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1850 Federal Census of Currituck County, North Carolina

Surnames Beginning with "E-F"


Name District Page
Eason, Ira Tulls Creek 345
Eason, Jesse Tulls Creek 345
Eason, Jno. Tulls Creek 345
Eason, Mary Tulls Creek 345
Eason, Mary Tulls Creek 345
Edy, Mary Coinjock 383
Elison, Mary Moyock 327
Elison, Mary Moyock 327
Elison, Sarah Moyock 327
Elison, Thos. Moyock 327
Etheredge, Abner Moyock 334
Etheredge, Adaline Indian Ridge 374
Etheredge, Adeline Moyock 334
Etheredge, Adolphus Court House 352
Etheredge, Almeda Moyock 334
Etheredge, Alphred Tulls Creek 337
Etheredge, Augustus Indian Ridge 369
Etheredge, Caleb Moyock 334
Etheredge, Caleb Moyock 334
Etheredge, Caleb Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Caleb Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Caleb Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Caroline Moyock 334
Etheredge, Cary Moyock 334
Etheredge, David Moyock 336
Etheredge, Davis Moyock 334
Etheredge, Dennis Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Edney Knotts Island 364
Etheredge, Edward Tulls Creek 346
Etheredge, Edy Moyock 334
Etheredge, Elias Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Eliza Moyock 334
Etheredge, Eliza Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Elizabeth Moyock 333
Etheredge, Elizabeth Moyock 334
Etheredge, Elizabeth Moyock 334
Etheredge, Elizabeth Moyock 334
Etheredge, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 369
Etheredge, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Ellen Moyock 334
Etheredge, Ellen Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Emily Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Eugene Moyock 334
Etheredge, Fanny Moyock 326
Etheredge, Frances Tulls Creek 337
Etheredge, Frances Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Georgiana Indian Ridge 374
Etheredge, Harriet Moyock 334
Etheredge, Harrison Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Huldy Indian Ridge 370
Etheredge, Huldy Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Isaiah Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Isaiah Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Jane Moyock 334
Etheredge, Jefferson Moyock 334
Etheredge, Jerome Tulls Creek 337
Etheredge, Jno. Moyock 334
Etheredge, John Indian Ridge 373
Etheredge, John Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Joseph Tulls Creek 338
Etheredge, Joseph Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Joshua Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Josiah Tulls Creek 337
Etheredge, Josiah Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Levy Moyock 336
Etheredge, Lucy Moyock 336
Etheredge, Lucy Ann Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Margaret Indian Ridge 373
Etheredge, Mark Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, Martha Moyock 336
Etheredge, Martha Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Martha Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Mary Moyock 334
Etheredge, Mary Moyock 334
Etheredge, Mary Indian Ridge 369
Etheredge, Mary Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Nancy Moyock 326
Etheredge, Nancy Court House 352
Etheredge, Nansy Tulls Creek 338
Etheredge, Nathan Moyock 334
Etheredge, Peny Moyock 333
Etheredge, Peter Moyock 334
Etheredge, Phebe Moyock 334
Etheredge, Polly Indian Ridge 374
Etheredge, Quinton Moyock 334
Etheredge, Romulus Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Sally Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Sarah Tulls Creek 337
Etheredge, Sarah Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Sarah Tulls Creek 344
Etheredge, Sarah Court House 352
Etheredge, Sarah Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, Sydney Moyock 334
Etheredge, Tatem Moyock 333
Etheredge, Tatem Moyock 334
Etheredge, Thomas Tulls Creek 338
Etheredge, Thos. Indian Ridge 369
Etheredge, Thos. Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Tully Moyock 334
Etheredge, William Indian Ridge 375
Etheredge, William Indian Ridge 378
Etheredge, William F. Indian Ridge 376
Etheredge, Willoughby Moyock 333
Etheredge, Wm. C. Indian Ridge 370
Etheridge, A.B. Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Adam Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Adam D. Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Alonzo Roanoke Island 440
Etheridge, Amanda North Banks 430
Etheridge, Amos Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Amos Roanoke Island 434
Etheridge, Amy Powells Point 415
Etheridge, Ann Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Anny Powells Point 415
Etheridge, Arther Roanoke Island 438
Etheridge, Benjamin Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Bethana Roanoke Island 432
Etheridge, Catherine Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Charles Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Daniel Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Deborah Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Dorcass Powells Point 414
