Albemarle Co. Will Abstracts


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Probated Names mentioned:
Thomas Abington 13 Nov 1707 28 Dec 1707 Pasquotank Precinct - Legatees: Mary Tully, George Ellis, Charles Griffin, Elizabeth Hecklefield.  Executors: Tobias Knight, John & Thomas Palin.  Witnesses: John Hecklefield, Francis Gilbert, Mary Cookool  Proven before W. Glover. Submitted by Tim Raper.
Albert Albertson 10 Feb 1701 14 Apr 1702 Perquimans Precinct - Sons: Peter Nathaniel Albert and Easaw.  Wife: not named.  Executors: Peter and Nathaiel Albertson (sons).  Witnesses: John Falconer Nathaniel Nickolson Joseph Sutton.  Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. Submitted by Tim Raper.
John Alford 16 Apr 1691 04 May 1691 Daughters: Tabitha and Sarah. Executor: Charles Jones (father-in-law). Witnesses: John Hunt, William Pindor, Hannah Wood. Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater
Joseph Alford 08 Dec 1689


Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Charles Jones, John Barber, Ludford Ivy.

John Arnold 21 Mar 1723 14 July 1724 Perquimans Precinct - Sons: John, Lawrence, William and Joseph.  Daughter: Elizabeth Arnold.  Wife and Executrix: Mary.  Witnesses: William Han, James Jones, Abraham Reigs, John Reigs.  Clerk of the Court: Richard Leary.  Submitted by Tim Raper.
Lawrence Arnold 14 Dec 1691 02 Feb 1691

Son and Executor: John. Other legatee: Lawrence Godfrey. Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkins, Isaac Rowden. Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater.

