Washington Street, Rockingham 1954 / 2002
Postcard & photo submitted by Paul Ramey   March 30, 2002

"This is a classic colored/painted post card which, judging from the autos in the picture, was photo-
graphed around 1954. I've tried to do a"then and now" comparison with a picture I took on March 12,
2002. I graduated from Rockingham High in 1959 so this was done in my "mid-teens" and brings
back many fond memories.

Along the street on the left from nearest to farthest you can see the Richmond County Bank,
McNair's Furniture, Rockingham Cafe, Richmond Theater, and (just over the top of the '49 Ford in
the middle of the street) the "Esso" sign in front of Dewey Coleman's Service Station where my
Father (Paul Ramey, Sr.) worked for many years. On the right is Belk's, Bristow's Drug Store
(where the teens "hung out" on the corner) and the Rockingham Hotel, which sat at the present
site of Fidelity Bank. Sadly, this comparison also makes us realize time doesn't necessarily bring

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