Etheridge, Edward Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 431
Etheridge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 434
Etheridge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Elizabeth Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Elvira Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Emiline Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Fanny North Banks 430
Etheridge, Fanny Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Georgeanna Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Jackson Powells Point 414
Etheridge, James Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, James Roanoke Island 431
Etheridge, Jeremiah Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Jessee North Banks 430
Etheridge, Jessee North Banks 430
Etheridge, John Roanoke Island 432
Etheridge, John Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, John Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, John B. North Banks 430
Etheridge, Josephene Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Josire Powells Point 415
Etheridge, L.J. North Banks 430
Etheridge, Lovey Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Lovey Roanoke Island 438
Etheridge, Lurana Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Malissa North Banks 430
Etheridge, Margaret North Banks 430
Etheridge, Margaret Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Margaret Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Martha Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Martin Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Mary Powells Point 414
Etheridge, Mary North Banks 430
Etheridge, Mary Roanoke Island 431
Etheridge, Mary Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Mary Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Matilda Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Matilda Roanoke Island 440
Etheridge, Micaja Roanoke Island 438
Etheridge, Mournen Roanoke Island 433
Etheridge, Nancy Roanoke Island 436
Etheridge, Nancy Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Nathan Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Nathan Roanoke Island 440
Etheridge, Phine Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Richard Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Sampson Poplar Branch 400
Etheridge, Samuel Powells Point 407
Etheridge, Sarah Powells Point 407
Etheridge, Sarah Roanoke Island 431
Etheridge, Sarah Roanoke Island 432
Etheridge, Sarah Roanoke Island 440
Etheridge, Sena Roanoke Island 432
Etheridge, Sophiah Roanoke Island 437
Etheridge, Spence Poplar Branch 406
Etheridge, Spencer Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Tart Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, Truxen Roanoke Island 440
Etheridge, Vanburen Roanoke Island 439
Etheridge, William C. North Banks 430
Evans, Elija Powells Point 410
Evans, Eliza Powells Point 410
Evans, Henry Powells Point 410
Evans, James Powells Point 411
Evans, Jessee Powells Point 410
Evans, Jessee Powells Point 410
Evans, John Powells Point 411
Evans, Johnson Powells Point 411
Evans, July Powells Point 411
Evans, July Powells Point 411
Evans, Lafaett Powells Point 411
Evans, Margaret Powells Point 410
Evans, Mary Powells Point 410
Evans, Mathias Powells Point 411
Evans, Matilda Powells Point 410
Evans, Matison Powells Point 411
Evans, Polly Powells Point 410
Evans, William Powells Point 411
Everton, Benjamin Poplar Branch 390
Everton, Caleb Poplar Branch 401
Everton, Caleb Poplar Branch 402
Everton, Caroline Poplar Branch 401
Everton, Major Poplar Branch 401
Everton, Polly Poplar Branch 390
Everton, Sarah Poplar Branch 402
Everton, Thomas Poplar Branch 390
Fanning, Margaret Tulls Creek 339
Fanshaw, Alpheus Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Amanda Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Ann Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Arky Ann Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Davis Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Eliza Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Emma Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Israel Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Jno. Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Joseph Tulls Creek 338
Fanshaw, Josephine Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Julius Moyock 335
Fanshaw, Louiza Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Lydia Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Margaret Tulls Creek 337
Fanshaw, Martha Tulls Creek 337
Farrow, Edmond North Banks 429
Farrow, Elizabeth North Banks 429
Fentress, Wm. Knotts Island 359
Ferebee, Drucilla Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Elizabeth Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Enoch Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, James Indian Ridge 372
Ferebee, James Indian Ridge 373
