Written in 1968 by Mrs. Nan Williams, Historian for Marks Creek Presbyterian Church
Transcribed from original and posted November 25, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges

Sometime before the Civil War of 1861 Mr. John A. Cameron, his wife, seven sons and one daughter left 
his home at Cameron in Moore County and came to Richmond County to settle down on a large tract of land 
south of what is now the town of Hamlet. Mr. Cameron built his home on the part of his land that is 
still in the family. This home has been occupied by a descendant of Mr. Cameron continuously for over 
a hundred years. The present occupant is Mike Byrd whose late wife Bernice Nye Byrd was a great-grand 
daughter of John A. Cameron.

Mr. Cameron's sons were John, Duncan, Daniel, Philip, Murdock, William, Kenneth, his daughter was Virginia, 
who later married Mr. Colton Smith from Lake View, N.C., and was the mother of Mar. Maud Kelly of Hamlet. 
The Camerons were of Scotch descent and were staunch Presbyterians. This is an outstanding characteristic 
of this family all down through the generations. Their constancy to their denomination.

The seven Cameron boys in due time married and settled in this part of the country. The sessional records 
of Marks Creek Church 1884 and on to the present time contain names of this family. Mr. Daniel O. Cameron 
came into Marks Creek Church in 1884 from Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church, in 1886 he was elected to the 
office of Elder serving in this office until the time of his death October 1943, a total of 57 years.

Mr. Duncan Cameron was also a member of Marks Creek. He is still remembered by the older members for 
his good singing voice as a member of the choir. He loved to sing and set a good example to his two 
daughters who were faithful members of the church.

Reedy Cameron Duncan and Bessie Cameron Chappell, (both deceased) are remembered for their steady 
attendance at Marks Creek. They brought their children to church, and Bessie's son Gerald Chappell 
and her husband (Millard) are both Deacons in the church at this time.

Mr. William Cameron had several children, and lived in a home on part of the original home place. 
In 1897 he was elected to the office of deacon at Marks Creek an office he held until years later 
he moved with his family to Durham, N.C. where they joined another Presbyterian Church. His descendants 
still in Durham, NC.

Mr. Daniel O. Cameron established a home on a large tract of land about two miles from Marks Creek Church. 
His wife was a Miss McKay. They had three daughters and one son. His oldest daughter, Mrs. Maggie Nye 
was widowed as a young woman and left with six little girls. She moved back home with her parents and 
young bachelor brother John. These six little fatherless girls found in the kindly grandfather love 
and a feeling of security. They grew into smart, useful womanhood. All married, had families and continued 
to be good church members.

Our late pastor, Rev. A. T. Taylor used to say, that it was an inspiration to see Mrs. Nye come to church 
surrounded by four or five of her children and grand children and even great-grand children.

Mr. Cameron's second daughter was Ida McLean, she was a lovely Christian woman. She and Mr. John McLean 
her husband had one son Wade, who is married with two sons, all members and good workers in the Presbyterian 
Church of their town. 

The third daughter, Mary Sealey, had three sons, Cecil, Cameron and John Frank. 
These boys were brought up in the church and became, educated, useful citizens and family men. The two 
oldest sons are located some distance away, but Frank lives in Raleigh and is a professor in the Electrical 
Engineering Department of State University in Raleigh. He is also a Sunday School teacher in the Presbyterian 
Church there. 

This is only a small part of the story of these seven Cameron brothers and their relation to the Presbyterian 
Church, but when you see down to the sixth generation of one family attending the same church, you cannot 
help but appreciate the loyalty to a heritage that they consider sacred and worthwhile.   
                                                                         Nan Williams, Church Historian

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