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Little Family Deeds - Various NC Counties
Contributed by Jane Murtishaw Lindsey
From To Pitt Co. Deed; Date; Witness Description
State Josiah Little Pat. 1735  
Elizabeth, wife of William Little Thomas Davis Beaufort Court Record; 1756 Releases dower right to 300 acres in Surry Co. Deed referred to was from William Little and wife Mourning
William Little will Abraham Little Beaufort Court Record; 1756 (March) Cheeks Mil
William Little will Jacob Little Beaufort Court Record; 1756 (March) 100 acres where I now live joining the Dividing Branch; mentioned William, James, Isaac, John, Joseph. Daughter: Jane Moring. Wife: Morning. Executors sons Isaac and Jacob Little. Witnesses Amos Atkinson, Mary Judkins, Jane Atkinson
Abraham Pelypool Isaac Little Beaufort 3-339; 9-14-1757; Amos Atkinson, Jacob Little, 100 acres beg. At Hinson's Mill Swamp
John Williams Jacob Little A-64 (maybe A-74); 1760;  
Robert Flake James Little A-72; 1760;  
Granville grant Thomas Little B-125; 1761; Gum Swamp
Jacob Little, Edgecombe Co. John Little, Pitt Co. C-62; 1763; rec 1764; Edward Cobb, Joseph Little, James Little N side Tarr River; Thick Island in Marks Swamp; to a point in the dividing branch between John and Joseph Little; down sd branch to Williams line. Part of land granted to John Williams by deed Sept 22, 1760; Adj. To: Williams
Jacob Little, Edgecombe Co. Joseph Little, Pitt Co. C-62; 1763; rec 1764; Edward Cobb, John Little, James Little N side Tarr River in Pitt Co. at apine in the Dividing Branch betwixt John Little and Joseph Little; land granted to John Williams by deed 9-22-1760; Adj. To: Benjamin Brown, Thomas Farmer
Thomas Little Daniel Rogers B-102; 1-25-1762; 500A: former owner Josiah Little patent 1735
Earl Granville Thomas Little (BEAU) B-126; 3-3-1761; 100 A
Earl Granville Thomas Little B-177; 11-7-1761; 695 A
Earl Granville William Speir (BEAU) B-181; 9-22-176_ ; 98 A
Thomas Littel (Pat. 1761) James Littel son B-410; 10/28/1774?; Josiah Littel, John Knowis, Alex. Stewart Adj. To: Seth Pilkington
Peter Rives James Little E-29; 12-27-1771; John Little, Jacob Little, Robert Rives Coneto Creek
Daniel Rogers John Little E-107; 1771; land on Coneto Creek granted to Josiah Little Dec 1735
  Isaac Little Entry 294; 8-7-1778; N side of Tarr R; Adj. To: James Sampson Clark, Caleb Euell, Mary Mitchell, John Mooring & his own line
Sterling Dupree John Collier L-260; 1785-1788; Wm Moring, Elisha Little  
  Dudley Knox Entry 1184; 1-15-1790; Adj. To: William Moreing (formerly John Salter Jr's) and Jacob Little,himself
Isaac Little Sr. (G-1782) Pleasant Little M-218; 1-25-1790; Jacob Little, Caleb Griffith, Amos Evans 50 A. Part of tract from Abraham Pettypool to said Isaac Little by deed Sept 24, 1757; Adj. To: John Moreing's and Isaac Little's corner, Mill Swamp, N side of the main road.
George Little (D of G) William Little M-572; 10-10-1791; 150A for L150. Former owner Thomas Little (Pat 1761)
David Donnan Thomas H. Hall M-70; 9-17-1785; David Perkins, Holland Johnson Former owner Josiah Little Pat. 1735
John Parramore Josiah Knox O-370; 3-8-1787; Mary Knox, Rachel Knox 30A - 40 lbs; former owners Wm Adams, George Lewis, John Speir, Apsala Kennedy, Nehemiah Wooten
Josiah Knox Jacob Little M-79; 3-24-1787; Pleasant Little, Rachel Knox 40A. Former owners: William Adams (Pat. 1740); George Lewis, John Spier; Apsley Kennedy, dau of John Speir, and her husband, John Kennedy; Nehemiah Wooten (D-1765), Henry Wooten. ; Adj. To: Jacob's own corner; John Parremore, Josiah Knox, N side of Tar River in the run of the Gum Swamp
Josiah Knox Jacob Little M-232; 7-24-1787; Rachel Knox, Fanny Robson Adj. To: other portion of same tract?