Ferebee, Lotty Indian Ridge 379
Ferebee, Mary Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Mary Indian Ridge 373
Ferebee, Mary Indian Ridge 373
Ferebee, Missouri Indian Ridge 373
Ferebee, Mitchel Indian Ridge 379
Ferebee, Polly Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Saml. Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Saml. Indian Ridge 368
Ferebee, Willoughby Indian Ridge 372
Ferebee, Wm. Indian Ridge 372
Ferebee, Wm. E. Indian Ridge 368
Ferril, Rhody Indian Ridge 370
Fisher, Ann Coinjock 387
Fisher, Baxter Coinjock 387
Fisher, Charlotte Coinjock 387
Fisher, Elby Coinjock 387
Fisher, Isaac Poplar Branch 404
Fisher, John T. Poplar Branch 404
Fisher, Joseph Coinjock 387
Fisher, Love Coinjock 381
Fisher, William Coinjock 387
Fisk, Richd. Indian Ridge 371
Flora, Amanda Tulls Creek 339
Flora, Andrew Moyock 329
Flora, Dennis Moyock 326
Flora, Dennis Indian Ridge 375
Flora, Georgiana Moyock 329
Flora, Gideon Poplar Branch 394
Flora, Harriet Moyock 327
Flora, Harriet Moyock 329
Flora, Isaac Moyock 326
Flora, Isaac Moyock 326
Flora, Isaac Moyock 327
Flora, Isaac Tulls Creek 338
Flora, Jane Tulls Creek 339
Flora, Jerome Moyock 329
Flora, Jno. Moyock 329
Flora, Jno. Tulls Creek 339
Flora, Lotty Poplar Branch 394
Flora, Margaret Court House 347
Flora, Mary B. Moyock 329
Flora, Nancy Moyock 328
Flora, Nancy Tulls Creek 339
Flora, Ollive Poplar Branch 394
Flora, Richard Moyock 328
Flora, Richd. Moyock 327
Flora, Richd. Moyock 328
Flora, Sally Indian Ridge 373
Flora, Sarah Moyock 326
Flora, Sintha Indian Ridge 373
Flora, Wilson Moyock 326
Forbes, Adam Powells Point 413
Forbes, Alonzo Powells Point 413
Forbes, Ann Poplar Branch 390
Forbes, Ann Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, Archian Indian Ridge 372
Forbes, Baily Indian Ridge 374
Forbes, Bridgett Poplar Branch 396
Forbes, Caleb Powells Point 414
Forbes, Cresa Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Daniel Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, Elizabeth Poplar Branch 396
Forbes, Euphena Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Frances Roanoke Island 434
Forbes, Frances Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Isaac Indian Ridge 374
Forbes, Isaac Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, Jackson Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, John Coinjock 381
Forbes, John Powells Point 417
Forbes, John P. Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Jordan Powells Point 407
Forbes, July Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Letitia Powells Point 407
Forbes, Luke Coinjock 381
Forbes, Mahala Court House 353
Forbes, Majurius Powells Point 407
Forbes, Malachi Poplar Branch 396
Forbes, Margaret Powells Point 407
Forbes, Margaret Powells Point 417
Forbes, Mary Indian Ridge 374
Forbes, Mary Powells Point 407
Forbes, Mary Powells Point 414
Forbes, Matilda Coinjock 381
Forbes, Nancy Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Nathanuel Indian Ridge 374
Forbes, Parthena Powells Point 413
Forbes, Sally Powells Point 407
Forbes, Saml. Coinjock 381
Forbes, Samuel Roanoke Island 435
Forbes, Sarah Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, Stephen G. Poplar Branch 390
Forbes, Susan Powells Point 413
Forbes, Thomas Poplar Branch 404
Forbes, Thomas Powells Point 417
Forbes, Waitman Powells Point 407
Forbes, William Indian Ridge 371
Forbes, William Roanoke Island 436
Foreman, Martha Moyock 335
Fortune, Ellen Powells Point 416
Fortune, James Powells Point 416
Fortune, Nathan Powells Point 416
Fortune, Penelopy Powells Point 416
Foster, Caleb Court House 350
Fountain, Dorcass Powells Point 412
Fountain, Milly Powells Point 414
Frost, Amy Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Ann Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Anna Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Edward Tulls Creek 344
Frost, James Tulls Creek 344
Frost, James Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Jno. Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Jno. Tulls Creek 344
Frost, John Indian Ridge 380
Frost, Mary Tulls Creek 344
Frost, Mary Indian Ridge 380
Frost, Susan Tulls Creek 340
Frost, Thos. Indian Ridge 380
Frost, Wm. Tulls Creek 344
Fulford, Ader Tulls Creek 344
Fulford, Amanda Court House 351
Fulford, Clotilda Tulls Creek 346
Fulford, Dennis Tulls Creek 344
Fulford, Eliza Moyock 327
Fulford, Elizabeth Tulls Creek 344
Fulford, Emily Moyock 336
Fulford, Henry Moyock 327
Fulford, James Tulls Creek 344
Fulford, James Court House 351
Fulford, Joseph Moyock 336
Fulford, Junius Moyock 336
Fulford, Mary Moyock 336
Fulford, Munroe Indian Ridge 376
Fulford, Nancy Court House 352
Fulford, Peggy Indian Ridge 373
Fulford, Polly Indian Ridge 376
Fulford, Saml. Moyock 327
Fulford, Samuel Indian Ridge 378
Fulford, Sarah Indian Ridge 378
Fulford, Thos. Moyock 327
Fulford, Wm. Moyock 327
Fulford, Wm. Tulls Creek 344

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