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Cemeteries of Swain County

Here are all of the Swain County online cemeteries that I know of. If you know of any others that should be added, please email me.
(Clicking any of these links opens a new browser window. Close the new window to return here.)

  Brendle Cemetery


  Deep Creek Cemetery

 Estes Cemetery

 Clarke Whittier Cemetery

 Marion Gunter Cemetery

 Hickory Flats Cemetery #1 and #2

 Jenkins Cemetery

 Jenkins Cemetery, Bryson City

  New Whittier Cemetery

 Owle Cemetery

 Old Lonesome Cemetery

 Randall Cemetery

 Roundtop Cemetery

 Sawmill Hill Cemetery

 Swain Memorial Park

 TVA Cemetery moves - Chambers surnames

 Union Hills Cemetery

 Union Cemetery

 North Shore Cemetery Association Schedule for Decoration and Homecoming


These and other cemeteries available in the Swain County Cemetery Book available from:

              Swain County Genealogical Society,

              PO Box 267,

              Bryson City, NC 28713

Additions resources/links for Swain County Cemeteries:
Paul Kankula's Swain County Cemetery Mapping Project (under construction) - provides map and GPS co-ordinates
List of Swain County Cemeteries with Google map for each, including map, satellite, and hybird
The Political Graveyard page for Swain County
Find a Grave page for Swain County
NC HometownLocatorPage for Swain County Cemeteries (give USGS Topo Map & driving directions)
SatelliteViews.net page for Swain County Cemeteries - includes satellite view, reporting area, latitude & longitude

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