William Averett James Little M-81; 2-25-1786; Edmund Reeks 16-1/2 A, N side of Tar River to the Gum Swamp
Josiah & Jemima Knox William Moring M-73; 2-25-1789; Thomas Nelms, James Moring, William Balfow Former owners: William Adams (Pat 1740), George Lewis, John Speir, Apsley (dau of John Speir) & husband John Kennedy; Nehemiah Wooten D-1765, Henry Wooten; Adj. To: Jacob Little, John Paremore
William Averett James Little M-89; 2-25-1786; Edmund Ricks Gum Swamp; Adj. To: said Little's line
George Little William Little M-572; 4-12-1791; Thomas Williams, Josiah Little 80A
George Little (D of G) William Little M-572; 10-10-1791; 150 A; Former owner: Thomas Little (Pat 1761)
Nahum Little Christopher Moring N?-112; 8-1-1793; Richd Hines?, Jesse Hines, ? Land in counties of Pitt & Edgecombe; Frost Meadows Branch, Bee Branch; Adj. To: James Hearn
Laurence Anderson John Anderson, William Anderson N-422; 10-27-1795; John Presson, Joseph Moore Former owner: Henry Anderson dec. Laurence Anderson was heir of Henry Anderson; Adj. To:
Phillip Knowis (CRAV) James Littel N-429; 10-7-1796; Negro
Phillip Knowis James Leittel N-430; 5-20-1795; Phillip Knowis son of John Knowis dec; negro
Floyd Hodges William Little N-435; 9-25-1797; John Speir, Josiah Littel Negro
Benjamin Parramore William Mooring N-509; 12-10-1796; John Mooring, Jr., John Ewell Former owners: Josiah Knox, Jacob Little
Matthias Moore,Sr. Isaac Brierly N-521; 1-17-1797; John Presson, Moses Moore 58A; L45; Adj. To: Parker Pierce, John Moreing
David Moore (D-1791) Starkey Bell N-524; 1-23-1797; Moses Moore, Joseph Moore Former owner George Falconer (G-1790)
Jacob Little Benjamin Parramore O-3; 5-7-1795; Pleasent Little, Isaac Little 80A, L100 Former owner: Josiah Knox, N side of his line on the S side of the Gum Swamp; Adj. To: William Moreing
Reddick Moore John Mooring O-11; 3-15-1797; Negro
Isaac Little & Micah Little Pleasant Little O-84; 2-11-1797; 64A; L68. Conveyed by deed from Abraham Pettypool to Isaac Little and by last will of Isaac Little to Isaac and Micah Little; Adj. To: N side of Tar River and N side of Mill Swamp; John Williams , Isaac Little, Mooring, Pleasant Little, Thoroughfare Swamp
Shadrach Rogers John Moore O-231; 2-19-1793; Josiah Littel, William Littel Adj. To: Samuel Barrow, John Jordan
Matthias Moore Sr Isaac Brierly O-521; 1-17-1797; John Presson, Moses Moore Adj. To: Parker Pierce, John Moreing
Mathias Moore Sr Kennedy Moore, son O-232; 1-15-1799; Richard Moore, John Presson 150A; former owners Ebenezer Folsom, George Moore (D-1761); Adj. To: John James, Samuel Moore
Josiah Littel William Little O-375; 10-26-1799; Stephen Littel  
Moses Moore Benjamin Moore O-375; 7-27-1799; Adam Albritton 302A
John Mooring Christopher Mooring, son O-511; 10-16-1801; Josiah Carnery, Pleasant Little 4 negros, love & affection
Commissioners Sarah Mooring P-104; 5-1801; Dower from John Mooring dec
Demsey Moore Wm. Little P-99; 12-30-1801; 150A; Wit James Little, Josiah Little Sr  
Caty Boyd, Lydia Moore, Moses Moore, Henry Moore, Jacob Moore, Ales Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Cloe Moore, William Boyd David Moore (Washington Co. GA) R-144; 2-9-1808; Ezekiel Parremore, Henry Smith Grantors are all heirs of Moses Moore, dec.
John Parremore Aaron Dudley R-152; 1-22-1787; David Perkins, Seth Wilson 50 A; Adj. To: Josiah Knox
Josiah Knox Aaron Dudley R-153; 7-10-1787; Jacob Little 17 A
Milly Moore Betsy Ann Smith Moore, dau R-161; 10-19-1808; John Mooring, Jr., John Mooring Sr. Negro after death; love & aff
Pleasant Little John Mooring R-171; 12-23-1807; Conner Ewell, Benjamin Bowers 114 A; L500; Adj. To: Benjamin Brown, James S. Clark
Matthias Moore Susannah Moore, dau R-171; 7-5-1808; Had. Van Noorden Negroes; love & affection
Jacob Moore, James & Sarah Newman, William & Catey Boyd, Moses Moore, Aliss Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Chloe Moore, Lydia Moore, David Moore Henry Moore R-173; 3-23-1807; Henry Smith, William Smith 150A; Grantors are heirs of Moses Moore, dec.
John Williams John Mooring T-047; 2-12-1803; Pleasant Little, Jacob Little 150A; Former owner: Wm. Mitchel
Moses Moore Joel James BB-18; 8-2-1819; 150A
William R. Newmans William Little Sr CC-124; 12-4-1822; Hodges Little Negro
Esther (Little) Newmans, George Little, James Little Jr, Crandall Little dec William Little CC-127; 12-4-1822; Negros in lieu of other claims on estate of William Little, Crandall Little or James Cremean. Former owners: George Little, dec, and Crandall Little dec. Esther Newmans, George, James, Crandall sons and daus of George Little dec
Stephen Little Thomas Little BB-232; 12-14-1819; Willie Clements, Hodges Little Adj. To: John Jordan
Allen Atkinson Reading Little BB-333; 4-17-1819; negro
Williams Clements Sr   EE-215; 2-1-1827; Adj. To: Moses Moore, Samuel Little, Thomas Chance, Benjamin Crawford

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