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Pitt County Facts

Pitt County North Carolina Map
Pitt Co., North Carolina Highway Map
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My Name is Brian Nichols and I am the CC for Pitt County. I am working on the pages now so please contact me with links or info you wish to donate to the Site. My William Nichols Ancestor came to this county in 1755 with his father in law John Windham, from Isle of Wight Co., VA.

Pitt Co Courthouse

Pitt was formed in 1760 from Beaufort County. The act was to become effective January 1, 1761. It was named for William Pitt the Elder, who was then Secretary of State for the Southern Department and Leader of the House of Commons. William Pitt was an English statesman and orator, born in London, England. He studied at Oxford University and in 1731, Pitt joined the army. Pitt led the young "Patriot" Whigs and in 1756 became secretary of state, where he was a pro-freedom speaker in British Colonial government. 

Pitt County is in the eastern part of North Carolina and is surrounded by Beaufort, Craven, Edgecombe, Greene, Lenoir, Martin, and Wilson counties.

Courts were first held at the home of John Hardy until a courthouse could be built. The courthouse was built on Hardy's land near Hardy's Chapel. In 1771 Martinsboro was established, and in 1774 the courthouse was moved there. In 1787 Martinsboro's name was changed to Greenville, which is still the county seat.

Pitt County Courthouse

Pitt County Clerk of Superior Court has Court Records from 1850 and Probate Records from 1836 and is located at Courthouse, PO Box 6067, Greenville, NC 27834; (252) 830-6400

Pitt County Register of Deeds has Land Records from 1762 and Marriage Records from 1826 and is located at PO Box 35, 3rd & Evans Str ,Courthouse, Greenville NC 27835-0035; 252-830-4133, .

The County Website is located at

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Pitt County, North Carolina Surnames

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Surname Time Period Researcher
ALBRITTON 1700 - 1850 Diessa Kennard Bruce
ALLEN 1823 - 1870 Julie Allen
ASKEW 1800 - 1818 Margaret Lindsey Smith
AUSLEY   Dixie Browne
BALLINGER   Dixie Browne
BARBER   Marcella Aldridge
BARRETT   Natatera Green
BARRETTE   Natatera Green
BARRITT   Natatera Green
BOYD   Michele Allen
BRANCH   Sue Edwards
BRILEY   Marcella Aldridge
BRILEY 1800 - 1840 Margaret Lindsey Smith
BROOKS 1790 - 1840 Bob Brooks
BROWN   E. Ramona Brown
BRYAN   Dianna Scarborough
BUCK   Michele Allen
BULLOCK 1800 Nalda Gibson
CANNON 1800 - Present Frances Radvansky
CARR   Sue Edwards
CASE 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
CAUSEY   Mary Causey Yamada
CHERRY 1800s Lee Nave
COBB 1700 - 1800 Stephanie Ray
COOPER   Natatera Green
COX   Marcella Aldridge
DANIEL   William E. Daniels
DEAN 1761 - 1788 Marilyn Kamann
DENNIS   Dixie Browne
DOWNS   Robert Allen Downs
DUNN 1870 Pat Hamrick
EDWARDS 1720 - 1805 Joliene Byrd Clark
EVANS 1750 - 1850 Peter O'Meara Evans
FORBES 1761 - Present Bob Forbes
FORBES   James A. Miller, Jr.
GARRIS   Kay Harris
GODWIN   Robert K. Williams
GRAY 1890 - 1959 Jackie Gray Chancey
HARRINGTON   Charles Harrington
HEDRICK   Frances Rosemary Long
HEGGIE   Natatera Green
HERRINGTON   Charles Harrington
HOBGOOD 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
JOHNSON   James A. Miller, Jr.
JONES 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
JORDAN 1800 - Present Janet Burks
KEEL 1780 - 1835 Jan Porter-Ahola
KENNEDY 1790 - 1810 Richard W. Kennedy
KITTRELL 1880 - 1945 Daisy Sherrod
LACY   Chery (Lacy) Cudney
LANGLEY   William E. Daniels
LONG   Frances Rosemary Long
MANNING 1828 - 1865 Juanita M. Sanders
MORGAN 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
MURPHY   James A. Miller, Jr.
NICHOLS   Marcella Aldridge
NICHOLS   David C. Nichols
NOBLES   Karen Bergquist
NOBLES   Virginia Nobles Koons
NOBLES 1800s Lee Nave
O'QUIN   June R. Poole
OLIVER 1750 - 1800 Briscoe Price
PELT 1750 - 1800 Briscoe Price
PERKINS 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
PETTYPOOL   Paul D. Buckley
PROCTOR 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
ROACH   James A. Miller, Jr.
ROUNTREE   June R. Poole
SCARBOROUGH   Dianna Scarborough
SHERROD 1911 - 1971 Daisy Sherrod
SMITH 1823 - 1870 Julie Allen
SORRELL/SORROWE 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
SPIVEY   June R. Poole
TERRY 1790 - 1860 Anita Terry Taylor
TRAVIS 1770 - 1834 Margaret Lindsey Smith
TURNAGE 1760 - 1825 Margaret Lindsey Smith
TYNDALL 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
VAN PELT 1750 - 1800 Briscoe Price
WARREN 1911 - 1971 Daisy Sherrod
WALSTON 1750-1830 Helen Graves
WATKINS 1700s Mark A. Watkins
WHALEY   Debbie Whaley
WHITEHURST 1800 Nalda Gibson
WILLIAMS 1800 - Present Jacqueline Tyndall Jenkins
WILSON   William E. Daniels
WOOTEN   James A. Miller, Jr.


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