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1850 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "S"


Name District Page
Sallier, Samuel Poplar Branch 393
Salyer, Abby Poplar Branch 403
Salyer, Francis Poplar Branch 403
Salyer, Patsey Poplar Branch 403
Salyer, Polly Poplar Branch 403
Salyer, Samuel Poplar Branch 403
Salyer, Susan Poplar Branch 403
Sanderlin, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 370
Sanderlin, Frances Indian Ridge 370
Sanderlin, John Indian Ridge 370
Sanderlin, Sarah Indian Ridge 370
Sanderlin, Thomas Indian Ridge 370
Sanderlin, Wilson Indian Ridge 370
Sanderling, Caleb Tulls Creek 346
Sanderling, Jno. Court House 354
Sanderling, Lemuel Tulls Creek 337
Sanders, Amy Powells Point 414
Sanders, Cassy Poplar Branch 405
Sanders, Charles Poplar Branch 405
Sanders, Charles Powells Point 414
Sanders, Charlott Powells Point 413
Sanders, Chester Poplar Branch 405
Sanders, Curtney Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, Daniel Powells Point 414
Sanders, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, Emily Poplar Branch 405
Sanders, Jesse Coinjock 389
Sanders, Jessee Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, John Powells Point 414
Sanders, July Poplar Branch 405
Sanders, Kissy Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, Lamb Powells Point 414
Sanders, Mariah Knotts Island 358
Sanders, Patsey Poplar Branch 403
Sanders, Sally Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, Sally Poplar Branch 402
Sanders, Sally Powells Point 414
Sanders, Susan Powells Point 414
Sanders, Thomas Powells Point 413
Sanders, William Poplar Branch 405
Sanderson, Base Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Catharine Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Charity Moyock 335
Sanderson, Daniel Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Elenor Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Eliza Moyock 326
Sanderson, Fanny Powells Point 407
Sanderson, James Moyock 326
Sanderson, Jefferson Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Jesse B. Moyock 326
Sanderson, Jessee Powells Point 407
Sanderson, Jessee Powells Point 407
Sanderson, Jno. Moyock 326
Sanderson, Julia A. Moyock 335
Sanderson, Latimore Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Mary Moyock 326
Sanderson, Philip Moyock 335
Sanderson, Ruthy Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Tamer Moyock 326
Sanderson, Thomas Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Thomas Poplar Branch 390
Sanderson, Thos. L. Moyock 335
Sanderson, Turentine Poplar Branch 390
Sandling, Allen Poplar Branch 405
Sandling, Ann North Banks 424
Sandling, Frances North Banks 424
Sandling, Jackson North Banks 424
Sandling, Polly Poplar Branch 405
Sandling, Sidney North Banks 424
Sandling, Thomas North Banks 424
Sawyer, Alpheus Moyock 327
Sawyer, Andora Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Ann Court House 350
Sawyer, Ann Powells Point 408
Sawyer, Ark Ann Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Barbara Poplar Branch 397
Sawyer, Caleb Poplar Branch 397
Sawyer, Caleb Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Caleb North Banks 426
Sawyer, Caleb T. Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Corsey Tulls Creek 340
Sawyer, Daniel Powells Point 409
Sawyer, David Moyock 327
Sawyer, David Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Dian Tulls Creek 344
Sawyer, Dolly Indian Ridge 371
Sawyer, Dolly North Banks 428
Sawyer, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 338
Sawyer, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Elizabeth Court House 350
Sawyer, Elizabeth Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Elizabeth North Banks 426
