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1860 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "M"


Name District Page
Magnenat, C.L. Tulls Creek 554
Mann, Isaac C. Roanoke Island 649
Mann, J.J. North Banks 641
Mann, Lewis J. Roanoke Island 650
Mann, Martha Roanoke Island 648
Mann, Matilda Roanoke Island 650
Mann, Polly North Banks 641
Mann, S.L. North Banks 641
Mann, W.B. North Banks 641
Mann, Wm. M. Roanoke Island 650
Mansfield, Almeda Gibbs Woods 580
Mansfield, Andrew Moyock 573
Mansfield, Dinah Gibbs Woods 580
Mansfield, Franklin Moyock 573
Mansfield, Henry Moyock 573
Mansfield, James Moyock 573
Mansfield, Jane Gibbs Woods 580
Mansfield, Jessee Gibbs Woods 579
Mansfield, Jessy Gibbs Woods 579
Mansfield, John Gibbs Woods 580
Mansfield, Malachi Gibbs Woods 580
Mansfield, Oliver Gibbs Woods 579
Mansfield, Rebecca Moyock 573
Mansfield, Sarah Gibbs Woods 579
Marchant, Emily Indian Ridge 540
Marchant, Emily S. Indian Ridge 540
Marchant, G.C. Indian Ridge 540
Marten, Betsy Powells Point 630
Marten, Charles Knotts Island 593
Marten, Charles W. Knotts Island 593
Marten, Charlott Knotts Island 593
Marten, Henry J. Knotts Island 593
Marten, Joseph Powells Point 630
Marten, Mary F. Knotts Island 593
Marten, Sarah Powells Point 630
Martin, James Moyock 568
Mathais, Adelia Court House 557
Mathais, B.F. Tulls Creek 549
Mathais, Baby Court House 557
Mathais, Berwell Court House 557
Mathais, Caleb Court House 557
Mathais, Clotilda Court House 557
Mathais, Emmerson Court House 557
Mathais, Hillyard Court House 557
Mathais, John Court House 557
Mathais, John A. Tulls Creek 549
Mathais, Olive Tulls Creek 549
Mathais, Olive Court House 557
Mathais, Polly Court House 557
Mathais, Sarah Court House 557
Mathais, Sarah J. Court House 557
Mathais, Thomas D. Court House 557
Mathais, William W. Court House 557
McBride, D.A. Tulls Creek 545
McBride, Willoughby Court House 565
McClannen, Eleanor Indian Ridge 541
McClannen, Henry Indian Ridge 541
McClannen, Rebecca Indian Ridge 541
McClannen, Thomas Indian Ridge 541
McHorney, Alice Narrow Shore 606
McHorney, Ann Indian Ridge 541
McHorney, Benjamin Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Bridget Narrow Shore 607
McHorney, Caroline Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Edmond Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 612
McHorney, Fanny Powells Point 631
McHorney, Frances Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, George Narrow Shore 606
McHorney, John Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Maniliff Poplar Branch 612
McHorney, Margaret Narrow Shore 606
McHorney, Mary Narrow Shore 606
McHorney, Mary Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Noah Poplar Branch 612
McHorney, Samuel Narrow Shore 607
McHorney, Samuel Poplar Branch 612
McHorney, Susan Narrow Shore 608
McHorney, Thos. Narrow Shore 606
McHorney, Throughsy Narrow Shore 606
McKimey, Amanda Moyock 570
McKimmey, Lovey North Banks 632
McKimmey, Thos. North Banks 632
McKimmy, David Narrow Shore 610
McKimmy, Joseph Powells Point 630
McKimmy, Mehetabel Narrow Shore 610
McKimmy, Polly Narrow Shore 610
McKimmy, Virginia Narrow Shore 610
McPherson, Andrew Moyock 573
McPherson, Catherine Court House 562
McPherson, Catherine Coinjock 599
McPherson, Dempsey Moyock 570
McPherson, Frances Moyock 573
McPherson, Jane Poplar Branch 617
McPherson, Julia Court House 562
McPherson, Miles Moyock 571
McPherson, Patsy Moyock 573
McPherson, William Moyock 573
Meekins, Clarkey North Banks 643
Meekins, George North Banks 643
Mercer, A.J. Moyock 566
Mercer, Adelia Tulls Creek 551
Mercer, Adolphus Poplar Branch 619
Mercer, Alec Coinjock 598
Mercer, Alphpnzo Court House 565
Mercer, Andrew Coinjock 598
Mercer, Ann Moyock 568
Mercer, Ann Moyock 570
Mercer, Araminta Moyock 566
Mercer, Arceney Moyock 566
Mercer, Benjamin Poplar Branch 618
Mercer, Bertania Poplar Branch 619
Mercer, Betsy Poplar Branch 611
Mercer, C.A. Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Clarkey Coinjock 598
Mercer, Denson Moyock 566
Mercer, Director Poplar Branch 612
Mercer, E.F. Court House 565
Mercer, E.J. Moyock 566
Mercer, E.J. Moyock 568
Mercer, E.S. Moyock 566
Mercer, Elec Court House 565
Mercer, Eliza Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, Elizabeth Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 615
Mercer, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 617
Mercer, Ellen Moyock 566
Mercer, Emerson Moyock 568
