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Settlement in present-day Catawba County began after 1740, during the period before and after the French & Indian Wars. The early pioneers made land claims to the Crown (under the current governor) in Bladen county until 1750, when the area of the Catawba Valley became Anson county. During the "Indian Wars," in 1753, Rowan became the new county seat. The early pioneers to the Catawba Valley were virtually isolated from the supply trains from Pennsylvania during the frequent raids from 1754-1762. Indeed, there was much depradation on the Carolina frontier before the end of the war. From then until the 1790's the Great Wagon Road carried an increasing volume of southern bound traffic.

The Catawba Valley became Burke county in 1777, right in the middle of the Revolutionary War. Two years later, in 1779, before the war really came to western North Carolina with a fury, the Catawba Valley became Lincoln county. The Battles at Ramsours Mill, Cowpens, and King's Mountain would pave the road to British collapse in the American Colonies.

Those settling in the Catawba Valley were originally of two distinct communities: Those speaking German and those speaking English. The Palatine Germans and Swiss generally found land to their liking in the northern portion of the county which resembled the ridges and rolling hills of their homeland. For the most part, the Scot-Irish and English settlers formed the communities in the south-east part of the county. Wilson and Robinson families were an exception, settling in today's Startown.

The descendants of those illustrious pioneers who arrived 250 years ago continue to live among us. In fact, THEY ARE US ! Indeed, the citizens of the Catawba Valley take great pride in their German, Scot-Irish and English ancestors.

It is my desire to share Catawba Valley Families information with anyone seeking historical and genealogical help. I invite any and all to share what they might have. I'll be happy to post text files, PDF's, trees, pedigree charts, links to any site with Catawba County affiliations.

I'll do my best to keep this page up to date. If you are changing providers or have had enough, please tell me. I want this to be the best, most up-to-date surname register of Catawba county families.

This page contains links to some of the prominent families that established the rich heritage we now enjoy. You are invited to contribute your data.

No claim is made for the accuracy of these pages, regardless of source.
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Regional, Ethnic and Thematic Sites

HESSIAN TARHEELS (Jerry Dagenhart)


ABERNATHY-Descendants of Robert ABERNATHY (~1719-1792) 
ANTHONY-Descendants of Paulus ANTHONY (bef 1720-bef 1805)  
ANTHONY-Catawba County Library on-line files 
ARNDT-Descendants of Johann Gottfried ARENDS (1740-1807) 
ARNEY Genealogy (Stan Arney)
ARNEY ORIGINS (David M. Friscia)
ASHENBRANNER-Desc. of Urban ASCHENBRENNER (~1703-~1795)  
ASCHENBRENNER-Desc. of Urban ASCHENBRENNER Blog (Stephen C. Ashabraner)


BAKER-Descendants of John BAKER (c.1775-1823)
BANDY-Descendants of George BANDY (c.1750-1822) & Christine SLINKARD (Jerry Lynn)
BARRINGER-Descendants of Wilhelm (Behringer) BARRINGER (c.1700/10-?) 
BENNICK-Descendants of Johann Philibbus BINCK (~1760-1808) 
BIEBER History and Genealogy (John W. Bieber)
BOLCH Family Genealogy (Melanie Coyl)
BOLCH/BOLICK FAMILIES of Catawba & Lincoln County, NC (Carolyn Whitaker)
BOLICK-Desc. of Johan Adam (Bolch) BOLICK (~1725-1790/94)  
BOLLINGER-Descendants of Christian BOLLINGER (?-~1800) 
BOLLINGER Family Genealogy (Anthony Bollinger)
BOST-Descendants of Johannes Wilhelm BOST (~1739-1822) 
BOST FAMILY HISTORY (Ralph Herman Bost, Jr.)
BRADY-Descendants of Elbert BRADY (1819-1889) [Descendants] [Web page]
BRIDGES - DESCENDANTS of WILLIAM BRIDGES  1700-1743 (Myrtle Bridges)