Sawyer, Gideon F. Moyock 327
Sawyer, Harvey Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Haywood Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Horatio Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Isaac Moyock 327
Sawyer, Isaac Moyock 329
Sawyer, James Court House 350
Sawyer, James North Banks 426
Sawyer, Jane Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Jane Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Jerome Roanoke Island 435
Sawyer, Jno. Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Joseph Tulls Creek 338
Sawyer, Julia Poplar Branch 397
Sawyer, July Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Louiza Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Lucy Tulls Creek 344
Sawyer, Macy Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Margaret Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Margaret North Banks 426
Sawyer, Mariah Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Marion Roanoke Island 435
Sawyer, Martha Roanoke Island 435
Sawyer, Mary Moyock 327
Sawyer, Mary Tulls Creek 339
Sawyer, Mary Powells Point 408
Sawyer, Matilda North Banks 426
Sawyer, Miles Tulls Creek 344
Sawyer, Nancy Tulls Creek 340
Sawyer, Nancy Poplar Branch 397
Sawyer, Nelson Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Patsy Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Rebecca Indian Ridge 379
Sawyer, Saml. Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Saml. Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Sanjulia Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Sarah Tulls Creek 344
Sawyer, Sarah Powells Point 407
Sawyer, Simeon Powells Point 408
Sawyer, Simeon Powells Point 409
Sawyer, Stephen Tulls Creek 341
Sawyer, Susan Poplar Branch 397
Sawyer, Warner North Banks 426
Sawyer, Washington Indian Ridge 369
Sawyer, Willoughby Powells Point 408
Sawyer, Wm. Tulls Creek 341
Scarbor, Sarah Knotts Island 367
Scarborough, Amanda North Banks 419
Scarborough, George North Banks 419
Scarborough, George North Banks 419
Scarborough, Hilliary North Banks 419
Scarborough, Hilliary North Banks 419
Scarborough, Lovey North Banks 419
Scarborough, Margaret North Banks 419
Scarborough, Mary North Banks 419
Scarborough, Wallis North Banks 419
Scott, Eliza Tulls Creek 337
Scott, Nancy Tulls Creek 340
Scott, Saml. Moyock 336
Scott, Sarah Moyock 336
Sears, Ann Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Caleb Tulls Creek 346
Sears, Enoch Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Jno. Indian Ridge 369
Sears, John Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Letty Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Martha Tulls Creek 346
Sears, Martha Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Mary Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Polly Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Rhody Tulls Creek 346
Sears, Sarah Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Susan Indian Ridge 369
Sears, Thomas Indian Ridge 369
Shannon, Margaret Roanoke Island 436
Shannon, Nathaniel Roanoke Island 436
Shannon, Sarah Roanoke Island 436
Shaw, H.M. Indian Ridge 380
Shaw, Henry Indian Ridge 380
Shaw, Marchant Indian Ridge 380
Shaw, Mary Indian Ridge 380
Shaw, William Indian Ridge 380
Sibbern, Elijah North Banks 428
Sibbern, Jessee North Banks 425
Sibbern, Margaret North Banks 425
Sibbern, Nancy North Banks 425
Sibbern, Timothy North Banks 425
Sikes, Abiah North Banks 429
Sikes, Caleb Tulls Creek 345
Sikes, Easter North Banks 428
Sikes, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 345
Sikes, Harper Knotts Island 366
Sikes, James North Banks 428
Sikes, Lydia North Banks 418
Sikes, Mary Tulls Creek 345
