A Parade in Rockingham c1889
Postcard & photo submitted by Paul Ramey   April 01, 2002

"Here's a good old one that took me a while to figure out. The view is looking west and the picture
appears to be of some sort of parade in Rockingham. The building in the very center of the old photo
is the former court house which served Richmond County from 1889 until the 1920's and was
located on the North side of the "Square". Although I can't make out all the words on the banners,
the words "fraternal" and "order" are visible. I'd be very interested in learning more about this one
if there's anyone familiar with the photo. The reverse of the post card is blank and has no explan-
ation, dates, etc. The "new" view was taken March 12, 2002. "

Wall's Garden
A Richmond County Residence in 1923
Hamlet City Lake
Washington Street, Rockingham 1954 / 2002
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