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1850 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "M"


Name District Page
Mann, Easter Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Easter Roanoke Island 439
Mann, Edwin Knotts Island 367
Mann, Eeaster North Banks 428
Mann, Harriet Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Henrietta Knotts Island 367
Mann, John North Banks 428
Mann, John Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Joseph Knotts Island 367
Mann, Josire North Banks 428
Mann, Judieth Knotts Island 367
Mann, Louis Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Martha Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Mary North Banks 428
Mann, Mary Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Matilda North Banks 428
Mann, Nancy Knotts Island 367
Mann, Saml. Knotts Island 367
Mann, Samuel North Banks 428
Mann, Susan Knotts Island 367
Mann, Susan Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Thomas North Banks 428
Mann, Thomas Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Thomas Roanoke Island 438
Mann, William North Banks 428
Mann, William Roanoke Island 438
Mann, Wm. Knotts Island 367
Mansfield, Alfred Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Dinah Tulls Creek 344
Mansfield, Henry Moyock 333
Mansfield, Jesse Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Jesse Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Malachi Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Mary Roanoke Island 437
Mansfield, Miles Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Oliver Tulls Creek 343
Mansfield, Sarah Tulls Creek 343
Marmaduke, Fanny Roanoke Island 436
Marmaduke, Fanny Roanoke Island 440
Marr, Thomas Poplar Branch 406
Martin, Henry Moyock 330
Martin, Polly Moyock 330
Matthias, Adelia Court House 351
Matthias, Ann Court House 350
Matthias, Benjamin Tulls Creek 340
Matthias, Burwell Court House 351
Matthias, Caleb Court House 347
Matthias, Chlotilda Court House 351
Matthias, Emmerson Court House 351
Matthias, Franky Tulls Creek 342
Matthias, Hilliard Court House 350
Matthias, Jno. Tulls Creek 340
Matthias, Jno. Court House 351
Matthias, Mary Court House 351
Matthias, Olive Tulls Creek 340
Matthias, Sarah Court House 350
Matthias, Sarah J. Court House 350
Matthias, Thos. Court House 351
Matthias, Wiley Court House 350
McBride, Bridget Indian Ridge 373
McBride, Grandy Indian Ridge 373
McBride, Isaac Indian Ridge 373
McBride, Johnson Indian Ridge 373
McBride, Love Indian Ridge 378
McBride, Love Indian Ridge 378
McBride, Lucy Indian Ridge 378
McBride, Margaret Indian Ridge 378
McBride, William Indian Ridge 378
McBride, Willoughby Indian Ridge 373
McClannin, Elenor Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, Henry Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, Leml. Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, Martha Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, Mary Tulls Creek 346
McClannin, Rebecca Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, Thos. Indian Ridge 377
McClannin, William Indian Ridge 377
McDaniel, Duncan North Banks 425
McHorney, Andrew Court House 350
McHorney, Barbara Coinjock 386
Mchorney, Barbary Roanoke Island 435
McHorney, Benjamin Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Bridgett Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Charlotte Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Edmond Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 399
McHorney, Haywood Poplar Branch 394
McHorney, James Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Jasper Court House 350
McHorney, Julia Court House 350
McHorney, Julia Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Manleth Poplar Branch 399
McHorney, Marg. Court House 350
McHorney, Margaret Court House 348
McHorney, Mary Poplar Branch 392
Mchorney, Mathias Roanoke Island 435
Mchorney, Mathias Roanoke Island 435
McHorney, Nancy Poplar Branch 398
McHorney, Noah Poplar Branch 399
McHorney, Sally Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Samuel Poplar Branch 392
McHorney, Samuel Poplar Branch 399
McHorney, Thomas Poplar Branch 394
McHorney, Thursdy Poplar Branch 394
McKimmey, Charity Indian Ridge 377
McKimmy, Caroline Indian Ridge 372
McKimmy, David Indian Ridge 369
McKimmy, James Indian Ridge 372
McKimmy, Joseph Indian Ridge 369
McKimmy, Mary Indian Ridge 369
McKimmy, Mary Indian Ridge 369
McKimmy, Nelson Indian Ridge 369
McKimmy, Odius Indian Ridge 372
McKimmy, Sophia Indian Ridge 372
McKinney, Johnathan North Banks 418
McKinney, Joseph North Banks 418
McKinney, Mary North Banks 418
McKinney, Polly North Banks 418
McKinney, Solomon North Banks 418
McKinny, Ailey North Banks 420
McKinny, Thomas North Banks 420
McLane, Jno. Moyock 328
McNider, Charles Indian Ridge 376
McNider, Mary Indian Ridge 376
McNider, St. Clair Indian Ridge 376
McPherson, Daniel Moyock 331
McPherson, Franklin Poplar Branch 393
McPherson, Jno. Moyock 326
McPherson, Julia Poplar Branch 393
McPherson, Lucinda Moyock 331
McPherson, Miles Moyock 326
McPherson, Wm. Poplar Branch 393
Meakins, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 397
