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Albemarle County

Marla Beasley (3 Mar 2007 to present)

Bath County

Nola Duffy and Ginger Christmas-Beatie (Dec. 2002 to present)

Bath Co, Archdale Preceint

NCGenWeb, bjcb (21 Dec 2012)

Bath Co, Wickham Preceint

NCGenWeb, bjcb (21 Dec 2012)

Bute County

NCGenWeb, Deloris Williams (2002 to present)

Clarendon County

NCGenWeb, bjcb (9 Sep 2010 to present)

Cherokee Reservation (Qualla Boundary)

Dee Gibson-Roles (2007 to present)

Dobbs County

NCGenWeb, (22 Sep 2012 to present)

Katherine Benbow (3 Mar 2010 to 21 Sep 2012)

Glasgow County

NCGenWeb (9 Sep 2010 to present)

Tyron County

Derick Hartshorn (1996 to present)

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Statewide Files

Executions, NCGenWeb

Military, NCGenWeb