Sikes, Mary North Banks 418
Sikes, Syntha Powells Point 414
Sikes, Thomas Powells Point 414
Sikes, William North Banks 418
Sikes, Wilson Knotts Island 366
Sikes, Wm. Tulls Creek 345
Simmons, Ann Coinjock 383
Simmons, Ashriel Tulls Creek 342
Simmons, Benjamin Court House 348
Simmons, Benjamin T. Court House 348
Simmons, Caleb Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Caroline Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Cassander Coinjock 383
Simmons, Daniel Coinjock 383
Simmons, Edmond Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Edmund Court House 348
Simmons, Edmund Court House 348
Simmons, Eliza Tulls Creek 343
Simmons, Elizabeth Coinjock 383
Simmons, Elizabeth Coinjock 387
Simmons, Emmerson Tulls Creek 342
Simmons, Emmerson Knotts Island 359
Simmons, George Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, George Court House 348
Simmons, Henry Coinjock 383
Simmons, Hillory Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Jeremiah Tulls Creek 343
Simmons, Jno. Knotts Island 361
Simmons, John Coinjock 383
Simmons, Joseph Court House 348
Simmons, Joseph Indian Ridge 368
Simmons, Joseph Coinjock 383
Simmons, Julia Ann Court House 348
Simmons, Julia Ann Coinjock 383
Simmons, Louis Coinjock 383
Simmons, Lovey Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Lydia Court House 348
Simmons, Lydia Coinjock 383
Simmons, Mariah Court House 348
Simmons, Patrick Court House 348
Simmons, Sabrina Tulls Creek 341
Simmons, Saml. Court House 348
Simmons, Sarah Court House 348
Simmons, Sarah Court House 348
Simmons, Sarah Coinjock 383
Simmons, Sarah North Banks 427
Simmons, Susan Court House 348
Simmons, Virginia Court House 348
Simmons, William North Banks 427
Simpson, Albert Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Alexander Poplar Branch 403
Simpson, Alexander Poplar Branch 403
Simpson, Ann Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Britana Poplar Branch 403
Simpson, Britana Poplar Branch 403
Simpson, Edward Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 395
Simpson, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 396
Simpson, Elizabeth North Banks 429
Simpson, Henry Knotts Island 361
Simpson, James Poplar Branch 403
Simpson, John Knotts Island 361
Simpson, John Poplar Branch 395
Simpson, John Poplar Branch 396
Simpson, John North Banks 429
Simpson, John North Banks 430
Simpson, Joseph North Banks 430
Simpson, Joshua North Banks 429
Simpson, Lovey North Banks 429
Simpson, Mary North Banks 430
Simpson, Nancy Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Polly Poplar Branch 395
Simpson, Thomas Poplar Branch 396
Simpson, William Poplar Branch 395
Simpson, William North Banks 430
Simpson, William Roanoke Island 431
Simpson, Wm. Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Zachariah Knotts Island 361
Simpson, Zachariah Knotts Island 361
Smith, Almanda Indian Ridge 379
Smith, Asineth Knotts Island 362
Smith, Benjamin Indian Ridge 377
Smith, Caroline Knotts Island 362
Smith, Ellek Knotts Island 367
Smith, Ellek Knotts Island 367
Smith, Emily Knotts Island 367
Smith, Fanny Coinjock 387
Smith, Isaac Indian Ridge 377
Smith, Isaac Indian Ridge 377
Smith, Ivy North Banks 425
Smith, James Knotts Island 361
Smith, Jeremiah Roanoke Island 437
Smith, Jno. Coinjock 387
Smith, John Indian Ridge 377
Smith, John North Banks 420
Smith, John North Banks 425
Smith, Joshua North Banks 425
Smith, July Poplar Branch 405
Smith, Letitia Knotts Island 361
Smith, Lovey Roanoke Island 437
Smith, Major Poplar Branch 404
Smith, Margaret North Banks 420
Smith, Margaret North Banks 425
Smith, Mary Knotts Island 361
Smith, Mary Knotts Island 367
Smith, Mary Knotts Island 367
Smith, Mary Indian Ridge 379