Meakins, Harriet Poplar Branch 397
Meakins, Matilda Poplar Branch 397
Meakins, Richard Poplar Branch 397
Meakins, William Poplar Branch 397
Meekins, Clark Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, Daniel Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, Eeaster Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, Ephraim Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, Francis Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, Franklin Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, George Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, George Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, Isaac Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, John Roanoke Island 434
Meekins, Mahala Roanoke Island 439
Meekins, Margaret Roanoke Island 439
Melson, Bashaba Powells Point 414
Melson, Elijah Powells Point 414
Melson, Jehu Powells Point 414
Melson, John Powells Point 414
Melson, John North Banks 420
Melson, Mary Powells Point 414
Melson, Permelia Powells Point 414
Mercer, Alphonso Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Amilia Moyock 330
Mercer, Ann Moyock 330
Mercer, Benj. T. Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Charles Indian Ridge 370
Mercer, Chloe Indian Ridge 370
Mercer, Director Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Edward Moyock 330
Mercer, Eliza Poplar Branch 390
Mercer, Eliza Powells Point 407
Mercer, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 399
Mercer, James Poplar Branch 390
Mercer, James Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, James R. Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Jesse Poplar Branch 390
Mercer, Jesse Poplar Branch 397
Mercer, John Poplar Branch 399
Mercer, Joseph Poplar Branch 402
Mercer, July Poplar Branch 400
Mercer, Major Poplar Branch 397
Mercer, Malachi Tulls Creek 340
Mercer, Martin Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Mary Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Mary Indian Ridge 372
Mercer, Mary Poplar Branch 402
Mercer, Mary Powells Point 407
Mercer, Mary Powells Point 408
Mercer, Mathias Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Patsy Poplar Branch 399
Mercer, Robert Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Saml. Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Saml. Indian Ridge 375
Mercer, Samuel Powells Point 407
Mercer, Sarah Indian Ridge 372
Mercer, Silas Poplar Branch 399
Mercer, Sivility Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Susan Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Thomas Poplar Branch 402
Mercer, Thomas Powells Point 407
Mercer, Thos. Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Thos. Indian Ridge 372
Mercer, William Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, William Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, William Poplar Branch 404
Mercer, Wm. Moyock 330
Mercer, Wm. Tulls Creek 341
Mercer, Wm. Indian Ridge 372
Mercer, Wm. Indian Ridge 375
Merchant, Archan Indian Ridge 370
Merchant, E.F. Indian Ridge 370
Merchant, E.S. Indian Ridge 370
Merchant, Emily Moyock 336
Merchant, Gideon C. Indian Ridge 370
Merchant, Henrietta Coinjock 385
Merchant, Johnson Moyock 336
Merchant, Thursdy Moyock 336
Messer, Britana Poplar Branch 396
Messer, John Poplar Branch 396
Messer, Martha Poplar Branch 396
Messer, Mary Poplar Branch 396
Messer, Temy Poplar Branch 396
Midgett, Allen Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Ann North Banks 430
Midgett, Charles Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Debora Roanoke Island 431
Midgett, Dinah North Banks 430
Midgett, Edward North Banks 430
Midgett, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Ezekiel Powells Point 417
Midgett, John North Banks 430
Midgett, John Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, John M. North Banks 430
Midgett, Joseph Powells Point 417
Midgett, Joseph Powells Point 417
Midgett, Josephene Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Leah North Banks 430
Midgett, Mann Roanoke Island 431
Midgett, Martha Roanoke Island 431
Midgett, Martha Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Matilda Powells Point 417
Midgett, Nancy North Banks 430
Midgett, Norris North Banks 430
Midgett, Penelopy North Banks 430
Midgett, Samuel Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Sarah Roanoke Island 437
Midgett, Selina Powells Point 417
Midgett, Syntha Powells Point 417
Midgett, Syntha Powells Point 417
Midgett, Tilmon Powells Point 417
Miller, Adelia Coinjock 381
Miller, Ann Knotts Island 360
Miller, Anna Indian Ridge 374
Miller, Caleb Coinjock 381
Miller, Carinna Knotts Island 360
Miller, David Moyock 329
Miller, Elizabeth Court House 354
Miller, George Knotts Island 360
Miller, Jno. Knotts Island 360
Miller, Mary Moyock 325
Miller, Mary Moyock 329
Miller, Mary Knotts Island 360
Miller, Matilda Roanoke Island 435
Miller, Nancy Moyock 329
Miller, Pelige Indian Ridge 368
Miller, Sarah Court House 349
Miller, Solomon Knotts Island 360
Miller, William Roanoke Island 435
Miller, Wm. Knotts Island 360
Mires, Clarky North Banks 422
Mires, George North Banks 422
