James Blount Will

Chowan Precinct

July 9, 1685

IN YE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I James Blount, of Chowan precinct, in ye County of Albemarle, in ye Province of Carolina, Esqr., well knowing the uncertainty of this life, Do make, Ordain & appoint this to be my Last Will & Testament, hereby Revoking & Anulling all former Wills by me Made, and this Only to be taken & reputed as my Last Will.

Imp. I Bequest my Soule to God who gave it; & my body to ye Earth to be Decently Interrd; & as for that Worldly Estate wch it hath pleased God to bestow upon me in this Life; My Just Debts, funeral Expenses & Legaties being first payd, i give & bequeath as followeth:

Item. I give unto my son, James Blounte, one Shilling in Countrey Commodities to be pd him by my Executrix hereafter named, w'thin one year after my Discease.

Item. I give unto my son, Thomas Blounte, & to my two Daughters, Ann Slocom & Eliz. Hawkins, Each of them twelve penc a peice in Country Comodities to be paid them within one year after my Dissease.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my Grand Children, James & Sarah Blounte, the Children of my Son Thomas Blount, & to Ann Slocum ye Child of my Daughter Ann Slocom, & to John Hawkins ye Son of my Daughter Eliz Hawkins, Each of them a Cow & Calfe to be paid to their several parents w'thin three years after my Discease in some sort of Stock to run for ye use and behoofe of ye Sd Children, till they Severally Com of age or by Mariage Capacitated to receive ye Same.


Item. I give & bequeath all ye Remainder part of my Effects Reale & personall whither it Consist in Lands, houses, negroes, Servants, Stock, household goods, or any other Kind of Specie w'tSoever, unto my Loving wife Ann Blounte for her to have, hold, Occupie & enjoy, During her Naturall Life w'thout Lett or Controule, and att her Death to Dispose out of ye Same to ye Value of Sixti pounds in Countrey Comodities to Whoever She Shall think fitt. And after her, my sd Wifes Disease, I give ye whole remainder of my Estate to my Son, John Blount, and his heirs for ever; And I do hereby appoint and ordaine that my said son John Shall be Decently Maintained out of ye Estate During his Minority. And in Case my said Wife, Ann Should Live till after my Said Son John Should come of Age, then if he Should Happen to Marry, or to go to Live in some Other place from my Sd Wife, then Shee to pay him thirty or forty pounds wch Shee please, in Country Comodities.

Lastly, I appoint my Loving Wife, Ann Blounte, my whole & Sole Executrix of this my last Will & testament, Desiring her to be carefull in every Article & Clause thereof; & for Confirmation of ye Same I have hereunto sett my hand & Seale, this 9th day of July, In ye year of our Lord God, 1685.

March ye 10th &c. Before signing sealing or Publishing I do hereby Appoint yt, in Case My Son Jno Should Dye w'thout heirs Male, then I give & bequeath all my lands & houses to ye Heirs Male, of My son Thomas Blounte & so successively do Entaile the Same on their Heirs Male of my Son Thomas forEver; But in Case the heirs Male, of my Said Sons John & Thomas should both fayle, then I Intayle ye Same on ye heirs genall of my Son Jno. first, then of my Son Thomas, & if both Should fayl, then of the heirs of My Daughter Ann Slocum & Eliz Hawkins.
                                                                                JAMES: BLOUNTE     (Seale)

Signed, Sealed & Published as his Last Will & Testam't in presence of
Jane [x] Miller
Jno. Baily
William Dobson
Jno. Wettinhall

This Will Proved by Jno. Hall and Jane Miller on ye 17 Day of July, 1686, And by Will'm. Dobson on the 11th of July, 1686, who upon their Oaths before me Duely administerd did Attest that they See ye Testator above named, James Blounte, Signe & Seale And heard him Declare the Above written to be his last Will and Testament.
    /s/ Seth Sothell


Recorded in Will Book No. 1 p. 120, Office of Secretary of State


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