Mercer, George Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Henry Coinjock 597
Mercer, James Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, James Poplar Branch 619
Mercer, Jane Moyock 566
Mercer, Jessee Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, Jessee Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, John Poplar Branch 612
Mercer, Johnson Indian Ridge 533
Mercer, Joseph Moyock 570
Mercer, Joseph Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Major Poplar Branch 619
Mercer, Malachi Tulls Creek 553
Mercer, Margaret Poplar Branch 611
Mercer, Martha Tulls Creek 554
Mercer, Martha Court House 565
Mercer, Martha Poplar Branch 619
Mercer, Martin Moyock 566
Mercer, Mary Tulls Creek 549
Mercer, Mary Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, Mary Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Patsy Poplar Branch 612
Mercer, Robert Poplar Branch 617
Mercer, Rufus Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, Samuel Tulls Creek 554
Mercer, Samuel Court House 561
Mercer, Stephen Court House 556
Mercer, Thomas C. Court House 565
Mercer, Thos. P. Narrow Shore 610
Mercer, William Narrow Shore 604
Mercer, William Poplar Branch 615
Mercer, Wm. C. Moyock 568
Mercer, Wm. S. Tulls Creek 551
Mercer, Wm. T. Moyock 568
Mickens, B.F. Roanoke Island 646
Mickens, Charles Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Daniel W. Roanoke Island 648
Mickens, E.M. Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Esther Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, F.A. Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Humanthy Roanoke Island 646
Mickens, Isaac Roanoke Island 646
Mickens, John Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Mahala Roanoke Island 646
Mickens, Mary Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Morris Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Sarah Roanoke Island 648
Mickens, Walter Roanoke Island 648
Mickens, William Roanoke Island 649
Mickens, Wm. Roanoke Island 648
Midget, Frank Court House 565
Midgett, Allen Indian Ridge 535
Midgett, Alma Coinjock 601
Midgett, Anna Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Charles Roanoke Island 649
Midgett, Cittyflora Roanoke Island 647
Midgett, Deborah Roanoke Island 654
Midgett, E.B. Coinjock 601
Midgett, Elizabeth Coinjock 601
Midgett, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 649
Midgett, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 650
Midgett, F.A. Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, John A. Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Joseph Roanoke Island 647
Midgett, Josephine Roanoke Island 650
Midgett, Laura Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, M.F. Roanoke Island 647
Midgett, Mann Roanoke Island 654
Midgett, Maria Tulls Creek 546
Midgett, Martha Roanoke Island 650
Midgett, Mary Roanoke Island 650
Midgett, Morris Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Nancy Roanoke Island 649
Midgett, Nancy Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Nancy Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Penelope Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Polly Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, R.P. Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, R.P. Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Ryland Coinjock 601
Midgett, S.N. Roanoke Island 649
Midgett, Salena Roanoke Island 647
Midgett, Sarah Roanoke Island 651
Midgett, Timothy Roanoke Island 647
Miller, Betsy Indian Ridge 535
Miller, C.A. Roanoke Island 647
Miller, C.A. Roanoke Island 650
Miller, Correnny Knotts Island 589
Miller, David Moyock 567
Miller, E.A. Moyock 567
Miller, George Knotts Island 589
Miller, Jessy Indian Ridge 535
Miller, John Knotts Island 589
Miller, Lucretia Roanoke Island 645
Miller, Lydia Knotts Island 589
Miller, Mary Moyock 567
Miller, Mary E. Knotts Island 589
Miller, Matilda Roanoke Island 650
Miller, Millard Roanoke Island 650
Miller, Sallie Court House 561
Miller, Sarah Coinjock 598
Miller, Solomon Knotts Island 589
Miller, Solomon W. Knotts Island 589
Miller, Thos. Coinjock 598
Miller, William Knotts Island 589
Miller, Wm. Roanoke Island 650
Miller, Wm. Roanoke Island 650
Milson, Bashby Powells Point 628
Milson, Edwin Powells Point 628
Milson, Elijah Powells Point 628
Milson, James Powells Point 625
Milson, Jehu Powells Point 628
Milson, John Powells Point 625
Milson, John Powells Point 625
Milson, John Powells Point 628