Mires, John North Banks 422
Mires, Polly North Banks 422
Mires, Rutha North Banks 422
Mires, Sultana North Banks 422
Mitchel, Ann Moyock 328
Mitchel, Ann Poplar Branch 403
Mitchel, Johnathan Moyock 328
Mitchel, Laban Moyock 328
Mitchel, Lucy Moyock 328
Mitchel, Penelope Moyock 328
Mitchel, Polly Poplar Branch 403
Mitchel, Sarah Poplar Branch 403
Mitchel, Stephen Moyock 328
Mitchel, Timothy Moyock 328
Monticue, Adam Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Ivy Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Mary Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Napolian Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Sarah Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Sarah Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, Thomas Roanoke Island 436
Monticue, William Roanoke Island 436
Moor, Sarah F. Knotts Island 366
Moore, Henry North Banks 429
Moore, Jno. A. Indian Ridge 373
Moore, Martha North Banks 429
Moore, Martha E. Indian Ridge 371
Moore, Permelia Indian Ridge 373
Moore, Sarah North Banks 429
Moore, Solomon North Banks 429
Moore, Tabitha Indian Ridge 373
Morgan, Ann L. Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Basnet Moyock 329
Morgan, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Frances Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Jno. Moyock 329
Morgan, John Indian Ridge 378
Morgan, Joseph B. Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Lucy A. Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Mary Moyock 329
Morgan, Patrick Indian Ridge 371
Morgan, Sarah Moyock 329
Morgan, Wm. Moyock 329
Morisett, Eliza Powells Point 409
Morrisett, Asa Poplar Branch 390
Morrisett, Cason Poplar Branch 390
Morrisett, Martha Indian Ridge 375
Morrisett, Peter Poplar Branch 390
Morrisett, Sarah Poplar Branch 390
Morrisett, William Poplar Branch 390
Morriss, David Knotts Island 366
Morriss, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 368
Morriss, Louisa Knotts Island 366
Morriss, Martha Knotts Island 366
Morriss, Nathan Coinjock 383
Morriss, Thompson Knotts Island 366
Morse, Ann Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Ann Knotts Island 361
Morse, Caroline Knotts Island 361
Morse, Catherine Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Chloe Moyock 334
Morse, Cornelius Tulls Creek 342
Morse, David Tulls Creek 340
Morse, David Tulls Creek 341
Morse, David Tulls Creek 342
Morse, Davis Tulls Creek 340
Morse, Edny Knotts Island 361
Morse, Edwin Moyock 328
Morse, Eliza North Banks 421
Morse, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Elizabeth North Banks 421
Morse, Ellenor Tulls Creek 340
Morse, Frances Tulls Creek 338
Morse, Gideon Moyock 326
Morse, Hillory Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Hillory Tulls Creek 345
Morse, James Moyock 334
Morse, James Tulls Creek 338
Morse, James Tulls Creek 342
Morse, Jno. Moyock 334
Morse, John Knotts Island 361
Morse, Kader Moyock 334
Morse, Mary Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Mary Knotts Island 361
Morse, Nancy Knotts Island 361
Morse, Peter Moyock 328
Morse, Peter Tulls Creek 338
Morse, Polly North Banks 421
Morse, Rebecca Tulls Creek 338
Morse, Sarah Tulls Creek 340
Morse, Sarah Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Sarah North Banks 421
Morse, Susan Tulls Creek 338
Morse, Susan Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Susan Tulls Creek 342
Morse, Susan Poplar Branch 395
Morse, Thomas Indian Ridge 373
Morse, Thos. Tulls Creek 338
Morse, William North Banks 421
Morse, Willis North Banks 421
Morse, Wilson Moyock 334
Morse, Wm. Tulls Creek 341
Morse, Zachariah Poplar Branch 395
Morton, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Eugene Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Hellen Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Lawrence Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Marshal Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Melius Tulls Creek 346
Morton, St. Clair Tulls Creek 346
Morton, Thos. Tulls Creek 346
Munden, Edney Court House 347
Munden, Josephine Court House 347
Munden, Meredith Court House 347
Munden, Rodolph Court House 347
Munden, Thos. G. Court House 347
Munden, Virginia Court House 347
Murrel, Mahala Coinjock 387
Murril, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 403
Murril, Elizabeth Powells Point 409
Murril, John Poplar Branch 404
Murril, Margaret Poplar Branch 404
Murril, Martha Poplar Branch 404
Murrill, Edmond Powells Point 417
Murrill, Gulane Powells Point 415
Murrill, Isaac Powells Point 416
Murrill, Isaac Powells Point 417
Murrill, James Poplar Branch 400
Murrill, John Powells Point 415
Murrill, Joshua Powells Point 416
Murrill, July Powells Point 412
Murrill, Levi Powells Point 416
Murrill, Mary Powells Point 412
Murrill, Mary Powells Point 417
Murrill, Samuel Poplar Branch 400
Murrill, Sarah Powells Point 416
Murrill, Susan Poplar Branch 400
Murrill, Susan Powells Point 412
Murrill, Susan Powells Point 416
Murrill, Tudisa Poplar Branch 400
Murrill, William Powells Point 415
Murrill, William Powells Point 417

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