CAMPBELL-John D. Campbell (1812-1890) and Descendants (Jim Campbell) 
CANSLER-Desc. of Johann Conradt CANSLER\GANTZLER (~1724-1778)
CARPENTER - The Book - Carpenters A Plenty  
CLARK - Catawba County Library on-line files
CLINARD - - The Book - My Dear Father and Mother
CLINE - Desc. of Sebastian CLINE (~1644-~1700) 
CLINE -Ancestors & Descendants of Sebastian Cline of Postorff, Alsace, Germany and NC
and Hans Georg Cline of Postorff, Alsace,Germany and Monroe County, Ohio
CLINE - Cline Family Times-Descendants of George and Sussannah Buck Cline-index
CLINE - David Cline and Sarah Salome Carpenter - Some Families of Old Tryon
CLONINGER-Desc. of Johann Philip (Kloninger) CLONINGER (~1720-) 
COBB/COBBS Family Genealogy (Mike Cobb)
COSTNER-Desc. of George Adam (Kastner) COSTNER (1698-1767) 
COULTER-Desc. of Johann Martin COULTER (~1730-1808) 
COULTER Family Genealogy (Bob Coulter)


DEAL-Solomon DEAL (1791 - 1877) Unknown parentage
DEAL-William Silas DEAL (~1823/25 - 1865) Unrecognized Confederate hero
DEITZ-Desc. of Johan Frederick DIETZ (bef 1738-aft 1807) 
DRUM-Desc. of John Drum with WILKINSON & CALDWELL families
DUFFEY - William Sherman Duffey of Hickory (Bill Duffey)


EAKER (EGGER)-Desc. of Peter Eaker-Some Families of Old Tryon
ECHERD [ECKARD] -Desc. of Elijah ECHERD (~1835-?) 
ECHERT [ECKARD] -Desc. of Hann Adam ECHERT (?-1775)  


FINGER - - The Book - The Southern Finger Family
FORNEY-Desc. of Jacob FARNI/FORNEY (~1721- bef. July, 1806)
FULBRIGHT Family Assn. Page (Paul Fullbright - Dr. Bill Eddleman)


GABRIEL Family and their Confederate heroes (D. Scott Gabriel)
GAITHER Family home page (Phil Gaither)


HAAS - Johannes Haas Family History
HAAS - Catawba County Library on-line files  
HAHN - Johannes Hahn Family History (Linda Setzer)
HAHN/HAWN-Desc. of Johannes HAHN (1712-1793)
HARBISON / HARBINSON -Desc. of Wm. Harbison - N. Ireland to NC (Mary E. Harbinson)
HARRIS - Desc. of Henry Jerdon Sylvister HARRIS (Jerry Williams and Mary E. Harbinson)
HENKEL - The illustrious family of Lutheran pastors - 1500-1900-17 generations
HENKEL - Life Sketches of Lutheran Ministers, North Carolina and Tennessee Synods 1773-1965
HERMAN-Johannes Wilhelm HERMAN (~1736-1813) and lineage
HERMAN-Desc. of Johannes Wilhelm HERMAN (~1736-1813)
HERMAN-Desc. of Johannes Wilhelm HERMAN (Wayne Setzer
HETRICK/HEDRICK, John H.- Descendants  (Shirley Susan Head Daveshwar
HICKS-Charles P. Hicks Family in Catawba Co. research notes
HOKE - Johan Jacob (1695-1766)
HOKE - The Book - I HOKE Bequeath - Jean A. Berlekamp
HOOVER-Desc. of: H. Thomas Hueber (1750-1826) 
HOOVER Family (Donna Joy Johnson)
HOUCK/HOUK - Leander HOUCK of Caldwell/Catawba County (Susan Houck)
HUNSUCKER-Desc. of Johann Theobald HUNSUCKER (1744-1822) 
HUNZIGER/HUNSUCKER-Descendants of Johannes Hunziger  


IKERD-Desc. of Peter (Eigerdt) IKERD (~1729-~1784)
IKERD - Peter (~1725/30-~1784) [William E. "Bill" Ikerd] <Coming Soon>
IKERD - Catawba County Library on-line files




KALE - Desc. of William KALE (~1720-after 1786)
KELLER - - The Book - The Keller Family
KILLIAN - Andreas and descendants (George W. Killian)
KILLIAN - Andreas family (Gerald Affeldt & Terri Clayton)
KILLIAN - Descecndants of Samuel Killian, son of Andreas (Wayne Setzer)
KILLIAN - Catawba County Library on-line files


LEONARD-Desc. of John Paul "Valentine" LEONHARDT (1718-1781)
LITTLE - Capt. Daniel Little (L. David Roper)


