A Richmond County Residence in 1923
Postcard submitted by Paul Ramey   March 29, 2002

The postmark on the reverse is dated October 25, 1923, with a one-cent stamp. It is addressed to
"McHandrick, 128 Leroy St., Binghamton, N.Y." The message reads: "Have been here since
yesterday afternoon having the springs repaired. Hope to leave here by noon or shortly after. Did
not travel any Tues. on account of rain. (signed) E.T.B."

Remarks by R. Carol McLean: "North Randolph Street in Rockingham was once referred to as
"Fifth Avenue". I don't know that it was ever officially named "Fifth Avenue".

The red brick house in the photo still stands (March 2002) on the corner of North Randolph and
Green Streets and is directly across from the First Baptist Church which faces North Randolph St.

Perhaps it was called "Fifth Avenue" because of the large homes that were built there."

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