Smith, Mary North Banks 420
Smith, Mary North Banks 420
Smith, Samuel North Banks 425
Smith, Sarah Indian Ridge 377
Smith, Sarah Indian Ridge 379
Smith, Sarah Coinjock 387
Smith, Sarah Poplar Branch 404
Smith, Stark North Banks 420
Smith, Susan Knotts Island 362
Smith, Thomas Poplar Branch 405
Smith, William Knotts Island 362
Smith, William Indian Ridge 377
Smith, Wm. Knotts Island 362
Smith, Wm. Knotts Island 367
Snow, Caleb Powells Point 411
Snow, George Powells Point 411
Snow, Jessee Powells Point 410
Snow, Jessee Powells Point 412
Snow, John Powells Point 410
Snow, Kissy Powells Point 410
Snow, Letisia Powells Point 411
Snow, Letisia Powells Point 412
Snow, Lidia Powells Point 412
Snow, Lovey Powells Point 411
Snow, Margaret Powells Point 410
Snow, Martha Powells Point 412
Snow, Mary Powells Point 412
Snow, Sally Powells Point 410
Snow, Sally Powells Point 410
Snow, William Powells Point 410
Snow, Wilson Powells Point 410
Snowden, Elizabeth Court House 352
Snowden, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 376
Snowden, Enock Court House 351
Snowden, George Indian Ridge 373
Snowden, Georgiana Court House 351
Snowden, Isaac Court House 352
Snowden, Isaac Indian Ridge 376
Snowden, James Tulls Creek 346
Snowden, Love Indian Ridge 376
Snowden, William Indian Ridge 376
Snowden, Wm. Court House 352
Snowden, Wm. Indian Ridge 373
Sorey, Evan Indian Ridge 374
Sorey, Matilda Indian Ridge 374
Sorey, Nancy Indian Ridge 369
Souls, Sally Poplar Branch 398
Spense, Cary Moyock 329
Spense, Charlotte Moyock 336
Spense, David Moyock 326
Spense, David Moyock 336
Spense, George Moyock 336
Spense, Linton Moyock 335
Spense, Lovey Moyock 336
Spense, Margaret Moyock 329
Spense, Mary Moyock 329
Spense, Wm. Moyock 329
Spense, Wm. Moyock 336
Spruel, Sophiah Roanoke Island 432
Spry, Ann Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Bridgett Poplar Branch 392
Spry, Edmond Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Fanny Poplar Branch 391
Spry, George Poplar Branch 391
Spry, James Poplar Branch 392
Spry, Jesse Poplar Branch 392
Spry, Julia Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Love Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Mahala Poplar Branch 391
Spry, Spense Poplar Branch 391
Stanly, Benjamin Moyock 336
Stanly, Benjamin Moyock 336
Stanly, Hillery Moyock 336
Stanly, Ivey Moyock 336
Stanly, Jno. Moyock 336
Stanly, Mary Moyock 336
Stanly, Saml. Moyock 336
Stanly, Wm. Moyock 336
Stephens, Jakey Coinjock 381
Stephenson, Caroline Coinjock 388
Stephenson, John Coinjock 388
Stephenson, William Coinjock 388
Stewart, Ann Tulls Creek 338
Stewart, Armstead Indian Ridge 372
Stewart, Burwell M. Indian Ridge 379
Stewart, James Tulls Creek 338
Stewart, James Indian Ridge 379
Stewart, John Indian Ridge 379
Stewart, Mary Moyock 336
Stewart, Mary Tulls Creek 337
Stewart, Sarah Indian Ridge 380
Stewart, William Indian Ridge 379
Stewart, Wm. Tulls Creek 338
Stewart, Zylphy Tulls Creek 337
Stone, Amy North Banks 418
Stone, Ann Coinjock 387
Stone, Belina North Banks 421
Stone, Fanny North Banks 421
Stone, George Poplar Branch 395
Stone, Harriet North Banks 421
Stone, Harriet North Banks 421
Stone, Josire North Banks 421
Stone, Laurence North Banks 421
Stone, Margaret North Banks 421
Stone, Mary North Banks 421
Stone, Sally North Banks 421
Stone, William Knotts Island 366
Stringfields, Mary Roanoke Island 435
Stringfields, Mary Roanoke Island 435
Sturgis, James Tulls Creek 346
Sutton, Althire Roanoke Island 435
Sutton, Nancy Powells Point 415
Sutton, Nancy Roanoke Island 435
Sutton, Sarah Roanoke Island 435
Sutton, Sarah Roanoke Island 435
Sutton, Wilson R. Roanoke Island 435

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