, E.A. Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, Edward Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, Eugene Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, Frances Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, George Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, Lorendy Powells Point 626
Grieves, Louisa Poplar Branch 612
Grieves, Margaret Poplar Branch 612
Griffin, Elisha Roanoke Island 646
Griggs, Alverta Poplar Branch 611
Griggs, Amanda Narrow Shore 609
Griggs, Calsadona Narrow Shore 609
Griggs, Charles Knotts Island 581
Griggs, Charles Coinjock 601
Griggs, Daniel Poplar Branch 618
Griggs, Druplin Coinjock 601
Griggs, Emeline Coinjock 601
Griggs, Emely Coinjock 597
Griggs, Emma Coinjock 601
Griggs, Jerome Narrow Shore 609
Griggs, Joseph Coinjock 597
Griggs, Joseph E. Coinjock 601
Griggs, Lemuel Poplar Branch 611
Griggs, Nancy Knotts Island 581
Griggs, Nathan Poplar Branch 611
Griggs, Polly Coinjock 601
Griggs, Polly Poplar Branch 611
Griggs, Samuel Poplar Branch 619
Griggs, Thos. Poplar Branch 611
Griggs, Wm. Coinjock 597
Griggs, Wm. Coinjock 601
Griggs, Wm. Narrow Shore 609
Grimstead, Elizabeth Knotts Island 582
Grimstead, Gideon Knotts Island 585
Grimstead, Jonathan Knotts Island 585
Grimstead, L. Knotts Island 582
Grimstead, Lorendy Knotts Island 585
Grimstead, Lydia Knotts Island 585
Grimstead, Vandalia Knotts Island 582
Grimstead, W.A. Knotts Island 585
Guard, B.J. North Banks 640
Guard, Betsy Roanoke Island 648
Guard, Ellen North Banks 640
Guard, Emeline North Banks 638
Guard, J.E. North Banks 640
Guard, James North Banks 640
Guard, Letitia North Banks 638
Guard, Nancy North Banks 638
Guard, Polly Roanoke Island 647
Guard, R.P. North Banks 638
Guard, Sarah North Banks 640
Guard, W.S. North Banks 638
Guilbert, Andrew Indian Ridge 537
Guilbert, Ann Indian Ridge 537
Guilbert, Edgar Indian Ridge 543
Guilbert, Henrietta Indian Ridge 537
Guilbert, Isadora Indian Ridge 537
Guilbert, Mary Indian Ridge 537
Guilbert, Walter Indian Ridge 543
Guilford, A.E. Indian Ridge 533
Guilford, James Indian Ridge 533
Guilford, Nancy Indian Ridge 536

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