Milson, Mary Powells Point 628
Milson, Nancy Powells Point 625
Milson, Polly Powells Point 625
Mires, Clarkey North Banks 636
Mires, George North Banks 636
Mires, John North Banks 636
Mires, Lucinda North Banks 636
Mires, Polly North Banks 636
Mires, Ruth North Banks 636
Mires, Sultana North Banks 636
Montague, Fanny Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Ira Roanoke Island 647
Montague, Jara Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Josephine Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Macalister Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Margaret Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Mary Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Missouri Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Sarah Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Sarah Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Sarah Roanoke Island 647
Montague, Thos. Roanoke Island 644
Montague, Wm. Roanoke Island 644
Moore, Solomon North Banks 643
Morgan, Ann L. Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Frank M. Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Ida Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Jos. B. Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Joseph Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Lilly Indian Ridge 536
Morgan, Patrick H. Indian Ridge 536
Morrisett, Ace Court House 559
Morrisett, Cason Poplar Branch 617
Morrisett, Christopher Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, Eletha Court House 559
Morrisett, Eliza Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, Eliza Poplar Branch 617
Morrisett, Ellen Indian Ridge 539
Morrisett, Isaac Indian Ridge 539
Morrisett, J.B. Court House 559
Morrisett, J.M. Court House 559
Morrisett, John Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, Joseph Indian Ridge 539
Morrisett, Levi Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, M.A. Court House 559
Morrisett, M.E. Court House 559
Morrisett, Major Poplar Branch 617
Morrisett, Martha Narrow Shore 604
Morrisett, Mary Poplar Branch 617
Morrisett, Nathan Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, Peter Narrow Shore 604
Morrisett, Sarah Narrow Shore 605
Morrisett, Sarah Narrow Shore 610
Morrisett, Tully Narrow Shore 604
Morrisett, W.W. Court House 559
Morrisett, William Narrow Shore 610
Morse, Ann Tulls Creek 553
Morse, C. W. Gibbs Woods 578
Morse, Catherine Poplar Branch 612
Morse, Chloe Moyock 577
Morse, D. W. Gibbs Woods 578
Morse, Davis B. Tulls Creek 553
Morse, Edney Knotts Island 594
Morse, Elijah North Banks 634
Morse, Ellen Tulls Creek 549
Morse, Frances Knotts Island 581
Morse, Grandy Tulls Creek 547
Morse, Hilary Court House 564
Morse, Hilary Court House 564
Morse, J. W. Gibbs Woods 578
Morse, James Moyock 577
Morse, James S. Tulls Creek 546
Morse, John Moyock 577
Morse, Joseph Court House 564
Morse, Julia Poplar Branch 612
Morse, Love Tulls Creek 553
Morse, Lucinda Tulls Creek 546
Morse, Martha Court House 564
Morse, Mary Tulls Creek 552
Morse, Peter Indian Ridge 543
Morse, Peter Moyock 577
Morse, Polly North Banks 634
Morse, S.A. Court House 564
Morse, Sarah North Banks 634
Morse, Thomas B. Tulls Creek 553
Morse, William Tulls Creek 553
Morse, Willis North Banks 634
Morse, Wilson A. Moyock 577
Morse, Wm. North Banks 634
Morse, Zachariah Poplar Branch 612
Morton, Aline Court House 564
Morton, Amelius Court House 564
Morton, E. Court House 564
Morton, E. St. Clair Court House 564
Morton, Elizabeth Court House 564
Morton, Elizabeth Court House 564
Morton, Florence Court House 564
Morton, Helen Court House 564
Morton, Marshal Court House 564
Morton, Polly Indian Ridge 532
Morton, Thomas Court House 564
Munden, Edney Court House 555
Munden, Josephine Court House 555
Munden, Merideth Court House 555
Munden, Rodolph Court House 555
Munden, T.G. Court House 555
Murrel, Ann Powells Point 625
Murrel, Betsy Powells Point 625
Murrel, James Poplar Branch 611
Murrel, John Powells Point 624
Murrel, Levi Powells Point 624
Murrel, Martha Powells Point 624
Murrel, Nicia Poplar Branch 611
Murrel, Sarah Powells Point 624
Murrel, Susan Poplar Branch 611
Murrel, Susan Powells Point 626
Mydgett, James Poplar Branch 620
Mydgett, Robert Poplar Branch 620
Mydgett, Ruben Poplar Branch 620
Mydgett, Susan Poplar Branch 620
Mydgett, Thama Roanoke Island 644
Mydgett, Tilman Poplar Branch 620

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