John Barber 10 Jun 1692  Apr 1693


Servant: Robert Harper, 10 pounds, and servant to be set free at date of death. Remainder of estate to Ann Boyce, wife of William Boyce, debarring said William Boyce from any claim or possession of any of said estate. Witnesses: Thomas Palin, Em. Niscon, Edward Mayo. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo.
William Bartlett 14 Mar 1694-1695 Jul 1698 Eldest son: William (plantation adjoining William Arnold). Son: Thomas (land from branch adjoining home plantation to Thomas Godfrey's line). Executors: Elizabeth and William Bartlett. Witnesses: Thos: Twedy, John Northcoat, Gilbert Goodall. Clerk of the Court: William Geover.
Vallentin Barton 06 Mar 1685 24 Mar 1686 Wife: Hannah. Brother-in-law: William Fyam, Joseph Williams. Friends: Hanna Ford, Ledy Harrison. Executors: Hanna Barton (wife) and George Fordise (brother-in-law). Witnesses: Ann Symons, Richard Fountain, William Wilkjon. Will proven before William Wilkjon.
Jonathan Bateman - Jan 1694-1695 25 Feb 1695 Wife: Elizabeth. Sister: Margaret. Sons: Jonathan, John, Thomas. Daughter: Mary. Executor: Jonathan (son). Witnesses: Thomas Hassale, John Twigger, Diana White. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover.
Edward Bayes 08 Aug 1696 Oct 1696 Son: John Bayes. Daughters: Eliz., Mary and Ann Bayes. Executrix: Mary Bayes. Witnesses: Thos. Luton and Cotton Robison. Clerk of the Court: Nathl. Chevin.
Frances Beasley 17 Apr 1719 20 May 1719 Son: Jeames (a tract of land on the south side of Perquimans River), Robert (a tract of land on the north side of Morattock River). Wife: Mary Beasley. Executors: Jeams Beasley (brother) and friend John Smithwick. Witnesses: John Lesshons, William Mizell, John Bentley. Proven before Chas. Eden, Governor and Ordinary.
John Bentley 15 Oct 1695 Nov 1695 Brother: Richard Bentley. Cousin: Elizabeth Lerry. John Williams and Roger Williams, William Barrow. Executor: William Barrow. Witnesses: John Barrow, Elizabeth Gardner, George Barrow. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover.
James Blount 10 Mar 1685 Jul 1686 Sons: Thos. Blount and John Blount. Son: Jas. Blount. Daughters: Ann Slocum and Eliz. Hawkins. Grandchildren: James and Sarah Blount and Ann Slocum, and John Hawkins. Wife: Ann Blount. Executrix: Ann Blount. Witnesses: Jno. Hall, Jane Miller and Wm. Dobson. Proven before Seth Sothell.
Thomas Blount 03 Sep 1701 28 Mar 1706 Sons: John and James. Following lands devised: "Midle plantation; land at the mouth of Kendricks Creek, whereon I now live; land called Cabbin Necke." Daughters: Billah (wife of Kellem Tyler), Sarah Peirce, Christian Ludford and Ann Wilson. Wife: Mary. Executor: James Blount (son). Witnesses: Wm. Willson, John Blount, Thomas Green. Proven before Thomas Cary.
John Botnett 30 Oct 1703 17 Apr 1704 Friend and Execulor: David Prichard. Witnesses: Wm Warren, Wm Joy, Margare Joy. Will proven before Wm Rolfe.
William Boyce 30 Aug 1688 Apr 1693 All estate, real and personal, to wife, Ann Boyce. Executrix: Ann Boyce. Witnesses: Paul Latham, John Barber, Jacob Fields. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo.
John Browning 29 Apr 1723 04 Sep 1733 Wife: Margett. Son: John (plantation 250 acres). Daughters: Elizabeth Browning, Darkess. Executors: Wife, son John Browning, Mr. Collin Pollock. Witnesses: Thos. Hobbs, John Coothen. Will proven before W. Little, C. J.
Joseph Cannings 12 Oct 1728 22 Sep 1729 Wife and Executrix: Rebeka. Friends: Joshua Turner and Mary Turner (gold ring to each). Witnesses: Jonathan Bateman, Thomas Bateman, Elizabeth Bateman. Will proven before Rich'd Everard.
Magdalen Colley 10 Dec 1699  NP Ratifies and confirms will of Matthew Colley, except one feather bed and appurtenances which she wills to daughter Rebecca. Witnesses: Henry White, Jacob Overman.
Matthew Colley 16 Apr 1699  NP Children: Elizabeth, John and Rebecca, one plantation each. John Nuby. No Executor. No probate. Witnesses: Fenn. White, James Davis.
Thomas Corbett 10 Jan 1692 03 Apr 1693 Legatees and Devisees: Sarah Lily (daughter of John Lily), Rebekah, Ann, Jonathan and Richard Vins (children of Richard Vins, Sr.) Executor: Richard Vins, Sr. Witnesses: Benjamin Gidon, Johannah Gidon, Anthony Dawson. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney.
Garrett Cowen 06 Jul 1720 Apr 1721 Son: Daniel. Wife: not named. Witnesses: -and Elizabeth Kowen. Clerk of the Court (pro tem.): J. Palin.
Henry Creech 16 Aug 1709   No probate. Son-in-law: John Dailie (land at ye beetree neck). Sons: Thomas and William (land "called ye bald ridge"), Richard, Henry. Wife and Executrix: Joyce. Witnesses: Elenor James, Tamer Creech, John Belt. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 28.
Nicholas Crisp 22 Mar 1727 23 May 1727 Grandsons: Richard Crisp (lands and plantations in Chowan precinct; plantation known by the name of Windlys; lot and warehouse in Edenton; land in Perquimans precinct known by the name of Fendals; the Island called Batts Grove), George Durant. Granddaughters: Mary Durant (plantation and lands in Perquimans precinct lying on Albemarle Sound between Norcombs and Col Harneys), Sarah Durant ("all my lands lying on Moratoke River in Bertie Precinct at and near Shauwaukee and Hennunteh containing 1120 acres); Ann Durant, Elizabeth Durant. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Crisp (widow of son, John Crisp). Daughter: Hagar Durant. Executors: Edward Moseley and Jeremiah Vail. Witnesses: Willm. Williams, Humphry Robinson, James Bush. Will proven before C. Gale, C. J.