McCORKLE - Matthew (~1720-1772) [Joyce McCorkle]
McGEE - Desc. of John McGEE (1789-1878) 
MILLER, Ambrose - (ca. 1818-1858)
MOSER - The Family and its Preachers-5 generations
MOUSER Family- PA>NC and beyond (Les Mouser)
MULL/MOLL - Catawba County Library on-line files


NORRIS - John (1756-?) (Laura) 


PERKINS - Catawba County Library on-line files 
POOVEY-Desc. of Conrad Poovey (<1720>1766) 
POPE-from Jean LaPape (~1555-1606) and Eight Gen. of Descendants
POPE-Marcus (~1835-after 1880) and Three Gen. of Descendants
PROPST-Desc. of Henry BROPST (~1740-~1804)


RAMSAUER-Desc. of Johannes Dietrich RAMSOUR [Bill Ramsauer]
RAMSOUR-Desc. of Johannes Dietrich RAMSOUR (1690/1700-~1780)  
RAMSOUR-Pedigree chart ofJacob Milldecauf Ramsour, Jr.
REINHARDT - Christian (1735-?) (Laura)
REITZEL-Desc. of Adam REITZEL II (1751-1792) 
RINCKE / RINK-Desc. of Johann Franz Rincke (1602-1901)
ROBINSON-Desc. of James ROBINSON Jr. (1725-1786) 


SETZER-Desc. of Jacob SETZER (~1730-bet 1768/70)
SETZER-Jacob SETZER, Jr (~1756-bet 1834) and Two Gen. of Descendants
SETZER-Descendants of Setzers (Wayne Lee Setzer)
SETZER/SETSER GENEALOGY- The book - John L. Setzer, Sr.
SHELL-Desc. of Johann Casper SCHELL (~1722-)  
SHERRILL (Steven Sherrill)
SHERRILL - Catawba County Library on-line files
SHOOK - family history (Bob Shook)
SHUFORD family (Dave Shuford)
SHUFORD-Desc. of Johannes Georg SCHEFFERT (c.1689-1762) 
SHUFORD- Catawba County Library on-line files 
SHULL-Desc. of George Christian SCHOLL\SHULL (1730-?)  
SIGMON-Descendants of Barnet SIEGMAN (~1722-~1789) 
SIGMON -The Book - Jorg Sigmann of Germany - Carolyn S. Sigman 
SMYRE/SCHMEYER - Ten Generations
SUMMIT - Descendants of Francis SUMMIT (~1740-1818) 
SUMMIT - Daniel (1826-64) & Henry (1820-94)
SUMMIT - Francis (1741-1818)
SUMMIT - Isaac (1832-1864)
SUMMIT- Isaac Summit's Civil War Letters 


Marcus TAYLOR Family [ME Harbinson]
THORNBURG/THRONEBURG - Banks Richard Thornburg, Jr. (deceased)
THRONEBURG-Descendants of Daniel Sr. (1787-?) [Ron Thornburg]
TREFFENSTÄTT - Christian (~1725-1774) [Tim Cox]


WARLICK-Desc. of Martin Warlick, through Johann Daniel WARLICK (~1710-1770/72)  
WARLICK - Daniel (1710-?) (Laura Warlick)
WARLICK - Catawba County Library on-line files
WARLICK - Johann Daniel WARLICK1, Lewis WARLICK 2
WATTS-Desc. of Thomas WATTS (1728-1774)
WEIDNER - Adam (1688-1745) [Brunetta Lafara Lingg]
WEIDNER - The Book - Through Four Generations - Anne McAllister
WEIDNER - Catawba County Library on-line files
WHISNANT - Francois Visinand (1647-) [Raymond Whisnant]
WHISNANT - Some Families of Old Tryon
WHITE - James White of Long Creek.
WHITENBURG -Desc. of the Unknown pioneer
WIKE -The Book -The Descendants of Jacob M. Weik of North Carolina (Monte/Noma Wike)
WILLIAMS - Desc. of Thomas Williams (1808-~1877) (Mary E. Harbinson)
WILSON - James Lawson (~1823-bef.1880) Confederate Veteran
WILSON - Matthew (1717-?)
WILSON - Joshua/Nathaniel Families
WISE - The Book - ONE WISE MAN-The latest book by Lorena Eaker (Table of Contents)


YODER - Catawba County Library on-line files
YOUNT - Hans Jundt (1656-?)

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