Index to Wills & Estates

If you have any Wills or transcriptions of Wills or Estate Records that you would like to contribute for Person County, please Contact Me and I will gladly post them to this site.
Will of Joseph Allin-1821 3/15/2014
Will of Richard Atkinson-1821 3/15/2014
Will of James Armstrong-1821 3/15/2014
Will of John P. Bailey-1853 8/12/2013
Will of John Black-1795 3/15/2014
Will of Green Blalock- 1837 8/12/2013
Will of Sarah Bradsher- 1848 8/12/2013
Will of Matthias Cates-1815 4/27/2013
Will of Edward Clay-1820 3/15/2014
Will of Addison Cochran-1821 3/15/2014
Will of Annis Cochran-1821 3/15/2014
Will of Patsey M. Cuningham-1868 8/12/2013
Will of David Cuzzart-1808 3/15/2014  (Gloria Odom-Trommler)
Will of Elizabeth Davy-1842 8/12/2013
Will of John Day-1863 pre- 2013 (Joyce Harrison)
Estate of John Day Sr.-1825 pre- 2013 (Steven Denny)
Will of Col. John Day-1840 8/12/2013
Will of William Day-1860 (probated 1876) 8/12/2013
Will of Robert Deshazo-1845 8/12/2013
Will of Stephen Dickins-1850 8/12/2013
Will of John Dickson-1848 3/15/2014
Will of Edmund Dixon-1832 3/15/2014
Will of Benjamin Halliburton-1845 3/15/2014
Will of Jane Hamlett-1835 3/15/2014
Will of Richard Hargis-1799 pre- 2013 (Sharon Tabor)
Will of Shadrach Hargis-1815 pre- 2013 (Sharon Tabor)
Will of Charles Holeman-1815 4/27/2013
Will of John S. Hurst-1809 4/27/2013
Estate of Sarah Hurst-1823 4/27/2013
Will of Joseph Johnston-1794 3/15/2014
Will of James Lea-1816 4/27/2013
Will of Edmond Lewis-1792 3/15/2014
Will of Daniel Melone-1815 4/27/2013
Will of William Murrow-1815 4/27/2013
Estate Sale of Slaves of Joel Newman-1838 3/28/2004 (Linda Masden Vixie)
Estate of Jonathan Parker-1785 8/12/2013
Estate of Sarah Parker-1795 8/12/2013
Will of John Ravins-1821 3/15/2014
Estate of Susan Burton-Reade-1889 8/12/2013
Estate of Catharine Redd-1837 4/27/2013
Will of Martha Richardson-1816 4/27/2013
Estate of John Richardson-1814 8/12/2013
Estate of Americus J. Sneed-1836 4/27/2013
Estate of John Sneed-1809 4/27/2013
Will of Moses Street-1815 4/27/2013
Will of Robert Williams-1815 4/27/2013
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