Elizabeth Crosland 18 Oct 1693 Apr 1694 Father: Richard Stibett (Stiver). Witnesses: Christopher Butler, William Sprick, Anhoretta Butler. No probate.
John Croslen 06 May 1693 Apr 1694 Chowan; God-daughter: Constant Stiver. Ann Stiver, Haner Stiver, Rich Stiver, Johaner Stiver. Executor: Rich Stiver. Witnesses: Jones Brefot, Arthur Carleton, Cotton Colles. Clerk of the Court: Nathaniel Chevin.
John Cropley 25 Jan 1685 29 Mar 1686 Son: Vins ("land where I now live"). Wife: Ann. Wife's father: John Vins. No executor named. Witnesses: William Wilkjon, George Fordyse, Edward Harrison. Will proven before Wm. Wilkjon.
Lawrence Cruise 13 Jan 1690  NP Daughter: Mary Cruise. Friends: Robert Jenkisson and wife, Elizabeth. Executor: Thomas Clarck (of "yawe pime River"). Witnesses: William Privit, David Perkins. No probate.
Morris Cunningham 19 Jul 1696  NP Executor and sole devisee and legatee: Mathew Kelley. Witnesses: Thomas Symons, Arnold White. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo.
John Dann, Senr 07 Jan 1696-1697 May 1697 Sons: John, Luia. Daughter: Elizabeth Dann. Wife and Executrix: Jeane. Witnesses: Archibald Burnett, Hugh---, Jonathan Burdet. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover.
Samuell Davis 11 Jan 1687-1688   Wife: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Robert Wallis, John Billitt. No probate. Device on seal is three arrows and tomahawk.
Senr. George Deane 10 Apr 1700  NP Geo. Deane (150 acres of land). Daughter: Christian. Humphrey Legg and John Batchelor (150 acres each). Executrix: Elizabeth Deane. Witnesses: John Proctor, Mary Sechewraa, Humphrey Legg. (No probate.)
Gyles Doleer 26 Feb 1687-1688 06 Jan 1689 Legatees and Devisees: John Vallentine Roe, David Pritchett, Rowland Buckly, Mary Garnett ("my plantation"). Executor: Ralph Garnett. Witnesses: Paul Lathum, Francis Henry, Rowland Bussly. Will proven before Tho. Rolfe, Robert Wallis, Paul Lathum---, Thomas Symons.
Ann Durant, widow of George 23 Jan 1694 22 Jun 1695 Son and Executor: Thomas Durant. This is a nuncupative will proven by John Northcoate, John Clappar, Elenor Molines, before William Duckenfield. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. Executor qualifled in Palatine Court--John Archdale, Governor, Daniel Akehurst, Francis ---, Benjamin Laten. Seal of the Palatine on probate.
George Durant 09 Oct 1688 26 Apr 1693-1694 Sons: John (" of my plantation"), Thomas ("ye other half"). Nephews: George Durant, Henry Durant (son of brother John). Daughters: Sarah, Matytya, Pertyenia, and Ann Durant. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Philpott, Frances Hossten, John Cully. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo.
George Durant 25 May 1730 29 Sep 1730 Son: George. Daughters: Anne Durant, Mary Durant, Sarah Durant, Elizabeth Durant. Friend: Anne Longlarther. Executors: Zebulon Clayton, Richard Whidbee (brothers). Witnesses: Thomas Snowden, Elizabeth Gibson, John Stevens. Will proven before Richard Everard.
Elionor Early 02 Sep 1732  NP Grandsons: Thos. Sutton, James Curlee. Granddaughters: Sarah Sutton, Mary Dale (my plantation called by the name of "Blew Water"). Executrix: Mary Dale. Witnesses: Robt. Evans, Nicholas Fairless, Nathaniel Keele. No probate.
Richard Elks 21 Sep 1687 06 Oct 1687 Executor and sole legatee and devisee: William Darby ("plantation upon Yawpin River"). Witnesses: Thomas Pollock, Hanna Haile, John Wolfenden, John Lewin. Will proven before Seth Sothell, Governor.
Richard Evans (spelled "Eivens") 07 Sep 1692 02 Oct 1693 Sons: Jonathan, Richard. Daughters: Rabakah Eivens, Ann Eivens. Executors: Elizabeth Eivens (wife), Alexander Lillington. Witnesses: David Shearwood, Jane Arnold, Benjamin Cidden. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney.
Cornelius Fitzpatrick 21 Aug 1716  NP Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sons: John, Cornelius and Bryant. Daughters: Elender, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth. Other legatees: Geo. Whidbee, John Woodland, Elizabeth Whidbee, Richard Whidbee, John Marke. Witnesses: John Woodland, George Whidbee, Richard Whidbee. Will proven before Thos. Pollock, May 4, 1722.
Peter Fouree 06 Aug 1697 03 Nov 1697 Son: John. Daughters: Nicole, Margueritt, Mary. Wife and Executrix: Catherine. Witnesses: Anthony Marckhum, Francis DeLaMare. Clerk of the Council: W. Glover.
William Frost 30 May 1717 Apr 1718 "Kisey River in Albemarle County." Sons: James, William. Daughters: Elenor Frost, Mary Johnson. Wife: Joan. No Executor named. Witnesses: Will Lattimer, John Stancell. Clerk of Chowan Court: R. Hicks.

*NP - Indicates the original will was filed but not admitted to probate for any number of reasons. One common reason for not admitting the will for probate was that the executor was no longer available, refused to accept the responsibility or was deceased.

Source: Grimes, John Bryan. Abstracts of North Carolina Wills. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Department of State, 1910.  And various other submitters.

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